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May 9, 2023  by Harlow Russell

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Why You Should Invest in Real Estate Agent Gifts for Clients

Real estate is an incredibly competitive market. And it isn’t just about selling properties—it’s about setting someone up with their forever home or the perfect building for their business. You have to really get to know the person behind the dollar signs. For that reason, every successful agent should have measures in place to create lasting relationships with their clients. You thrive off of word-of-mouth power, so it pays to keep your connections. Check out our advice for establishing yourself by providing real estate agent gifts for clients.

You Get to Display Your Personality with Corporate Gifting

Have you ever received a present that was noticeably not personalized? It seemed like someone simply picked it off the shelf and put it in a bag with your name on it. The gift may have been one that you never even used because it didn’t fit your lifestyle or preferences. That is the kind of experience you definitely do not want to replicate with your clients because it comes across as uncaring. You need to take the time to really think about what you are gifting them.

When you are searching for real estate agent gifts for clients, consider what is going to make them memorable. That could mean incorporating local elements. That might be locally-sourced products from a small business in your area, for instance. Building partnerships with businesses in your area is mutually beneficial, considering they make the sales and you reinforce how well you know the area. And to make it your own, you can customize the packaging with your branding elements so that a client knows it is from you. Just keep the emphasis on the gift rather than your real estate agency.

Sending Gifts to Prospects Keeps You Top-of-Mind

Real estate agent gifts for clients can come as an unexpected surprise. As a small token of appreciation for taking the time to chat, they might even be what tips a prospect over the edge to work with you. Sending gifts allows you to subtly market your services without appearing too pushy and sales-oriented. People are excited when they receive a “free” item. It makes them more willing to spend money and commit to a service. This is on account of the fact that presents leverage the power of reciprocity.

You don’t have to go overboard with spending on your gifts for prospects. After all, it may be the case that they decide not to utilize your services. So, while you want to foster a personal connection that has the potential to evolve into something bigger, it is in your best interest to put more of your stake in your current clients. Still, you need to ensure that you are creating a positive association with your real estate agency, meaning you have to do what you can to increase brand visibility.

Meaningful Closing Gifts Help You Build Relationships

Closing on a property is a huge milestone moment for both the new owner and you as the Realtor. Therefore, it makes sense to express excitement for the occasion in the form of a gift. For your clients who are regular chefs, you could get something that they will be able to utilize in their kitchen. This could be a custom cutting board or pot holders that match their decor. Alternately, a good option for anyone is a product that can go on their front porch, like a welcome mat or hanging plant basket.

The point is, by this point in your relationship, you should know which real estate agent gifts for clients are bound to make the biggest impact. By considering their preferences, interests, and needs, you can select a present that means something to them and that they can actually use. You want to demonstrate that you care about the journey you have been on together to find the perfect property. Marking the occasion in a special way is something they will never forget.

You Maintain Connections with Birthday and Holiday Gifts

Just because the sale has been made doesn’t mean that you have to part ways with your client. If you want to reinforce your brand and professional image, you will continue engaging with them in the future. This is what maintains your connections. Their birthdays and the holiday season are two great times to touch base. You have the opportunity to give them something fun that still ties in with their needs as property owners. Plus, you can get very personal on these occasions.

When delivering real estate agent gifts for clients for birthdays and holidays, be sure that you are timely. If you send a present on the day of, they won’t receive it in time for their celebrations. You want to be part of the moment with them, even if you aren’t physically there. So, get special days on your calendar and get the gifts out early. This way, your client knows that they were not just an afterthought.

Delight, Impress, and Surprise Clients with 3D Cards

One of the best real estate agent gifts for clients is a card. Cards have the unique ability to evoke emotions, creating a sense of warmth for your client. This is especially true when you take the time to craft a handwritten note that references something on an individual level. And it is even more true when you decide to go with a 3D card. A pop up model is a fun and exciting way for a Realtor to capture the attention of their clients. The design can be completely personalized according to your agency.

Consider customizing any of these themes in your own 3D pop up cards:

Commercial Mixed Use

Pop Up Business Development

Booth Street Realty is a full-service real estate advisory firm. Based in the New York Metro area, it represents over one million square feet of retail space. To showcase what his company is capable of, retail real estate agent Brian Doyle wanted a 3D card featuring a business development. In this highly detailed model, you can find a number of industries that Brian has worked with. This includes an urgent care facility, a discount store, a daycare, and more. Should you be interested in becoming one of his clients, he even includes a QR code to provide you with more details.

Arrant Heart 360 view.

Deep Red 3D Heart

Some of the most innovative promotional items utilize universal symbols. When designing your real estate agent gifts for clients, your chosen symbol might be the heart. That is precisely what Gene Arant of Keller Williams Realty did. Once his 3D card is opened, you will find a beautiful, layered pop up of a heart. The goal behind this is to build an emotional connection with the recipient. It even pairs well with the text on the interior, which reads: “Heartfelt thanks for your business and referrals!” This is a fun tool to reach your clients after they have helped you leverage word-of-mouth.

Single Family House

Single-Family Residence Card

As a Realtor, these examples wouldn’t be complete without a 3D house. When she received this card, Boud Real Estate’s Rebecca Boud said that it was a “truly awesome marketing piece for [her] real estate business.” The reason is that it is an accurate reflection of the kind of work she does, finding people their dream homes. In this model of a house, there are a number of details to make it special. You will find a car in the garage, shrubs in the front yard, and even a lawn in the back. This card is an interesting display piece for any homeowner following a closing.

Since 2019, Awesome 3D Cards has helped Realtors and other industry professionals deliver their messages in unique ways. To achieve this, Awesome 3D Cards designs micro-experiences that will bring a smile to any customer’s face. With every customer appreciation card that we create, we help to further establish a business and increase the number of positive connections. To get started designing your own custom 3D pop up cards, schedule a consultation with President and Founder Harlow Russell. Let him know what you hope to gain out of your real estate agent gifts for clients.

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