10 Ways that 3D Popup Cards Can Help Drive Growth

June 8, 2023  by Harlow Russell

How to Use Our Ready-2-Go Cards as Handmade Corporate Gift Ideas

We are surrounded by digital noise. So much of our communication happens from behind a screen. But this is what has made executing handmade corporate gift ideas that much more of a necessity. With everyone around you focusing on their online efforts, it can make you stand out in a very positive way when you tackle tangible marketing. That is even more true when your marketing materials consist of meticulously-crafted pieces by skilled kirigami artists.

Custom 3D popup cards demonstrate a level of care and consideration, speaking volumes about your company’s values. They display your authenticity and suggest that you want to improve your customer connections. And they do this all while positioning you as a more interesting, creative, and innovative business. Draw inspiration from our line of Ready-2-Go Card designs for your personalized mailpieces.

Let's Connect 3D Coffee Cup Card

3D Cup of Coffee Card

In the world of business, a coffee cup is a symbol of informal communication. It is a nod to your time spent during meetings with clients and prospects at a local coffee shop. If you would like to invite prospective customers or partners to have a chat with you, send them this 3D popup card. It makes for a much more fascinating greeting than an email. Plus, prospects are sure to love the look of the coffee cup on the inside of the card, especially because of the fun detail of the rising steam. It feels like you are right there in the coffee shop, able to pick up the cup!


Popup Heart Model

Through the years and around the globe, the heart has continued to be an iconic representation of love. That said, when used in your 3D popup cards, the heart can mean so much more. It is a great way to let your stakeholders know that you appreciate all that they have done for your business or organization. In fact, the cover of the card says “With Heartfelt Thanks” to drive home that sense of gratitude. By including the symbol of the heart in your handmade corporate gift ideas, you build an emotional connection that makes consumers more likely to buy from you and employees more likely to stick around.

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar 3D Card

Is your brand centered around music? Are you sponsoring an upcoming event that involves music? Do you simply love the local music scene? Awesome 3D Cards offers a few different Ready-2-Go music-themed models, including a highly realistic acoustic guitar. Styled after Willie Nelson’s famous guitar, “Trigger,” it is even surrounded by musical notes to give the effect that it is being played. With its gorgeous wooden texture look, this guitar is one to remember. The 3D popup card comes complete with an illustration of Willie playing the guitar on the cover to uplift his role in the Live Music Capital of the World.


Luxury Boat Popup Card

Show up in a recipient’s mailbox in style with a 3D popup card that is centered around a sports boat. This type of card is absolutely capable of positioning your business as one of luxury. If you sell boats or have a business that is on the water, this will pair well with the rest of your marketing materials. What makes this 3D model so special is that it isn’t just the boat, but also the splashing water coming up behind it to give the design impressive movement. When creating your personalized popup cards, be sure to add some dimension to your design to make it really pop.


3D Gothic Church Design

Celebrate special moments by using architecture as your popup design. Awesome 3D Cards’ architecture-themed models are stunning replicas of buildings with many intricate details. This includes of Gothic church model, which is full of tiny, carefully-crafted windows. This can act as your 3D holiday cards. In the Ready-2-Go version, we include a simple holiday message on the interior that reads, “Success and Prosperity this coming year. God bless you!” If you are wanting to wish peace and love to your customers, employees, donors, and more, the handmade corporate gift idea of a 3D Gothic church makes a statement like no other.

US Capitol Building

Popup U.S. Capitol Building

Another architectural example for your 3D popup cards is the Capitol building. Showcasing a symbol of American democracy, this card offers a unique way to say hello to the people of our nation. If your company or organization is based in Washington D.C., this is an incredibly fitting choice. Frankly, anyone involved in politics in the United States can utilize this theme! But you can consider designing your own state Capitol building with Awesome 3D Cards, as well. We welcome you to go through the custom design process with us to make a marketing tool that beautifully highlights where you are from.

3D XMAS Holiday Santa Sleigh Card

Santa 3D Holiday Card

If you want to go a more traditional route for your 3D Christmas cards, go with our Santa model. Sitting in his signature sleigh, Santa is surrounded by presents and a tree, while being led into the sky by his golden flying reindeer. It is a whimsical, handmade corporate gift idea that is fun for all ages. Even the older members of your audience will feel a sense of wonder when they open this 3D popup card. You might want to make this Ready-2-Go model your own by flipping the colors of the design into something on-brand or even more festive.

Relationship Tree

Relationship Tree Model

For businesses and organizations alike, building connections is a must if you want to acquire loyalty from your audience. As the front of this card states, “Relationships are EVERYTHING!” That means that, with every marketing tool you utilize, the ultimate goal should be to nurture your relationships. This includes when you decide to create a handcrafted 3D popup card. And what better way to showcase that than with a relationship tree, featuring a couple in a swing? Non-profits should consider this theme for their donor outreach strategy to show how the connection between them can help the efforts for their good cause blossom.

Dollar Sign

3D Popup Dollar Signs

Arguably one of the most obvious themes out of the bunch, using dollar signs in your 3D popup cards shows prospective clients how you can help them achieve prosperity. It is the perfect choice for financial services businesses to display what they do. On the cover of this Ready-2-Go model, we even include an iconic Benjamin Franklin quote to pair with the popup. The quote reads, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest!” This is the kind of eye-catching handmade corporate gift idea that will make consumers want to discuss doing business with you after seeing it in their mailbox.

Wine Bottle

Wine Bottle 3D Card

Wine is considered to be a sophisticated drink. It has a rich history of having been produced and enjoyed for thousands of years. Often shared and enjoyed in the company of others, wine is also a symbol of festivities. If you are planning to host an event for your company or organization, incorporate a wine-themed 3D card into your strategy. Your invitations will be the talk of the town when they have this elegant popup on the interior. This 3D popup card even includes a cheese and fruit board beneath the wine design to push the luxurious feel of your event.

While we specialize in custom 3D popup cards at Awesome 3D Cards, we love creating Ready-2-Go Cards for your convenience. There is no consultation involved, allowing us to offer speedy delivery wherever you are in the world. This means you will be able to connect with your audience even sooner. Order a batch of our Ready-2-Go cards today! When you take care to personalize this homemade corporate gift idea with your own unique messages, you will be pleasantly surprised by how big of an impact it will make on your brand awareness and loyalty.

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