Top 5 Employee Recognition Holidays

April 11, 2023  by Harlow Russell

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Unique Employee Appreciation Gifts for Your Team’s Big Moments

Picture this: You have an employee that is coming up on their anniversary with your company. This could be one year, five years, ten years… Any sort of big milestone. When they come into the office on that special day, though, you don’t acknowledge them. There are no words of gratitude for all they have done in that amount of time, and there is no unique employee appreciation gift. It’s at that moment when your employee realizes that you couldn’t even care to take the time to write them out a thank you card.

But it isn’t just about anniversaries. Across the board, when you fail to uplift your team members, you risk a drop in satisfaction and productivity. It could even result in employees putting in their two-week notices as they move to a company that evidently cares about them more. So, take some time now to start planning how you will show employee appreciation. Check out these fun holidays where you can share the love.

National Thank You Month

The key to celebrating National Thank You Month is just as the name states—say “thank you.” National Thank You Month extends through January, making it the ultimate way to break in the new year. It is likely that, at this point, you already have a new set of goals that you hope for your business to achieve. Why not incorporate more meaningful ways to engage with your employees in that mix?

During National Thank You Month, spend your time finding opportunities to recognize your team’s contributions. Outside of verbal words of affirmation, opportunities may include public social media shoutouts, bonuses, or unique employee appreciation gifts. But don’t feel like you have to go overboard with how much you spend on these gifts! There are plenty of other special occasions when you can execute corporate gift-giving later on in there, so you want to play it smart.

Keep in mind that you can even get your team to be more thankful toward one another. Consider setting up an “appreciation station” at the office so that they can write their own heartfelt messages to one another. They will undoubtedly feel more comfortable in their work environment when they see how much their own colleagues care.

National Employee Health and Fitness Day

On the third Wednesday of May, the United States honors National Employee Health and Fitness Day. This year, it will be on May 17th, so you have some time to prepare! During National Employee Health and Fitness Day, you will be raising awareness for the importance of physical activity. And your team might really need this if they are spending hours at a time at their desk, sitting behind a screen. Encourage them to get up and moving, or let them spend the morning attending wellness programs that incline them to pay more attention to their health.

You can even partner with a local restaurant to sponsor a healthy breakfast or lunch on this special occasion. It is a unique employee appreciation gift that allows everyone to truly come together. While you are encouraging your team to make healthy choices through this meal, it is also going to build your positive connections. National Employee Health and Fitness Day is all about promoting a strong mind and body to improve the overall state of the workplace.

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Employee Appreciation Day

Job dissatisfaction is a result of feeling underpaid, overworked, and unappreciated. Employee Appreciation Day is one of the most commonly talked about holidays for establishing a more mutually beneficial relationship between employers and employees. It lands on the first Friday in March every year, and started back in 1995 with Workman Publishing. The focus of this employee holiday is putting attention back on them and their achievements. By celebrating Employee Appreciation Day and creating a culture of encouragement, you keep morale high and your turnover rate low.

To really capture the attention of your team members in a positive way and ensure your company’s long-term success, consider handmade corporate gift ideas. A great example of a unique employee appreciation gift to give on this special occasion is a 3D card. Unlike a standard 2D card, a pop up card allows you to let your creativity shine with limitless design choices. You can show off everything that your business stands for in a piece that fits perfectly inside an envelope.

World Gratitude Day

Start getting ready for World Gratitude Day! On September 21st each year, World Gratitude Day serves to remind us about how important it is to express gestures of appreciation. This occasion is intended for everyone and everywhere around you. It’s all about simple acts of kindness to make the world a better place. This builds more rewarding relationships. As a business owner, you can focus your efforts on your company relationships while investing in unique employee appreciation gifts.

When you start purchasing or handcrafting gifts, be mindful of what will touch the heart of your team members the most. Throughout the year, you should’ve been gathering intel about their likes and dislikes, based on conversations that you have had. You might even be in the know about what kinds of things would make their work experience more satisfying. Whether you get them stress relievers, customized drinkware, tasty treat boxes, or 3D cards that double as a display piece, keep personalization in mind.

National Thank You Note Day

The holiday season is considered to be the most wonderful time of the year. From the perspective of an employer, it’s also a time to engage with your team in fun, creative ways. Get in the spirit! You can do that by delivering 3D holiday cards in the days leading up to Christmas. Not only that, but you can take part in National Thank You Note Day on December 26th.

National Thank You Note Day looks like you sitting down and getting to writing. Handwritten notes are incredibly effective, especially now in the modern day when so much of what we do is typed. When your team member receives the unique employee appreciation gift of a popup holiday card with a one-of-a-kind message, they will be delighted, impressed, and surprised. Be thoughtful and personal with these thank you notes.

When picking a design for your thank you card, think about what will best resonate with your employees. Is there a particular 3D element that will make them feel an emotional tug or even say “wow?” Use the art of kirigami to your advantage to make a dynamic piece to deliver in the mail or by hand.

The mission at Awesome 3D Cards is to help businesses deliver their messages in unique ways. To do this, we offer 3D pop up cards that connect with recipients on a personal and emotional level. When you give the unique employee appreciation gift of a card to your employees, they will remember it. They may even keep it for years down the road! If you want to gain stronger relationships with your team in the long term, contact Awesome 3D Cards. Let’s discuss your needs as a business leader.

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