How Will You Show Gratitude & Appreciation This Year?

There's no doubt about it, 2020 has been a tough year in so many respects. For many businesses, the relationships they create and build are everything because they are what will carry them through.

That's why
it is more important than ever to show gratitude and appreciation to the "stakeholders" who are key to the continued growth and overall success of your organization. These stakeholders are your customers/clients, prospects, suppliers/vendors, donors, partners, distributors, etc.

For about the price of a cup of coffee, you can send a positive holiday message to them in a way that is sure to brighten their day, get your message noticed, ensure you stay top-of-mind, and likely even be shared around the office.

There's Still Time to Order for November Delivery

From just $2.95/card (min qty 200; "stock" 3D pop-up model)

But don't wait!  Order times are generally 30 days for cards with stock models, so order now to ensure November delivery.

"Good, Fast, Cheap... Pick Any Two"

Holiday tree boomerang

We know what you're thinking...

Order holiday cards now? It's still summer!

These aren't your parents' gift shop holiday cards! Every Awesome 3D Card is customized with your desired branding and messaging, and every one is a hand-assembled work of art. They aren't just good, they are
great "brand ambassadors" for your business that get your message noticed.

Awesome 3D Cards Aren't "cheap", but they are inexpensive. In other words, they are a great value. With prices starting at just $2.95/card for our minimum order of only 200 cards, they are a very cost-effective way to stay top-of-mind. What is the value of a new or retained client or customer? What about a referral from a partner? Awesome 3D Cards offer exceptional ROI.

And that leads us to how "fast" you can get your custom cards and why you should order now. Our production time to produce holiday cards that are
unique and fully-customized just for your business is 30 - 60 days depending on complexity and volume. That means for November delivery it's time to start thinking about them now.

Good? Awesome 3D Cards are better than good. They're, well,
Awesome! Fast? Awesomeness takes time, but good things usually do. Cheap? We prefer to think in terms of being affordable and therefore a great value.

Still Not Sure?
We're happy to discuss possibilities with you and to answer whatever questions you have about Awesome 3D Cards and how they can benefit your business.