Honor National Caregivers Day with 3D Cards in Texas

February 17, 2023  by Harlow Russell

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In every business, it is critical to make those around you feel valued. This is what drives them to stay loyal to the business and do their best work or continue to make purchases. Without shows of recognition and appreciation, people may simply abandon your business, knowing that there is someone else who will treat them with more respect. From the perspective of caregivers, in particular, you must make them see that their time, energy, and attention have not gone unnoticed.

Observed on the third Friday in February, National Caregivers Day is the chance to honor individuals who provide personal care. Day in and day out, these individuals give physical and emotional support to those in need. You can be the one that makes a difference in their life, by providing your own level of support through gift-giving. Check out how you can make the most out of National Caregivers Day, particularly with the use of 3D cards from Texas.

How Does Gift-Giving Make an Impact?

It could be that you take hours searching for the perfect gift for someone that you value. If you are handmaking the gift, it could even take months to complete. Considering the effort that we put into the process, when you give a gift to someone, you are communicating your feelings toward them. Any time you go the extra mile with personalization, it will not go unnoticed.

For caregivers, specifically, receiving a gift is a sign of encouragement. Without necessarily having to say it in words, you are telling them that they are doing a great job. As someone who spends their day-to-day taking care of others, this gives a boost to their own mental health.

What are Good Gifts for Caregivers?

Caregivers can do a lot for your family. And while you may not have it in the budget to buy luxurious gifts for every special occasion, even the smallest show of your appreciation will make a caregiver’s day. You can give gifts on National Caregivers Day, birthdays, holidays, or for those just-because moments. Here are three examples of gifts to invest in.

Tea Assortment

With the help of tea, you are able to stay energized in the morning and relaxed in the evening. Your caregiver can benefit from a nice, hot cup of tea, on and off the clock. Look for assortment boxes so that they have a variety of flavors to choose from. Of course, make sure that the caregiving recipient likes tea! You never want to give a gift that someone will not be able to use themselves.

Essential Oils

Often used for aromatherapy, essential oils are a form of alternative medicine. According to some, essential oils use plant extracts to support well-being and health. They have the potential to reduce stress and anxiety, in particular. Get some essential oils for your caregiver so that they can unwind at the end of the day. A few drops on their pillow could help them get a restful night’s sleep.

3D Popup Cards

It may be the case that you regularly thank a family caregiver verbally. While that is still certainly something you should do, it is also incredibly thoughtful to give them a card. But you don’t want to just give them any card that you could pick up off the shelf at the store. Design 3D cards in Texas! You get to pick a popup for the interior that will definitely bring a smile to their face. Awesome 3D Cards is an Austin-based company that can guide you through the process of creating your one-of-a-kind 3D cards.

Pro Tip: Include a 3D card in every Texas caregiver gift. They can be given for any occasion!

How Do You Thank a Caregiver?

When you decide to send 3D cards in Texas, make sure to include a handwritten message. This is what takes the card from being visually impressive to truly meaningful. People love to be acknowledged for their accomplishments, hard work, and special moments. And it is made that much better when that acknowledgment comes in the form of a tangible memory. Let the caregiver know that you find their dedication to healing others to be inspiring. You could say:

  • In times of need, you have stepped up in ways that my family will always remember.

  • Thank you for the compassion that you have shown us every day.

  • Your work as a caregiver has helped so many, and we are all very grateful.

  • It is people like you who make the world a beautiful place.

  • Happy National Caregivers Day to the person who has blessed our family!

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What Should My 3D Card Design Be?

There are so many designs to choose from when creating your 3D card in Texas. The goal should just be to pick one that you believe will resonate with your caregiver recipient. It could be that you pick a different design for each type of caregiver. For instance, a baby in a stroller or crib is an excellent choice for a caregiver that specifically works with infants. This is your opportunity to get creative and personalized.

But across the board, the heart proves to be an image that anyone can identify as expressing gratitude. A 3D heart was used in a concept card for St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center. Upon its opening, a recipient is delighted, impressed, and surprised by the bright red popup. The heart features a stylistic heartbeat on both sides, and sits on a pedestal that is complete with the name of the hospital. This symbol is the perfect way to share the sentiment that can be found on the interior of the 3D popup card: “Bricks and mortar do not make a hospital, people do.”

Awesome 3D Cards was founded by Harlow Russell in 2019. The idea came to him following an incident where he didn’t feel like a valued customer. Since then, through the creation of Awesome 3D Cards, Russell has been able to help other businesses establish stronger connections with their audiences in Texas and beyond. With healthcare workers, especially, it is critical to maintain these positive relationships. Contact us to learn more about what to expect from designing 3D cards in Texas.

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