Wine Card “Secret” Page

wine bottle and glassHi there!

The very fact that you’re on this page probably means that someone either sent you one of our “wine cards” or a recipient shared it with you.

How did you feel when you first opened the card? Were you Delighted? Impressed? Surprised?

Did you rotate the card to examine it from different angles in appreciation of its artistry?

What about the message? Did it connect with you? Did you ask yourself how you might use a card like this?

Our mission at Awesome 3D Cards is to help businesses deliver their messages in unique ways that connect at a personal and emotional level by using 3D pop-up card “micro-experiences” to delight, impress, and surprise prospects and clients.

This “wine card” could be used to promote a specific wine, as a unique invitation to an event, or as a celebratory announcement.

All of our Awesome 3D Cards may be customized through paper color selections, message text, or even the 3D model.

As the saying goes, “In wine, there’s truth.” What’s your truth, and how are you telling it to prospect, clients, and customers?

If you’d like to chat with us about how a variation of this wine card – or any other Awesome 3D Card – could help you in your business, let’s schedule a Zoom meeting.

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