The Best Real Estate Agent Gifts for Clients

May 13, 2022  by Harlow Russell

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Homebuyers are increasingly more interested in doing their research when it comes to partnering with a real estate agent. You’ve got your work cut out for you, whether you have years of experience or are just getting started in the industry. If you want to earn a homebuyer’s loyalty, you can’t just be another transactional Realtor®. They also have to like, trust, and remember you. A big part of this is being able to effectively engage with your clients by giving them memorable experiences. Rewarding a client with a gift after the closing is a great way to as you promote your business. Let’s consider eight excellent real estate agent gifts for clients that will help buyers remember you for years to come.

1) An artistic welcome sign for the home’s exterior.

“Welcome home!” is a sentiment that emits happiness to new home buyers. Real estate agent gifts for clients should be something that brings value to the client and their new home. Commission a unique piece that will act as a year-round decoration—a welcome sign. It can come in the form of a sign that hangs off the door, a sign to be posted in the yard, or even alongside a mailbox. An eye-catching sign will assure the client’s friends and family that they are in the right place. And every time your client arrives home, your gift will catch their eye and remind them of you.

2) A gift basket filled with treats from local businesses.

Everyone loves receiving a good gift basket with a collection of goodies. But it’s even better when you support neighborhood businesses in the process. Instead of ordering easy items from Amazon, consider checking out the variety of offerings at farmers' markets and local stores. Farmers’ markets are hosted in every state in shopping areas and city centers. You can collect baked goods, fruits, flowers, and snacks. As the new homeowner opens each item in the basket, they also learn about the local vendors in their new neighborhood. Putting together a localized gift basket will even be beneficial for you at an agency level, considering those other businesses are going to recognize the consideration you gave them in your real estate agent gifts for clients. In turn, this curated gift helps you create partnerships with local business owners.

3) A cutting board or charcuterie board for entertaining.

Food cutting boards or serving boards are an excellent gift for new homeowners who love entertaining. Keep in mind that clients don’t necessarily need, nor want, to have your business’s name all over their kitchens. A cutting board with your company name emblazoned on it might be less appreciated. This will make the gifts come across as more of a sales pitch than a thank you, meaning you won’t be able to establish the deeper connection you were hoping for. If you want to maintain your relationship with your clients, invest in personalized real estate agent gifts for clients. You can find high-quality food boards that have a welcoming message or client’s own name burned or cut into the wood. This will make them more displayable so that, when they aren’t using them for get-togethers, they add a homey touch to the kitchen. For a touch of your own brand, you can accompany the gift with your beautiful custom 3D pop up card from Awesome 3D Cards.

4) An elegant custom address sign.

Homeowners may not realize that having an updated address sign can improve the value of their property. Sticking with the basic metal plates that come with a house is a thing of the past, which is why the best real estate agent gifts for clients include personalized address signs. Some ways that these signage gifts can help include guiding food deliveries to the right house, ensuring packages always make it to the right porch, and providing recognizable direction to friends and family who are visiting the new residence. Plus, customized plaques are beautiful additions at an affordable price. A decorative custom address sign will enhance the curb appeal of a home.

5) A class hosted by a neighborhood business.

The price that you spend on real estate agent gifts for clients ultimately depends on the market. Typically, you will spend somewhere between 1-5% of the deal’s gross commission income. A fun class can definitely fall into that range and offer an experience that is priceless. Get a feel for what your client is interested in as you are working with them. Do they like cooking? Are they an artist? For those that are new to the area, this can also serve as an opportunity for them to go out and make friends in the community. If you arrange a gift certificate for the class, tuck it into an impressive 3D pop up card with your handwritten message with a maximum impact.

6) A consultation with other professional services.

Just because you have been able to make a deal on a house doesn’t mean that the work on it is done. If you know that your clients are interested in transforming the property into something that is completely their own, get them in with some reputable design services. It’s likely that you already have some good, personal connections with other residential businesses. This could include interior designers and landscapers. Professional services are a great real estate agent gift for clients because they won’t have to call around, asking for quotes.

7) A gift certificate to a local nursery.

You can also pick out visually stunning plants for your clients at a local nursery. It could mean a lot to the homeowner, knowing that you took the time to find flowers or succulents that they’d enjoy. However, they might be particular about their plants, especially if they have a green thumb. Allowing them to search for their own favorite plants could be just as exciting for them as outright receiving the plants. Form a relationship with a local nursery so that you can both benefit from the business. You can order a gift card from the nursery to provide your client, possibly accompanied with some gardening tools. Looking for real estate agent gifts for clients in Austin, Texas? There are numerous nurseries to choose from!


Awesome 3D Cards custom residential house card

8) A custom 3D pop up card of a house is an excellent home buyer gift.

Nobody cares about receiving plain, boring thank you cards. We oftentimes view them as junk mail, and they head to the trash seconds after reading them. While they may have a decent open rate, they won’t engage the recipient any further. What lingers a while longer are memorable cards that drive our emotions. 3D pop up cards are unexpected and thoughtful. And they can even be completely custom-designed with a special design for the customer. Consider using a customized design of a residential home so that, when your client opens it, it means something to them. (You can even order custom replicas of specific properties!) Plus, your real estate company branding can be added to the front or back. The card itself is a wonderful gift. But you can also pair an Awesome custom 3D card with any of the previous real estate agent gifts for clients—making the entire gift extra special! These cards are an excellent way to show your appreciation. And the homebuyer is very likely to keep the cards as an admired keepsake.

Generating a strong presence as a real estate agent is key to your success. Some gifts are going to tug at your clients’ heartstrings more than others. Similarly, some marketing methods are going to give you better results than others. You must get to know who your clients are and build a relationship from the start. Whether you are delivering a gift personally or sending it in the mail, you need to showcase your connection. Real estate agent gifts for clients who are new to your services should be just as memorable as the rewarding interactions with your repeat home buying customers. Awesome 3D Cards is an exemplary way to set your real estate business apart. Consider scheduling a consultation with Awesome 3D Cards to design a custom 3D pop up card.

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