3 Reasons to Give Personalized Pop Up Cards to Healthcare Professionals

August 29, 2022  by Harlow Russell

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When the COVID-19 pandemic began two years ago, we witnessed the strain on our nation’s resources. We also witnessed a strain on our healthcare workers. Day in and day out, peak after peak, they continued to provide those that contracted the virus with the services that they needed to stay alive. But it doesn’t stop there. Medical professionals have been saving lives for many years prior. And they will continue to do so for many years to come. They are critical members of our society. Consider showing your appreciation for your favorite healthcare workers with personalized pop up cards. Here are three excellent reasons to thank a healthcare professional, and four great theme designs to consider!

Healthcare workers deserve recognition for their service.

Professionals in the healthcare industry have been labeled as “essential.” They are told that we need them, especially in times of crisis. But the fact of the matter is that they are rarely thanked and recognized. By taking the time to send them a kind message, you could make their entire week. Personalized pop up cards are an excellent way to do this because the hand-crafted artwork goes beyond just saying “thanks.” Your 3D card gift provides a healthcare worker with something truly special and memorable.

Did you realize that there are over 22 million health and social assistance workers in the United States? This includes those in specialty hospitals, outpatient care centers, and skilled nursing facilities, just to name a few. Across the nation, it continues to be one of the fastest-growing sectors. Yet, there continue to be workforce shortages that will eventually lead to demand growing faster than supply. While you can’t show your gratitude to every single one of these professionals, you can certainly start local. This may be at the facility you visit for annual physicals, or a practice that you rely on in your community.

Being received with gratitude reduces burnout.

Perhaps you, yourself, have experienced burnout in the workplace. This is a state of cynicism that comes about when you don’t have the support that you need to get through the day. Combined with physical exhaustion, it leaves you feeling unsatisfied with your job. A Washington Post survey during the pandemic showed that 55% of front-line healthcare workers reported burnout. The highest rate came from those ages 18 to 29.

Note that burnout isn’t an individual mental health diagnosis. It is actually considered a workplace issue. There is a range of factors that contribute to it, including administrative burdens and excessive workloads. This means that it calls for organizational-level solutions. Otherwise, it could spell harmful consequences for the patients who are receiving care. For instance, medical professionals who are experiencing burnout might make more errors. Despite this, you can do your part to lighten up the facility. A thoughtful gesture like personalized pop up cards will take physicians away from their pressures for at least a moment. The childlike wonder of these cards will put them in a positive headspace. Perhaps this positive moment will make the challenging ones worthwhile.

Personalized pop up cards can be sent at any time.

It’s likely that you receive many emails per day. These could come from colleagues, people interested in your services, mass business messages, and or bots. There is a lot that you might be regularly sifting through to find the emails that actually matter. So, pull your appreciation out of the digital noise. It will be more intimate to share a paper gift than an email, and you won’t be competing with a variety of other people who are trying to make their emails stand out.

Direct mail as a marketing channel is easy to implement. That’s why it has been able to survive several generations, even in the digital age. You start with who you want to target, pick the 3D pop up card you want to send, and personalize it. Then, you use the list of addresses that you have on hand and send out your personalized pop up cards. When it comes to sending to healthcare professionals, the process is even easier. You can have them all delivered to the hospital so that they receive the cards on their shifts. After a full day of working, it will come as a pleasant surprise.

There are many 3D card design options catered to healthcare.

When you design a 3D card for a healthcare professional, think about the kind of design that would be meaningful to them. For example, it could be based on the type of doctor they are. Here are four models you can use in your personalized pop up cards for exactly that.

Baby in Crib

Baby Crib

Bringing life into this world is a special thing. If you want to show your appreciation to neonatologists or neonatal nurses, a 3D pop up card of a baby in a crib is a fitting choice. In this card, the baby can be seen through the bars of the crib, which is decorated with a mobile. Bold, bright colors are used to highlight the excitement of the occasion. On the cover of the card, an outline of two parents is seen holding the baby. However, you can easily customize this to fit the scene of a hospital. The same goes for the “Congratulations!” message, which you can exchange with “Thank You!”


Neurologists are specialists who diagnose and treat conditions of the brain and nervous system. And a neurosurgeon is the medical professional that performs surgery on them. For these healthcare workers, a 3D brain card can showcase what it is that they do best. This brain pop up captures the curves and wrinkles that a real brain has, making it more of a realistic micro-experience. Use stimulating, exciting colors on the card itself to add to the dynamic nature that kirigami already provides. After designing your personalized pop up cards, send them out to the entire department. Not only will they love receiving this fun piece of artistry, but they will also be delighted by your gratitude.

Medical Staff Recruitment closeup.


The heart is one of the most valuable parts of the human body. That is why cardiologists exist. Their specialty falls under cardiovascular problems, including heart failure, valve disease, and abnormal heart rhythms. Bring their profession to life in a new way with a 3D pop up card. St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center decided to do this by making a heart-themed card for its employees. It even features a heart monitor line that includes a heart in it. You may consider using these as 3D Christmas cards. That way, you brighten their holidays for these healthcare professionals while they are pulling long hours at the hospital.


Otherwise known as ENTs, or ear-nose-and-throat doctors, otolaryngologists are surgical professionals. An audiologist, on the other hand, is a licensed hearing healthcare professional who focuses on hearing loss. In either case, a personalized pop up card of a realistic human ear can display your gratitude for what they do. And, in turn, they could decide to display your card in their office or at their home. The 3D ear can be placed on a background so that it is more apparent what it is. Despite it being a fairly simple model, it is incredibly effective. Make sure to come up with a friendly note to go along with it, both on the outside and inside of the card.

Interested in designing personalized pop up cards to give to your stakeholders? Awesome 3D Cards gets you through the process in just a few easy steps. Schedule your consultation with our team, send in your visual inspirations, and we’ll get to creating. Once you receive your pop up cards, all you have to do is be prepared to delight, impress, and surprise the healthcare workers on the receiving end. When they get to their mailbox and see that you’ve been thinking about them, they will feel so much more valued.

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