What Our Clients Say

Plane & Mountain

Great card. Our pilots and donors thought this was the one of the coolest thank you’s they had ever received

Office building

The event went great! The cards were a huge hit! Thank you for checking in. Love what you do.

Cole Johnson, DMD ... Johnson Family Orthodontics

We received the cards yesterday and the best word that comes to mind is wow! I expected the end result to be very nice, but actually seeing the design come to life exceeded all expectations. The quality is fantastic but the level of detail is so extraordinary and precise. I really appreciate you and your team helping to elevate my event with the best invitation I have ever seen!

We modified an existing pop-up card design for a recent event and trade show. About 150 people attended the music themed event and got the card. The conversion rate to contacts was excellent as about 20 people used the card to scheduled a follow-up meeting with our company, which resulted in three new clients for our agency.

The cards stand out and are memorable. They drive engagement because of the wow factor and when combined with a strong call-to-action (CTA), they get results!

House with Solar
McKenna Michels
Container Office Unit
Software Launch
Exhibit booth
Commercial Mixed Use
Aircraft Carrier

We received such positive feedback on the aircraft carrier and the team loved the innovative way to reach our customers. We are happy to share that Awesome 3D Cards has a very unique offering which has left an impression on our team and customers.

Kathryn O. ... Manager, Trade Shows & Events for A large Defense Industry Technology Company
Exhibit booth

This Awesome 3D card provided a unique and powerful manufacturing message, beyond words, to prompt thoughtful concepts and ideas for targeted industries.

Swamped with responses from the Card!!! I have solidified 4 opportunities (POs) based on that card providing an ROI that any marketing person could only dream of.

Comments from our clients who received our Awesome 3D Card:

  • “Great Marketing”
  • “Best Marketing Campaign I’ve seen in years”
  • “My CEO / COO told me to call you because of the Card knowing we could meet their expectations.”
  • “Never seen something like this that explains what you can do”
  • “Marketing in the 21st Century, WOW”
Aperol Spritz

Thank you again! They (the cards) turned our fabulous and we very much appreciated to ways of working and the quality of the final product.

Cameron Bartell ... Marketing Director, Aperol Brands
AC Truck

Harlow and his team did an AMAZING job recreating our service van! Down to the tiny details. It's perfect! We haven't started sending them out yet but are already bragging about them. We loved them and so does everyone else. Thank you Harlow! We will be back for some more.

Maria Acuna ... Owner
Historical House

The Awesome 3-D Pop-up Card of our Fraternity chapter house has been a great asset to our fraternity’s Capital Campaign. Our alumni have been uniformly impressed with the design and the attention to detail.

Jeffrey Snedeker ... '78 Board Member at Large
Historical House

When working on fundraising or stewardship efforts, it’s important to connect to a person’s desire to impact the lives of others. In campaigns that involve a special building such as a library, fraternity house, or business, brining that place to the donor can bridge decades of time and get them to think back to how that special place impacted them. The 3D card we developed for our Alpha Sigma Phi campaign at Cornell does that. It is a unique, detailed, high-quality replica that transports the donor back to Ithaca. This was a wonderful ‘thank you’ piece for donors as well and an appeal to others.

Matt Killingsworth ... Senior Vice President – Pennington & Company
Software Launch

Harlow, Wow!!! Thanks for all the great work from you and your team @ Awesome3D Cards. Fantastic reactions from customers on the “Big Reveal” when I open the card. They say “Wow, 3D”. This is the biggest and best Business Card I’ve had in my 40 years in Hollywood. This will be in my future Swag Bags. A great conversation starter.


Thank you for helping our dear friend create this card for us. It is so much more than just a card—what a wonderfully unique gift. The level of detail of our home and the quality of the material is fantastic. It will forever be a reminder of the home that we started our family in and something that we can take with us wherever we go. Thanks again

Dr. A and Dr. C
Container Office Unit

We love our attention-grabbing 3D cards showcasing our 20-foot shipping container office. It’s a great way for Falcon to make a memorable first impression or to simply say thank you to our customers. The ordering and design process were much easier than expected and we look forward to using them for years to come.

Doubletree Hotel

Everyone has been amazed by these cards. Incredible job and great work!

Tiffany Nichols ... Sales & Sport Director - Abilene Conventions & Visitors Bureau
Historical 1855 building

Awesome 3D Cards worked tirelessly with us until we got our custom design right. The care and attention we received during the design process made it a breeze. Now our gift shop sells unique Awesome 3D Cards that reflect our style and they are a huge hit! The cards are able to capture a 3D version of our structure, which is a great feature for a historic architectural landmark.

Dragon Logo

We are very pleased with our Dragon Logo card. Harlow is very diligent in his work. It's good to know that in an increasingly digital world, we can differentiate ourselves with a human, physical touch rarely seen these days. These cards are great for our investors, employees, and customers..but especially for our friends and family.


People have been generally quite impressed by the 3D cards; they are the most memorable material we've found so far to share with our clients.

Robert Hornsby ... Jobomax Home
Palm tree closeup.

Received many very positive comments.

John Brown ... Oasis Senior Advisors
Historic Office Building Closeup.

The cards are great. People like them. We use them as a token of appreciation for folks who do a particular level of business with us.

Corwin Davidson ... Hill Country Wealth Strategies
Beechcraft Airplane closeup.

We’ve gotten great feedback on the cards—particularly when we send them to new hospitals who’ve just started working with us. They almost always mention it and give us another call when they need to.

Abigail Blake ... CSI Aviation
Heart on Pedestal

[Our] card was part of our overall strategy to give them the personal Watkins experience and bring them on as a client.

Jeff Kloc ... Watkins Insurance Group
Xmas Holiday ball.

In my line of work, personal relationships are priceless. In the months following mailing the cards, my clients have given me such high client satisfaction ratings, that, for the first time, have placed me in the top 10% of my firm. Increased client satisfaction leads to increased deposits, and I am certainly seeing that this year.

Stephanie Emory ... Financial Advisor, Edward Jones
Single Family House

I’m very excited about the results. You’re right…this is a truly AWESOME marketing piece for my real estate business!

Rebecca Boud ... Owner Bound Real Estate
NIA detail.

I have owner a marketing company for over 30 years and when I saw this opportunity I fell in love. What a great impression these 3D cards make on a customer. The process was seamless and Harlow is very passionate about his product. I encourage you to get going on these your prospects and customers will be impressed!

Closeup of Heart.

Loved the available designs and I was also able to get them to custom design a pop up card for me and my business

closup of black and white house.
TMV Report closeup.

TMV Business Group selected Awesome 3D Cards as an essential marketing tool to acquire new client prospects. Our prospects are business owners looking to sell their company at top market value. With a nearly 100% open rate, we believe new client acquisition will be abundant and at very low expense. We anticipate strong Return on Investment with this unique, dynamic marketing tool delivered by the Postman.

Level Up Logo closeup.

These cards make a great impression and our clients' are loving receiving them. What a way to stay connected, especially in this environment. Thank you Harlow!

Texas State Capitol closeup.

I have used Awesome 3D Cards both in my Real Estate business as well as a State Representative running for re-election. As a Realtor, I use them to stay top-of-mind with past clients for referrals and repeat business. As a public servant running for office, I use them as uniquely special thank you cards to donors. No matter the use, my Awesome 3D Cards always live up to their promise to delight and surprise the people I send them to. Some recipients have even posted pictures of their cards on social media which is great for my visibility. Thanks, Awesome 3D Cards!

Vikki Goodwin ... Representative, Texas House District 47 and REALTOR® at Goodwin & Goodwin Real Estate, Inc.
F35 Jet closeup.

As a proponent of Account-Based Marketing methods, I’m always interested in finding new ways to reach and stay top-of-mind with prospects and clients. Awesome 3D Cards do just that. Awesome 3D Cards was very easy to work with, and our cards lived up to their promise that they would “Delight, Impress, and Surprise” recipients. At a time when people’s email inboxes are being flooded daily, a unique tactile marketing piece really stands out. With a near 100% open rate and reasonable cost, Awesome 3D Cards are a great value for building and maintaining personal connections.