The Awesome 3D Cards “Origin Story”

“Relationships are the only thing that matters in business and in life.” – Jerry Weintraub

Awesome 3D Cards was born out of a desire to help businesses build deeper personal connections with their valued clients, prospects, and partners.

In this short video, Awesome 3D Cards President & Founder Harlow Russell talks about a personal experience that sparked an “Aha moment” leading to his founding Awesome 3D Cards.

Get Your Business the Positive Attention That It Deserves

Custom 3D Popup cards are meant for businesses and organizations who want to thrive and grow. Developing relationships matters for all organizations. In order to raise funds or get products sold, you need to first build trust with your audience. Making that initial sale isn’t the only name of the game. Ensure that your customers know that you will offer them knowledge and support at any time by adopting direct mail into your campaign. With Awesome 3D Cards, you generate business opportunities that will serve you well in the long term.

Examples of Leading Brands Who Trust Awesome 3D Cards