The Impact of Personalized Employee Appreciation Gifts on Realty Companies

November 25, 2022  by Harlow Russell

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As a real estate agent, you are a licensed professional who organizes transactions between buyers and sellers. You need to have a good relationship with any party you are working with. When you close on a deal, giving a gift is a great idea to further level up your connection with the client. There is a wide range of useful, sentimental, and inexpensive housewarming presents that you can deliver as a thank-you for their business. It is important to note, though, that your clients aren’t the only ones who should receive your show of gratitude.

Spread the joy amongst your team. Personalized employee appreciation gifts make a big difference in terms of how your staff perceives the workplace. Let’s walk through how purposeful presents can improve employee loyalty within your realty company.

Gifts make employees feel connected.

If you want to help your team members know that they are valued, you should invest in gift-giving. This is a much more personal way to show your gratitude than monetary bonuses. Of course, anyone will be grateful to receive a raise. But offering personalized employee appreciation gifts is an exciting experience, especially when unexpected. Personalized gifts are a way to share your sentiments and grow your relationship.

Go the extra mile by considering the specific hobbies and interests of your employees. After all, their entire life doesn’t revolve around work. As you get to know them, you discover whether they enjoy things like cooking, nature, or sports. Take this knowledge with you as you pick out presents for their birthdays or the holidays.

You can increase job satisfaction through gifting.

It simply isn’t true to say that loyalty is a result of having worked at a business for several years. Your employees may not actually buy into your company’s ethos. Instead, a loyal employee is someone who has displayed how focused they are on the success of your business. They are passionate, hardworking, and dedicated to company growth. As a real estate agency, you need team members like this, who commit to providing an exceptional experience for clients.

You may find that, by providing personalized employee appreciation gifts, you see an uptick in engagement. This is because gifting has the potential to reduce stress. By investing in your company culture and actively increasing positivity in the workplace, you foster a more constructive environment. Overall, gifting works wonders for team motivation.

The Truth: Although 96% of employers feel that they are taking adequate steps to retain employees, only 52% of workers feel the same way.

Make the gifting experience unique.

There are so many directions you can take the concept of personalized employee appreciation gifts. Ultimately, though, you need to be considerate of who the individual recipient is. Not everyone is going to enjoy receiving the same things. Once again, look at who likes cooking versus nature versus sports. Even if you decide to supply the same type of present across your team, you should still make sure that they are tailored accordingly.

We recommend including a card with every employee gift. A card gives you the space to put your thankfulness into words. It is something that your staff members may keep for a long time, even displaying it in their home or office. But if you want it to be a memorable piece, you should give 3D popup cards featuring delightful designs.

Plan personalized employee appreciation gifts in advance.

Don’t wait until the last minute to pick out presents. You need to give yourself enough time not only to determine which personalized employee appreciation gifts you want to purchase, but also to have them delivered. If you are ordering products online, consider how there might be delays in shipping. Similarly, if you are sending them to employees via direct mail, the post office might take a while.

You aren’t limited to specific times of year to give gifts. In fact, as mentioned earlier, it is a good idea to give gifts when they are not expected. Maintaining this element of surprise in the workplace will keep your team engaged. The feeling of surprise actually helps our brains to focus our attention better. So, gift-giving acts as a catalyst for productivity.

Examples of Themes for Realty Companies

When you are designing employee appreciation cards, get creative! The art of kirigami allows you to be as dynamic as you wish. With any 3D model, you will undoubtedly wow recipients and bring a smile to their faces. Check out these three designs that you can use in 3D popup cards.

Arrant Heart details.

3D Heart Popup Card

The heart is one of the most universal symbols. It is simple, yet very powerful. Representing affection, a 3D heart design is perfect for any realty company that wants to thank its supporters. The Gene Arant Team of Keller Williams Realty in Austin, Texas used this symbol within their appreciation cards. This layered, red heart is visually interesting from every angle. Its color contrasts with the rest of the blue and white card, making it pop even more than it already does.  To pair with the 3D heart, the Gene Arant Team opted for a message on the interior that reads, “Heartfelt thanks for your business and referrals!”

Arrant House-B&W open.

Customized House Card

If you want a sleek, modern design that highlights what your real estate company does, go with a 3D house model. In another card made for the Gene Arant Team, the popup house is beautifully detailed. Along with having a space for the door, there are shutters on the windows. These windows are located on the front, side, and back of the house. But what is arguably the most striking part of this 3D popup card is the restraint of color. The blue of the car in the garage matches their signature color on the cover. This car, in combination with the green of the shrubbery, stands out against the black and white building.

Water Lilies

Flower Popup Card

One of the best personalized employee appreciation gifts is flowers. They are beautiful and offer a sentimental feeling. And you can bring them to life in a brand new way through 3D popup cards! Our Ready-2-Go flower model shows impressively curly stems winding up toward the blossoms. The eye-catching colors used for the flowers are green, red, and purple. However, something to be aware of is that you are welcome to customize the card by picking your own colors. The same goes for the colors on the front of the card. Although, the bright green will certainly make it memorable to the receiving member of your team.

Awesome 3D Cards has been helping businesses across industry types to improve their customer and employee relationships since 2019. If you are interested in building deeper personal connections with your supporters, we would love to have a chat with you about your needs. Let us take your personalized employee appreciation gifts up a notch with the fun twist of 3D cards. Take a look at the rest of our Ready-2-Go cards to gain inspiration for your custom design. We can create anything from nature to architecture to logos!

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