Awesome 3D Cards Are Affordable

With prices starting at just $2.00/card for Piccolo (P) size and a minimum order of just 150 cards, you can get started using Awesome 3D Cards to Delight, Impress, and Surprise your customers, partners, suppliers, investors, donors and the entire Ecosystem of relationships!

If you would you like a custom 3D model that symbolizes your business, location, or message, that's not a problem at all.  Custom model designs are a one-time $300 design fee.  Once we design your model, you can use it on as many cards as you like for no additional charge.

Awesome 3D Cards Have High-ROI

Receiving an odd-sized envelope in the mail is a sure fire way to stand-out, and leads to a near 100% open rate.  What's more, they create positive emotional connections that make recipients more open to your message.  Add the novelty of the card all but guaranteeing it will be shared or retained, the return on just a few dollars investment can be very high indeed. 

Volume Discounts Are Available

Volume discounts are available on a tiered basis with the first discount tier starting at orders of 250 cards.

Want to Learn More?

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