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May 16, 2023  by Harlow Russell

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The Significance of Customer Appreciation Cards and Gifts

Clients want to know that you care about them on an individual level. Those who feel appreciated are more likely to become repeat buyers and brand advocates. They will spread the word about your products and services, thus earning you new business. But your company cannot simply expect people to champion you just because you offer something great. You also have to be great. Keep reading to find out how to go about your campaigns with customer appreciation cards and gifts.

Why Should You Make Your Customers Feel Valued?

No matter what industry your business falls under, you have competitors. You need to spend time figuring out what strategies they are executing that do and don’t work. This sets you up for greater success since you have an understanding of what your shared audience expects. Similarly, along the way, you should be checking off whether your own strategies meet your goals. It is crucial that you find the most appropriate ways to nurture client relationships because, otherwise, you won’t increase their lifetime value.

You need to set yourself up to acquire word-of-mouth power. Word-of-mouth referrals are incredibly powerful marketing tools. Highly satisified clients are capable of dramatically expanding your customer base organically. Ultimately, as you cultivate customer value, you become more profitable.

Send “Thank You” Cards in a Timely Fashion

The timely deliver of your cards ensures that you reach recipients right when you need to. It demonstrates that your business is thinking about them on an individual level, as well as that your business at large is run efficiently. So, if you want to maintain momentum and avoid missed opportunities, you have to be prompt. Deliver customer appreciation cards at these three points:

Following Company Events

In a sea of post-event communication, you stand out with a card delivered right to an attendee’s mailbox. Express your sincere gratitude that they made it out to your event. This will improve the perception of your brand and, in turn, reinforce your reputation. Sending customer appreciation cards after an event is a courteous practice that reflects positively on your social etiquette. It makes people feel more inclined to maintain their relationship with you and have fun with you at a future event.

Customer Anniversaries

When you have a client that has been loyal to your company for a long time, they deserve recognition. With customer appreciation cards and gifts, you can honor them on their anniversary. By recognizing this milestone, you not only make them feel valued, but you retain their sense of loyalty. There may be other businesses that they have bought from or worked with through the years, but if yours is the only one that is keeping up with such milestones, you stand out. For that reason, always have an up-to-date calendar!

After Major Purchases

Because customers have many options in today’s competitive marketplace, you need to distinguish your brand. The fact of the matter is, many businesses make a sale and then don’t give thanks. But when you are shipping your products or have onboarded a new client, send them a meaningful 3D card and a small token of your appreciation. These items will contribute to customer retention because they instill confidence in your brand that it will provide exceptional service. It’s about more than the sale!

Offer a Personal Touch with a Handwritten Message

A customer appreciation card does not do its job if you neglect to include an authentic note. In the space available on the interior of the card, make an emotional impact by physically writing something that will make a lasting impression. Ask yourself what kind of message will best resonate with the recipient, based on your knowledge of their preferences. It should be more than just outright saying “thank you.” Reflect on a moment that you have shared with the customer or what they have recently purchased from you. Doing this recaps, in their own minds, who you are. It also shows, in turn, that you remember them as an individual.

Inspiring Ideas for Customer Appreciation Cards

You shouldn’t feel limited by your design options. There are so many images in the world that you can work with, whether they are universally known or highly localized. Depending on where your audience is at in the buyers journey can determine the type of card you go with. Here are three customer appreciation cards made on behalf of our Awesome 3D Cards clients:


3D Hotel Card for VIP Guests

If you have ever been on the Sonesta Hotels in Chicago, you will know how amazing they are. Through the art of kirigami, that was able to be captured in a completely unique 3D card. This card accurately shows the building in its glorious 25 stories. It even includes the three flags that are important to the brand—the flags of the United States, Chicago, and Sonesta Hotels. Not only can this act as a customer appreciation card, but it can also be delivered to congratulate employees and announce events. With minimal inscribed text, there are a world of possibilities. Your business can do something similar by designing with multiple uses in mind.

Relationship Tree detail

Popup Tree for Relationship Building

Of our Ready-2-Go models, one of the most popular is the relationship tree. You first see the scene on the cover of the card, but what makes the card exciting is the interior 3D elements. The tree has a beautiful look with wide branches and bright green leaves (though you are able to customize the colors). Hanging from the branches is a swing with a couple seated on it. This couple doesn’t have to insinuate a romantic relationship. Instead, it can be a reflection of the business relationship that you are hoping to grow with the recipients of your customer appreciation card. After all, as the cover states: “Relationships are EVERYTHING!”

Placenta previa

3D Architecture Model for Donors

You can say thank you to donors by transforming a space that you know to be important to them. This 3D card, created for an academy, centers around a dormitory. The text on the inside reads: “Thank you for being part of this historic moment!” There is also ample room to leave an individual note and make this custom card even more personalized. But as it stands, this donor appreciation card is already quite the standout. The popup building is an exact replica, down to the finest details, and is surrounded by the grounds of the actual campus. Any current student or alumni who receives this card will remember their time there.

What Gifts Can You Pair with Your 3D Popup Cards?

One of the many great things about customer appreciation cards is that they go with any gift you can imagine. So, regardless of whether you opt for a snack basket or a custom painting, your card is capable of enhancing your offering. That said, it is a smart idea to partner with local businesses when curating your gifts. Handcrafted and artisanal products are always exciting to receive. Not only that, but by joining forces with those other businesses, you establish a mutual relationship that you can retain in the long term.

Of course, remember that all of your gifts should be personalized. If they are not tailored to your clients’ preferences, it shows that you did not put a lot of thought into them. With the personal touch of a uniquely customized present, the experience is taken up a notch. That means you achieve a higher likelihood of satisfaction.

With the help of Awesome 3D Cards, you will have the most impactful customer appreciation cards around. Let us bring your design vision to life in a way that you have never seen before. Our talented team of kirigami artists ensures that you have innovative marketing materials that resonate with any recipient. To get started, come have a chat with President and Founder Harlow Russell about your business or organization’s needs! We look forward to transforming the images that are meaningful to you.

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