Non-Traditional Themes to Use in 3D Christmas Cards

October 25, 2022  by Harlow Russell

There are so many images that immediately give us a sense of the holidays. Perhaps you decorate your home or office with these images. Poinsettias, for instance, are gorgeous flowers that originate in Mexico. Symbolizing new life, these winter-thriving plants have become icons of Christmas. Holly, evergreen trees, and wreaths are also notable icons that have their own histories and meanings attached. When your business or non-profit organization is coming up with ways to execute holiday promotions, these natural images can help to achieve desired results.

But what if you want to step out of the box, in terms of your design choices? With so many other businesses and non-profits trying to attract the public eye, you need to do something special with your promotions. This may mean creating cards that don’t center on traditional Christmas themes. Check out five interesting models that you can incorporate into your 3D Christmas cards.

Warm Drink 3D Pop Up

Think about what your favorite holiday foods are. Perhaps you will find that, among your favorites, there is an underlying trend of warmth and comfort. You might like the sweet, toasty quality of gingerbread or sage-seasoned stuffing. The holiday season is known for not only its quintessential dishes, but also its traditional beverages. Maybe you are a fan of eggnog, for example.

All that said, no matter what your preferences are, you will find that there is a plethora of delicious treats that come out of the Christmas season. Take these with you as you are designing your 3D holiday cards. You have the opportunity to take a Christmas classic and transform it through the art of kirigami.

One of our Ready-2-Go options is a coffee cup. In this design, you will see the two-color model of a cup that reflects the illustration on the cover. This image can be used year-round as an invitation to connect with prospective colleagues over coffee. However, you can give this image a holiday twist by reimagining it as a steaming mug of hot chocolate or apple cider. Include a seasonal message in your 3D Christmas card that pays tribute to the drinks that complete your cold winter nights.

Fireworks detail

Fireworks-Themed Card

You may be surprised to learn that fireworks could date back to the second century B.C. in ancient China. Many historians believe that the first firecrackers—which were bamboo stalks thrown in a fire—were used to ward off evil spirits. Several generations later, fireworks were being used in Europe for celebration purposes. This included public entertainment and religious festivals.

In the United States today, we see fireworks being used on two primary occasions. The first is the 4th of July to commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. And the second is ringing in the New Year. So, when you send out your 3D holiday cards, fireworks can be a great image to point toward 2023.

By using a fireworks design inside of your 3D Christmas cards, you show that your team is bursting with excitement over what the next chapter will bring. It also highlights your enthusiasm for the season itself. Non-profit organization OHIO811 used 3D fireworks in its custom 3D pop up card for its 50th birthday. They felt that this would be an impressive way to encourage recipients to attend their anniversary event. With that in mind, your business or non-profit can utilize a fireworks-themed card for Christmas or New Year’s parties.

Wine Bottle

3D Wine Pop Up Card

Mulled wine is a holiday classic. It is an easy cocktail to make when you are entertaining friends, family, and colleagues during holiday parties. You have to combine holiday spices, brandy, orange slices, and your favorite bottle of red wine. There are many other ways that you can include wine in seasonal drinks, such as the light flavor profile of spritzers.

Charcuterie boards have become an incredibly popular way to go about holiday entertaining. Despite having been around since the 15th century, these boards have risen to prominence courtesy of millennials on social media. They give you the chance to make delectable pairings that can go along with your festive drinks.

Invite your stakeholders to an end-of-year party with a wine-themed 3D Christmas card. Our Ready-2-Go wine model even displays a glass filled with the classic beverage, giving you two pop up elements. The wine bottle itself stands tall, displayed with a message of “You’re Invited!” Its deep red color pairs with the cover of the card. Beneath the bottle and glass pop up features, you will find an illustration of a platter of grapes and cheese. This is a fun way to suggest how recipients can incorporate wine into their personal entertainment.

York building closeup.

Pop Up Model of Company Headquarters

The holidays mark a time of year that every business should take advantage of. Investing in innovative promotional items to get ahead of the competition is a must. You want to capture the attention of prospective customers at the time they are doing their holiday shopping and deciding on their New Year’s resolutions. By getting right in front of them both online and in person, you stand a better chance of gaining their business.

Is your company headquarters a notable building? If so, by showing it off in your 3D Christmas card, you make it clear to the recipient that the card is coming from you. Awesome 3D Cards is known for its architectural designs. We can transform any building into a creative kirigami piece.

Utah-based law firm York Howell & Guymon wanted a way to thank their team for an amazing year in 2020. They took the idea of creating a pop up company headquarters and ran with it. York Howell & Guymon’s building is very modern, amplifying the sleek look of their card. To keep it personalized, they provided the names of all of their attorneys and supporting staff. The point behind this was that the year would not have been the same without these individuals. Consider offering a similar recognition in your custom 3D pop up cards.

Campfire closeup.

3D Open Fire Pop Up Holiday Card

Have you ever hung stockings over the fireplace? Do you have any fun memories from holiday bonfires? Will you be purchasing Christmas-scented candles this year? Fire is involved in many holiday traditions. In fact, if you aren’t planning to send out 3D Christmas cards, but instead 3D Hanukkah cards, fire has a place with the iconic menorah.

Something to keep in mind is that fire represents much more than warmth. It is also a symbol of hope and rebirth. This is true for winter solstice traditions around the world. During the darkest days of the year, fire offers us a way to essentially see the light at the end of the tunnel.

If you are looking for a playful take on the holidays, a fire-themed card can certainly achieve that. In the design created for Adcentives West, the pop up features marshmallows roasting over the fire. The message engraved on the interior of the card uses a play on words to claim that the team members “look forward to working with you s’more.” You might, instead, opt to showcase chestnuts roasting on an open fire. But you can similarly utilize the wood grain cover on your 3D holiday cards to emphasize the feeling of being outdoors.

Do you have a holiday design theme in mind that we have not done yet? Awesome 3D Cards is known for our custom 3D pop up cards, meaning we can make any design you dream of come true. Our creative capabilities range anywhere from Santa in his sleigh to beautiful Gothic churches. Schedule an appointment with our Founder and President, Harlow Russell, to start designing your 3D Christmas cards. We look forward to bringing your business or non-profit organization to life in a new, exciting way!

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