Show Off History in a New Way with 3D Cards in Texas

December 13, 2022  by Harlow Russell

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The study of history encapsulates all of the people, events, and decisions that make up our world. Historians are the experts who spend time interpreting each of those, using analytical tools to understand and reconstruct the past. They want to know how previous struggles and accomplishments have transformed life as we know it today. This allows us to better comprehend relationships on an individual and global level today.

There are many tangible parts of historical studies. Primary sources, for example, include letters, diary entries, and drawings created by our ancestors. They open up the lives of the people in the past in a unique, subjective way. So, it goes to show just how big of an impact personal accounts can be. Still, to this day, we can make use of handwritten, artistic resources to display moments in time. Consider the effects of history and how you can showcase it through the use of 3D cards in Texas.

How do we gain skills from studying history?

History helps us to better understand people. Historical materials, whether or not they are tangible, provide us with the tools that we need in order to problem-solve at a multitude of levels. Essentially, the past teaches us about the present. This way, we gain a crucial perspective for making necessary changes in the present, in respect of the future. We look at how human identities, societies, institutions, and cultural practices have adapted. In the world of business, this allows us to answer complex questions about relationships, locally and internationally. As time goes on, there will only be more for professionals to learn from.

Why is history such a personal thing?

It is crucial to note that no field is developed in a vacuum. Engineering, economics, and biology all have history, meaning your own business is situated in a significant amount of context. We are able to build empathy when we look at the past. The study of history focuses on the people who came before us—what their goals, values, and experiences consisted of. We discover how different our lives would have been even just a few decades ago. Yet, as historians reconstruct the past, we find that we are still highly similar to those people in so many ways. History helps provide us with identity. It teaches us about how countries and institutions were formed, as well as traces back our personal lineages.

What does the history of Texas look like?

In 1845, Texas as we know it was welcomed as the 28th state in the United States. However, the history of the area goes far deeper than that. The first European settlers in Texas were Spanish missionaries. They founded San Antonio in 1718, but the area would not go on to be highly populated until after the Revolutionary War and the War of Mexican Independence. The Texas Revolution broke out many years later. It resulted in Texas becoming an independent nation in 1836, up until negotiations with the United States concluded. Throughout this time, we see many Texan buildings coming to life and making a real statement, such as the Alamo and Texas State Capitol.

What are examples of historic sites used in 3D cards from Texas?

Everywhere you look around the Lone Star State, you will find remnants of history. Whether you are a business or non-profit, consider using an iconic building when you share appreciation. Here are three popup models created for 3D cards by Texas company Awesome 3D Cards.

San Jacinto Monument

3D San Jacinto Monument Popup

Located in La Porte, Texas, the San Jacinto Monument truly is a sight to behold. Standing at over 567 feet, it is the tallest war memorial in the world. It is also part of what is today known as the San Jacinto Museum and Battleground. The Texas Historical Commission decided to make a 3D popup card to display this monument. Not only is it pictured in a photograph on the front of the card, but also depicted through a 3D element on the interior. Alongside it is a statement that provides the gist of what the inscription on the San Jacinto Monument says and the date of Texas’s birth.

Historical 1855 Building

Neill-Cochran House Museum 3D Card

Dating back to 166 years ago, the Neill-Cochran House is one of the oldest historic residences in Austin, Texas. It had been commissioned in 1855 by a young couple, and continues to serve as a window into the past. Now the Neill-Cochran House Museum, it has come to life in the form of a 3D card in Texas. The attention to detail was a serious need in the design of this card, which shows further in the inside text reading, “I stepped into Austin history!” Given both to thank donors and sell in their gift shop, the Neill-Cochran House Museum 3D popup card is one that emphasizes Texas down to the flags on the front of the building.

Hill Top Building Popup Card

Texas is home to many long-time college campuses. This includes St. Edward’s University, a private school in Austin, that was established in 1877. In this 3D popup card, you will find an amazing replica of the notable Hill Top Building. This is the school’s main administration building, which was constructed in 1903. It is a symbol of campus that current students, alumni, staff, and donors will be able to recognize. Recipients of this 3D card from Texas are especially impressed to see how many intricate cut-outs were made in the windows. But what drives home the elegance of this card is the metallic gold paper that shines against the two-color 3D model of the Hill Top Building and the navy blue school color.

Our world is changing and evolving each day to the point where, someday, things will be completely different. But it is up to us to remember, reflect, and implement past teachings. Simply put, history makes an impact. That is why, throughout the state of Texas, we see so many preserved and restored buildings and memorials. We never want to forget where we came from. If you have an idea for a historic 3D card in Texas, set up a consultation with the Awesome 3D Cards team. We will help you bring a smile to every recipient’s face as they recall that meaningful point in time.

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