Tips for Picking Out Real Estate Agent Gifts for Clients

December 20, 2022  by Harlow Russell

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Leaving a lasting impression on your clients is the key to your success as a real estate agent. But just because you succeed at finding your clients the right home doesn’t mean that you will be inherently memorable. You have to find ways to be a cut above the rest. A big part of this is actively listening when your clients talk to you about their lifestyle and being able to flip that into a closing gift. The best agents are the ones who go out of their way to engage in appropriate personal touches to the company experience.

Real estate closing gifts are a very important, valuable gesture. While they are not mandatory, Realtor Magazine reports that approximately 77% of its readers (  have given closing gifts. You should find yourself in this majority. The question is: Where do you even begin with deciding on what gifts to give? Discover everything you need to know about getting the perfect real estate agent gifts for clients.

Remind Clients About Your Real Estate Business

You may have heard before that branded products only have their place as marketing materials. While it is true that you should not center your presents on your brand, it certainly doesn’t hurt to show it off. For gifts that come in any sort of packaging, include your logo. Your logo should also be displayed on the envelope of any cards that you send with the gifts. This way, it is clear to the recipient from the beginning who is engaging with them via their mailbox. Overall, when you are nodding back to your business, make sure that you are doing so tastefully.

Make a Gifting Budget and Stick to It

It helps to have a dollar amount in mind when you are picking out real estate agent gifts for clients. This keeps you from overspending. Considering you are going to be purchasing closing gifts throughout the year for a variety of different clients, your budget must be strict. Experts say that a good rule of thumb is to spend 1 to 5% of the gross commission income for that deal. Many real estate agents claim to spend approximately 2 to 3% of their commission income on closing gifts.

Choose Presents that Clients Can Really Use

Investing in practical real estate agent gifts for clients is important. You need to bring value to a homeowner’s life. This shows that you have been thinking about their interests and day-to-day based on real interactions. Keep in mind that you should always aim to develop a long-term relationship when deciding on closing gifts. Your hope is that a new homeowner will be able to love their property well into the future. That means they won’t necessarily be needing your services again anytime soon, but your closing gift could be what sets them over the edge when they need to give a relative, friend, or colleague a referral.

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Examples of Real Estate Agent Gifts for Clients

Now that you know how to best executive gift-giving, you have to decide on the gift itself. There are many options out there that will work well as a housewarming present, or even a special something for the holiday season. Here are three gifts that you should consider.

Backyard Game Set

If your clients have kids, think about gifting something that they will enjoy, as well, when picking real estate agent gifts for clients. What better way to ring in a new backyard than with a game set? It offers a way for them to spend time with their children on those warm, sunshiney summer days. A backyard game set will also make good for future entertaining, once the homeowners have gotten settled in. There is an opportunity for you to brand the outdoor games and activities that come in the set, should you choose to spend a little bit of extra money on the gift.

Coffee Kit

Treat your clients to the best start to the day by giving them the ultimate good morning gift. Put together a box of the essentials for a coffee wake-up call. This can include personalized mugs and coasters, and local coffee grounds or beans. Since you may not be familiar with the homeowner’s favorite flavors, a sampler pack is a good idea. Of course, make sure that they like coffee before all else. They might be more of a tea drinker, so you can certainly shift gears to give them a tea kit instead.

Robot Vacuum

Everyone loves to live in a clean space. A robot vacuum, such as a Roomba, is the perfect real estate agent gift for clients. This gives the gift of convenience. After all, the last thing that new homeowners want to worry about is cleaning up after they have already dealt with packing and unpacking. Robot vacuums are incredibly useful, too, if your clients have pets that shed. Help them save time that they would have otherwise spent trying to keep the floors shiny.

3D Pop Up Cards for Real Estate Companies

The most personal way to engage with your real estate clients is through a heartwarming card. This gives you the opportunity to put your appreciation into words, alongside your real estate agent gifts for clients. Check out these three examples of 3D cards created for real estate clients of Awesome 3D Cards.

Custom Home

Pop Up Luxury Homes Card

Located in Lakeway, Texas, Enclave at Yaupon is a 6.3-acre tract that is minutes from Lake Travis. The team behind its creation worked with Awesome 3D Cards to design an innovative promotional item to showcase the luxury development. They went the extra mile by making this the largest size card Awesome 3D Cards has available. Aside from the house itself, one of the most fun parts about this 3D pop up card is the inclusion of a pool in the backyard. This really drives home that this is a luxury semi-custom home.

Commercial Mixed Use

3D Business Development Card

When including a card with your real estate agent gifts for clients, help them get to know your brand better. Retail real estate agent Brian Doyle wanted a visually interesting way to display his work to prospective clients. Doyle incorporated a QR code that directly links back to the locations that he has found for previous clients. He encourages recipients to take a look at that link if they have been inspired by the highly-detailed 3D replica of an urgent care facility that means something to his business.


Duplex Home 3D Pop Up Card

Choose bright, eye-catching colors when designing your 3D cards. Jobomax Home did so with their 3D duplex model, where the primary color on the interior is gold. But when you get into the details, you see all that the seven-color piece has to offer. There are yellow and red cars sitting in the gray driveway, which is surrounded by green grass. This piece even includes a backyard! It is a great way to show what recipients can expect out of buying a new property with Jobomax Home in West Africa.

If you are interested in designing a 3D pop up card, contact Awesome 3D Cards today! We would love to chat with you about your hopes for personalized direct mail marketing materials. Our vision is for your real estate company to develop personal, emotional connections with clients. This way, you get the positive reception that you deserve. Awesome 3D Cards make excellent real estate agent gifts for clients, or else additions to your gift. So, why wait to start leveling up your engagement?

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