Retailer Outreach: Personalized Pop Up Cards with Booth Street Realty

February 6, 2023  by Harlow Russell

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Booth Street Realty is a commercial real estate agency in the New York Metro area. These agents work with great retailers who are looking to open new locations, representing over one-million square feet of retail space. As a full-service advisory firm, Booth Street Realty aims to help clients make the most of their assets. With that in mind, it is critical for the team at Booth Street Realty to engage with clients on a personal level. They are known for leveraging their extensive relationships and executing meaningful outreach strategies. Check out Booth Street Realty’s experience with using personalized pop up cards as part of this outreach.

Booth Street Realty Testimonial

Points from the Video

Brian Doyle is a retail leasing professional at Booth Street Realty. Throughout his testimonial video for Awesome 3D Cards, he emphasizes what an impactful experience personalized pop up cards have offered his business. Doyle explains that Booth Street Realty utilized these cards to break into new forms of outreach for potential clients. The firm wanted the opportunity to build relationships with those clients before diving into the sales side.

Booth Street Realty found Awesome 3D Cards to be an exceptional way to market to retailers. The card that they designed features a commercial building with the names of the companies Doyle would be reaching out to about finding them a new location. Doyle’s goal with the personalized pop up cards was to provide a visual representation of what those retailers could expect from their future building. This would make them more excited about receiving mail.

With there being so much competition in New York, Doyle understands the importance of making yourself known. Beyond that, you need to prove that you are the best real estate firm in the area. Through the simple process and easy feedback provided by Awesome 3D Cards, Booth Street Realty was able to amplify its initial outreach. By the time they had follow-up emails and phone calls, the interaction was much warmer.

There is a lot to gain from incorporating direct mail into your marketing strategy. Not only are pop up cards inexpensive, but they are capable of achieving a high return on investment. That is because they are known to have a nearly 100% open rate. Are you interested in designing your own affordable personalized pop up cards? Here at Awesome 3D Cards, we can make any real estate firm stand out through the art of kirigami. Your dynamic product is one that will capture the attention of prospective clients right from their mailboxes. Set up a consultation with us today to get started with your design.

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