Using 3D Holiday Cards to Strengthen Business Relationships

September 25, 2020  by Harlow Russell

In 2020, almost everything about conducting business became more complicated, especially building relationships. Meeting together in the same space has always been crucial for developing and maintaining business relationships with both customers and employees but now during the global pandemic, business is increasingly conducted online and from a distance.

As a result, many companies have been left scrambling to find new ways to build and strengthen personal relationships. With these new challenges in mind, every principal operator should already be thinking about how they can use this holiday season as an opportunity to express gratitude and appreciation to both employees and customers.

3D Holiday Card.

Are you starting to break a sweat? Don’t! Take a deep breath, because Awesome 3D Cards are great tools for that! Holiday greeting cards – and especially 3D pop-up holiday cards that touch an emotional nerve – can be used to establish and further customer and employee relationships alike.

It Starts with Surprise and Delight

Whether you’re planning to send a holiday card to long-time customers as part of an annual gift or to employees to convey an annual message, a holiday pop-up card from Awesome 3D Cards is a great investment in a tool that helps deepen business relationships.

You can check out our previous blog post on direct mail and tactile marketing for a more in-depth look at what makes 3D pop-up cards so effective, but to recap quickly, Awesome 3D Cards are:

Memorable – Remember the cliché that ends in “…and all I got was this lousy T-shirt?” One of the strengths of 3D pop-up cards is the way they leave a favorable and lasting impression. When a 3D Holiday Card transforms from a flat piece of postage into a dynamic 3D model, it surprises and delights the recipient, which helps to maintain a positive brand association in a way that a branded gift like a mug or T-shirt could never do.

Emotional – Opening an Awesome 3D Card is a micro-experience that creates and strengthens positive emotional connections between the recipient and your company’s brand. Whether you are sending a 3D card to an employee or customer, you can count on the recipient having a positive emotional response that you can use to strengthen your personal connection.

Personal – One of the main reasons to send a holiday pop-up card is to remind the recipient that they are important and appreciated. Including a hand-written note will solidify your relationship and demonstrate that the recipient is deserving of your time and attention. Personalizing each card takes only a few moments, but the return on that time investment will help build trust and credibility with team members and customers.

Now that I’ve touched on what makes Awesome 3D Cards so effective, let’s look at a few different ways to use a holiday pop-up card this season.

Teams that feel recognized and appreciated tend to work better together and to be more effective overall.

3 Business-Use Examples of Awesome 3D Holiday Cards

Another thing that makes Awesome 3D Cards such a great tool is their versatility. By investing in one holiday pop-up card, you’ll be able to cover a wide range of internal and external uses. To name just a few, consider the following ways to use 3D holiday cards in place of run-of-the-mill holiday greeting cards:

1.  As Part of a Company Gift

During the pandemic, it’s more important than ever to show appreciation while also fostering a sense of community, even as employees and clients are increasingly working from home. While office parties and other in-person company events such as key client dinners or customer appreciation parties are out this year, you can still send a reminder of why your employees and customers chose to work with you. Think of your 3D holiday card and gifting as an opportunity to differentiate yourself and reinforce company culture!

By including an Awesome 3D pop-up card with your gift, you can deliver delight, surprise, and holiday joy in a way that a traditional office gift rarely does! Teams that feel recognized and appreciated tend to work better together and to be more effective overall. The right thoughtful gesture goes a long way toward increasing overall team morale and productivity. 

2.  As a Simple Thank-You

Even when not attached to a gift, a pop-up holiday card is memorable and will create an emotional/personal connection with your brand. Sending an Awesome 3D Holiday card to a VIP customer also creates the perfect opportunity for you to follow up directly with that person to further strengthen the relationship.

The holiday card itself should focus on expressing gratitude and customer appreciation, but its effectiveness does not end there. A memorable 3D pop-up card that makes an impression can create opportunities to make sales and further develop your business relationships down the road! A handwritten card will almost always go a long way with customers, and when you combine the personal touch with the surprise and delight an Awesome 3D Card creates, you’re really sending the perfect conversation starter.

3.  As Seasonal Event Invitations

As annual company meetings and holiday parties alike prepare to go digital, event planners everywhere are scratching their heads as they try to cultivate excitement and anticipation this holiday season. However, they need look no further than Awesome 3D Cards! In addition to building excitement, a 3D holiday card also serves as a great keepsake that helps make digital events feel tangible and real.

Start Planning Now!

The holidays are just around the corner, and now is the time to prepare your 2020 holiday appreciation and gratitude efforts. Feeling overwhelmed? We can help. With Awesome 3D Cards, you’ll find the perfect tool for reinforcing business relationships this holiday season. Where else can you find such versatility and, with cost about the same as a cup of coffee, great return on investment?

Visit our FAQ page to learn more, or contact Awesome 3D Cards to get started today.

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