Personalized Employee Appreciation Gifts for Dental Professionals

February 28, 2023  by Harlow Russell

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Did you know that sharing gratitude improves workplace productivity? When employees know that you recognize their hard work, they are more dedicated to the job. As a dental professional, it certainly pays to have a motivated team that is committed to providing an excellent patient experience. This is what gets your name on the map, amongst so many other dentistry practices in your area. To improve coworker relationships is to improve your local status.

A great way to say “thank you” is with gifts. There are many affordable options out there for you to choose from that would be appropriate to give your team members. So, let’s take a look at some of these personalized employee appreciation gifts and the impact they can make.

Dentist-Themed Desk Items

You can find the image of teeth on so many different types of products. As a symbol of the dental industry, using teeth in your personalized employee appreciation gifts will definitely resonate with the members of your team. Plus, no matter the time of the year, they make an appropriate addition! Here are three examples of fun employee appreciation gifts that you can personalize.

Unique Dentist Mug

When you wake up bright and early to start your day, you want to do it with a pick-me-up. This could come in the form of tea or coffee. In either case, having a customized mug to hold your morning beverage makes it that much more special. Give your employees the gift of a personalized mug that features symbols of or sayings about dentistry. The design can be as humorous as you wish, such as one that reads: “Be nice to your dentist. They have fillings too.”

Teeth Planter Pots

What is more likely to bring a smile to your face than some greenery in your office? If that greenery is displayed in a planter that is the shape of a tooth! This tooth is a white ceramic planter pot with a bamboo saucer. Whether the plant is real or fake, this personalized employee appreciation gift adds a stylish touch to any room. Your team members can even use it to organize other desk items, such as pens and pencils.

Dentist Wall Office Decor

Surprise your employee with a metal sign that features their name—along with a tooth, of course. Pick from a variety of colors and styles. By personalizing this gift, you show the extra time and effort that you put into getting this signage. It will be something that no one else in the office exactly has, making your employee feel special.

“Thank You” Sugar Cookies

It is the case that sugar helps create bacteria that leads to cavities. However, with the proper dental regimen, your smile will shine brightly even if you have a sweet tooth! Give your team the chance to cater to their own sweet tooth with the personalized employee appreciation gift of homemade cookies. A professional baker can hand-decorate these cookies with whatever message of gratitude or celebration you would like to share. You can even get a big box for the entire office.

Personalized Docking Station

When you leave home, you likely take a few different items with you. This might include your cell phone, glasses, wallet, and watch. But rather than setting these items out on your desk or stuffing them in a bag, you could be placing them on a docking station. Any member of your team will be excited to receive this trendy but practical gift. You can even get it laser-cut or engraved with their name.

Custom 3D Pop Up Cards with Dentistry Designs

When creating your personalized employee appreciation gifts, keep your branding in mind. Although it is true that your gifts should be more about the recipient than about your business, you want to ensure that your style and voice shine through. This way, whenever your employee sees your gift, they think of you. Pull inspiration from these two examples of custom 3D pop up card designs.

Dental Logo

Dental Center

It may be the case that you have spent a lot of time and/or money designing your logo. A logo is a branding element that you can put on anything from T-shirts to water bottles to your social media profile pictures. With that in mind, an effective way to utilize 3D cards to promote your brand is with a pop up version of your logo. In this medium, it is highly impactful. This is the route that Sonrisas Dental Center in Austin, Texas chose. The card itself is bright red and shiny silver, with the cover showing a flat version of their name, logo, and what services the business offers. But once the custom 3D pop up card is opened, employees, clients, and prospects experience the feeling of delight at the sight of the different display.


Dental Financing Specialist

Catch the attention of your custom 3D pop up card recipients by using some humor. Given that humor is linked to higher recall, using it in your marketing efforts can make a big difference. It helps you make sales without making your audience feel they are being sold to. Plus, if humor is used in your personalized employee appreciation gifts, it makes you come across as a more personable employer. First Citizens Bank created a 3D card to share their dental financing services. To do this, they went with two iconic symbols—the tooth (to represent dentistry) and the piggy bank (to represent financing). There is no question about what First Citizens Bank brings to the table with this clear, brilliant messaging in a handmade promotional product.

There is no way around the importance of fostering positive, emotional connections with those that mean the most to your dental business. Here at Awesome 3D Cards, our mission is to help businesses of all types uniquely share their messages. That means, in part, providing personalized employee appreciation gifts that are sure to be meaningful and valuable. By incorporating our cards into your strategy, you can look forward to having a much happier team. Schedule your consultation to design your fully-custom 3D pop up cards.

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