Order Terms & Conditions

  1. Prices quoted will be valid for 60 (sixty) days from the date of the quotation.
  2. All cards are designed with the Awesome 3D cards logo and URL on the lower portion of the back side; the middle and upper back are available for customer use.
  3. Customer agrees to allow Awesome 3D Cards to use images of their card on the Awesome 3D Cards website and/or in other promotional materials.
  4. Customer is asked to complete Model and Design files and revisions within a two (2) week period from time of order.
  5. If Customer does not complete the required design process and review within 45 days of order start date, Awesome 3D Cards has the right to cancel the order and Customer forfeits any deposit paid.
  6. Cards will be delivered free of charge in the Austin, Texas metropolitan area. Shipping for destinations outside the Austin Metro area will incur shipping fees based on the shipping weight, delivery location, and shipping method used.
  7. Any defective or damaged cards will be replaced within 60 days of delivery.
  8. The minimum order quantity is 150 cards.
  9. A 50% Deposit is required at the time the order is placed.  The balance is due immediately before cards are delivered.
  10. Payments may be made by check or bank transfer.  Checks may be made payable to Awesome 3D Cards, LLC.  For bank transfers, please contact us for bank routing information.