What Type of Paper Should I Use for My 3D Business Cards?

April 14, 2023  by Harlow Russell

There may have been a time when you were at an event and thought to yourself, “I wish that I had a business card on me.” Just because you talk to someone about your company and say its name does not mean they are going to remember your full conversation. This is especially true if they are talking to several other people pitching their companies at the same event. So, it is your goal to stay at the top of their mind, and one of the greatest ways to do this is by having effective business cards. Keep reading to find out how to best execute the most visually interesting type of promotional tool—3D business cards.

Metallic Paper

If your desire is to have a 3D business card that looks high-end, go with metallic paper to add eye-catching accents. Its finishing adds a beautiful sheen that is semi-reflective. Coming in gold, bronze, and silver, metallic paper lets your card’s recipients know that your brand is luxury.

Matte Stock Paper

Don’t like the shiny finish that comes with metallic paper? Go with matte stock—a type of paper that is without glare and you can easily write on. This is a popular choice for 3D business cards because it still offers that smooth feel.

Textured Paper

For those planning to use textured paper on their 3D business cards, make sure that it is subtle. While your aim is to provide a more tactile dimension to the card, it can end up being confusing to the recipient. Still, textured paper is commonly used by many businesses because it makes the card look and feel more natural.

Cardstock Paper

A major benefit of using cardstock for your 3D business cards is how thick and durable it is. This type of paper is believed to be the best for business card printing because of how customizable it is. You can even add a variety of finishes and textures, if you so choose.

Pro Tip: Whether you are at a meeting, a trade show, or a seminar, your 3D business cards should be on your person. If you don’t, it doesn’t matter how attractive your design is!

Additional Tips for 3D Business Cards

Your business card is so much more than just a space for you to share your contact information. By following these three steps, you ensure that you create a 3D piece that will delight, impress, and surprise any recipient:

Make your text easy to read.

You only have so much space on a business card considering the fact that it is pocket-sized. With that in mind, you are limited in how much text you can have. If you overload a 3D business card with text in a small font, it is not going to be as readable as it would be with only your main highlights. But if you feel like these highlights aren’t enough, you do have the opportunity to incorporate a QR code that quickly links recipients back to your website. This way, they have everything they need to know about you right in the palm of their hand—literally.

A3DC logo closeup.

Maximize your logo.

Business cards should always include logo designs. In your 3D business card, you have two options for how to maximize it. The first is by putting it front and center on the cover. This allows recipients to immediately know who your company is. The second option is to make your logo the popup element on the interior. In fact, if you so choose, you can do both! The Awesome 3D Cards business card went this route, with a 3D version that reflects the illustration version in a more interesting way.


Get creative with your popup.

3D business cards give you the opportunity to reflect your brand’s personality. And it does this in a way that far exceeds the expectations set by standard business cards. You have a world of designs to choose from that emphasize what your company brings to the table. Draw inspiration from Awesome 3D Cards client Wes Bowden. As an astronautical engineering graduate, he wanted to utilize a popup element that showcased his degree. What better 3D model than a NASA rocket and boosters? Paired with a shiny silver interior, it is the type of card that screams “space.”

Always remember to proofread!

You don’t want to print out hundreds of 3D business cards only to realize that you made a grammatical or spelling error. This card is going to be representing you and your company, so you need to be careful. Errors make recipients feel that you do sloppy work. After all, you didn’t even take a few extra seconds or get another set of eyes to ensure that all of your information is correct. It makes them question what your company will be able to do for them. Your goal with a business card is to leave a positive impression that makes someone want to partner with you, so make proofreading part of your ongoing agenda.

Here at Awesome 3D Cards, we specialize in 3D business cards. We have created them for a variety of industry professionals, ranging from nursing to insurance to astronautical engineering. No matter what your career is, our team will use the Vietnamese art of kirigami to transform your business card experience. If you are ready to start designing your customized business cards, schedule a consultation with us today. We look forward to helping you bring a smile to the faces of your future clients or employers!

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