Super Size
3D Cards

All Super Premium Awesome 3D Cards use stock 3D models from our Design library. You can customize all text, symbols, and logos for your Company, Organization or Group.

We use high quality 180gram Art paper. Model Paper layers are cut by laser and then hand assembled for you. There are 15+ standard colors available. 3D Models can be 1, 2, 3, or even 4 colors.

Each card includes a self-sticking quality envelope and a plastic protector.

Coffee Cup Business Card

Dollar Sign Business Card

Heart Business Card

X-Mas Card - Style #1

Baby Carriage & Child

Water Lillies

Relationships are EVERYTHING! Business Card

Xmas Tree - Star on Top

Xmas Tree - Ornament

Winery - Birthday card

Financial Advisor - Birthday Card to Clients

Employee - Holiday card

Personal Birthday Card- 2(two) giftboxes

Wholesale Corporate Pricing

Please contact us for pricing - 4.7 inch size x 4.7 inch size (12cm x 12cm)

There is a $300 design fee to create a new 3D Model Design. The design fee may be waived for initial orders of 1,000 cards or more.

Minimum order of 200 (TWO HUNDRED) cards per each card design.