5 Nature-Themed 3D Cards for Texas Businesses

August 22, 2022  by Harlow Russell

Being around nature brings a sense of peace. Instead of being lost in our thoughts, we get to experience heightened sensory awareness. The nature that we interact with on a regular basis differs depending on where we are in the world. It influences our culture and perceptions about life at large. Think about the landscape of the Lone Star State. Texas is home to some of the nation’s most impressive natural attractions. At over 268,000 square miles, it’s a land mass that is full of forests, beaches, canyons, and mountains.

You can effectively incorporate the concept of nature into your Texas business’s sales and marketing strategies. Decide which nature theme is going to work the best for your employee gifting or your client appreciation cards. Give your contacts something they will be excited to receive—something that instills a sense of delight. Of course, there are so many fantastic scenic features to choose from for your design that it can feel difficult to narrow them down. So, let’s take a look at five 3D cards from Texas that your business can utilize in a direct mail marketing strategy.

Water Lilies

3D Popup Bouquet of Flowers

You can give someone flowers for any occasion. They are great for birthdays, anniversaries, and shows of congratulations. Flowers are also good for those “just because” moments when you want to make a loved one feel happy. There are different meanings behind types of flowers, too. Daisies are for innocence, irises are for eloquence, and lilac is for the joy of youth. But even the colors could change their meaning. Figure out what you are trying to say with your flower choices.

If you want to provide your supporters with a brightly colored 3D card from Texas, a bouquet of flowers is the right move. This card features curling stems to amplify the movement around the delicate blossoms. It is the perfect illustration of how complex the art of kirigami can be. You can go with the current green and purple shades from the Ready-2-Go model, or choose your own custom colors. Consider using your branded colors to make the card subtly catered to your business. You can even branch out with which kinds of flowers you want to include in the piece. Yellow roses, for instance, are the quintessential friendship flower.

Ocean Wave 3D Model

We live on a planet where over 70% of the surface is taken up by ocean. It can be calm on a day at the beach, and then transformed into something ruthless during a storm. Regardless, it’s a fact that we, as humans, need to adapt to the ocean. It’s not something that we can truly harness. For that reason, it makes sense why it would be symbolic of boundlessness and power.

Use a popup version of an ocean wave for a dynamic micro-experience. The blue and cream papers work well together as they are layered to create sharp and rounded peaks. This piece expertly captures the spirit of the water. You can use this for your Texas business that is making waves in the industry. Did you know that the term “blue ocean” is an entrepreneurship industry term? It means a market with uncontested competition. If your business is at the top of its game in terms of innovation, to where you can set the prices, you are part of the blue ocean market. That means this 3D card theme from Texas is even more meaningful to you.

Red Oak Tree

Red Oak Tree Card Design

There are hundreds of species of oak trees, with a large number of them being located in North America. In ancient cultures, this type of tree was representative of divinity. It continues to be an icon of strength and knowledge. As one of the most loved trees in the world, the oak’s longevity makes it a powerful life-affirming symbol. There are some rare species of oak that can live for over 2,000 years!

One of your goals for incorporating 3D cards into your Texas business strategy may be to encourage relationship building. This can be true of your customers or employees. In both cases, you want to be able to retain them. To do that, you have to help them recognize how much you care about them. With a red oak tree 3D popup card, you stake your claim that your company will provide them with the same sense of stability that the tree brings. In this model, you can feature two individuals sitting on a swing that hangs from the tree’s branches. This adds another layer to the emotional connection you hope to evoke.

Texas Bluebonnets

Texas Bluebonnets 3D Popup Model

After spending some time in Texas, you will quickly learn that one thing that the state is known for is hot weather. This summer, in particular, has shaped up to be incredibly hot, with several days in a row being over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Luckily for the bluebonnets that line our highways and fill our parks, they love the sun. But, also luckily for them, they grow in the springtime, when the weather isn’t nearly as harsh.

As someone living in Texas, you are likely quite familiar with bluebonnets. It becomes an entire event when our state flower starts blooming in March. So, if you were to give out 3D cards for your Texas business that featured a bundle of bluebonnets, your recipients would be thrilled. At any time of the year, it will make them feel as though they are right there in that field. The colors on this 3D popup card are just as bright as the real flowers. You can also match the cover with a bluebonnet. In the Ready-2-Go version, the outline of Texas is included on the cover, as well, to showcase that this is, in fact, for a Texas-based organization.

Palm tree closeup.

Texas Coast Palm Tree 3D Popup Design

Although generally found in tropical climates, palm trees can be found in a variety of habitats. Some colder areas can even be home to them. In Texas, they are common in the Rio Grande Valley and other coastal areas like Galveston and Corpus Christi. Cities like Austin aren’t known for having palm trees. It really comes down to which planting zone you live in. In the planting zone where the Rio Grande Valley sits, the Date Palm, Canary Island Date Palm, and Chinese Fan Palm are best suited.

Send out your thank you cards with a 3D palm tree inside. This is a fun take on the nature theme because it has a very thin trunk to stand up on. When you look at this 3D card from Texas from above, you will notice that the entire popup is actually quite thin. Impress recipients with the amount of character you can get into such a narrow design. Each leaf is laser-cut to give the finest detail and, therefore, the most accurate depiction of the tree. Use typical greens and browns to maintain that accuracy, or go out of the box with something bolder.

Any customer, employee, or donor would be delighted to receive a 3D card from your Texas business. Mail is an excellent mood booster when it comes from someone we know. Your loyal supporters want to hear from you, and to have that communication through a handcrafted kirigami card makes it even more special. The nature-themed surprise inside will effectively share your emotions about how much the recipient means to you. If you want a 3D model that is different from the above, you can fully customize your appreciation cards. Check out all of the other fun designs from Awesome 3D Cards that can inspire yours!

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