Sales & Marketing Campaigns

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“It’s not about having the right opportunities. It’s about handling the opportunities right.”

-- Mark Hunter             

In the sense that we use it here, "Sales and Marketing Campaigns" refers to any kind of outreach to a specific audience to convince them to take a specific call-to-action that benefits the goals of the business or organization.  Calls-to-action may be to fulfill the desired result (e.g. donating), or they could be just one step in a multi-channel approach (e.g. go to a website landing page).

Note that "Sales and Marketing" extend to not-for-profit ventures as well.  Soliciting donations or volunteers are "sales and marketing" in the broader sense.

Sales and Marketing Campaigns generally run for a fixed amount of time, the "lifetime" of the campaign.  Campaign lifetimes may span from weeks to months.  Contrast this to the Event Invitations and Announcements use case where cards are all sent in a very narrow window.

You may have heard that "Sales is 80% based on emotion and only 20% based on logic."  Because Awesome 3D Cards are unique and designed to "Delight, Impress, and Surprise," they create an emotional response that results in your message being heard and more likely to be acted on.  What's more, because Awesome 3D Cards are so cool, they don't get thrown away immediately and are more likely to be shown to friends and colleagues.  That's what we call being "sticky", and this extends the effectiveness of your campaign and therefore its ROI.

Speaking of ROI, Awesome 3D Cards are incredibly cost-effective.  What other marketing tool offers a nearly 100% open rate, makes a connection at an emotional level, sticks around, and costs about the same as a cup of coffee?

Target Audiences

Groups of people who are most likely to benefit from what your campaign is offering, and who you desire to take action. Here are a few suggestions:

  • New-business prospects
  • Existing clients/customers
  • Patrons
  • Potential Volunteers
  • Donors

Types of Campaigns

There are many types of campaigns that would benefit from including Awesome 3D Cards among their tactics.  Here are some examples :

  • Sales prospecting
  • New product announcements
  • Special offers or promotions
  • Membership drives
  • Fundraising

Use Case Characteristics 

The Sales & Marketing use case for Awesome 3D Cards has the following characteristics:

  • Sent over a specific time frame, possibly spanning many months
  • Sent to a targeted audience
  • Includes a specific Call-to-Action
  • Typically a multi-channel approach
Tom Young

We modified an existing pop-up card design for a recent event and trade show. About 150 people attended the music themed event and got the card. The conversion rate to contacts was excellent as about 20 people used the card to scheduled a follow-up meeting with our company, which resulted in three new clients for our agency.

The cards stand out and are memorable. They drive engagement because of the wow factor and when combined with a strong call-to-action (CTA), they get results!

Examples of Awesome 3D Cards for Sales & Marketing Campaigns

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