Mezzo Size
3D Cards

All Luxury Elite 3D Cards are custom designed to create the most amazing message for your company. We use high quality 180gram Art paper. Each 3D model is designed and customized specifically for your organization.

Model Paper layers are cut by laser and then hand assembled for you. There are 15+ standard colors available. 3D Models can be 1, 2, 3, or even 4 colors. Each card includes a self-sticking quality envelope and plastic protector.

Please note:

The cards below are examples of potential brands and opportunities in process now. The logos, graphics, and text used for these examples do not reflect endorsements by or from the organizations shown.

Michigan State Capitol Building

Football Helmet

Austin - Concert Piano

Austin - Electric Guitar

Austin – Famous Bridge to Watch the Bats

GP Motorcycle

City of Austin (Housing Dept) -Welcome Home Card

COTA Race Tower

Austin “Owl” Building

Chinese Characters – Non-Profit Org.

Non-Profit Org. Fund Raiser

Chef Knife and Cutting Board

Goodwin Realty Agency – Thank You Card

Whole Planet – Thank You to Donors

Listen to Your Customers!

Wholesale Corporate Pricing

Please contact us for pricing - 5.9 inch size x 5.9 inch size (15cm x 15cm)

There is a $300 design fee to create a new 3D Model Design. The design fee may be waived for initial orders of 1,000 cards or more.

Minimum order of 200 (TWO HUNDRED) cards per each card design.