Build Brand Loyalty in 2022 with 3D Customer Appreciation Cards

April 8, 2022  by Harlow Russell

Break Out Beyond the Digital Overload to Connect with Your Clients and Supporters

We live in a very digital age. As we know, so much of our correspondence happens over the phone or through email. And although you can hop on a Zoom call to see someone’s face, it will never be the same as customer engagement experienced through physical interaction. With the rise of remote working and online shopping, it is a continually frustrating challenge to really connect with clients. Business owners should be striving beyond this norm to provide a more personal experience.

Unfortunately, living our lives so deeply online can make it difficult to really get to know someone. As a business owner, you need to know your audience. Understanding what they care about makes it easier for you to cater your message and your solution to them. Yet it’s difficult to build that relationship if every communication is behind a screen. In this article, we explore how 3D customer appreciation cards can boost your business in a tactile, meaningful way.

Business Relationship

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Reasons to Send 3D Customer Appreciation Cards

You don’t need a special occasion to show your client how grateful you are for their business. There are a variety of ways that you can express gratefulness to clients, beyond the typical events your competitors are recognizing. Perhaps you simply want to brighten up their week by recognizing them. Oftentimes, we receive gratitude like this from companies through our emails. However, especially when it comes to big moments, you should reach out through direct mail. And imagine how impactful it feels when a person receives a customized, physical card in the mail at a completely unexpected time—just for being a loyal supporter of the business. Determine who is showing you support in the community and give them that support right back. 3D customer appreciation cards could be used for someone who recently purchased your services or for a donor who attended your fundraising event.

Also, keep in mind that Customer Appreciation Day is right around the corner! This would be a fantastic opportunity to honor a customer. So, don’t miss out on April 18th, and avoid making excuses for not saying “thanks!”

Here are a few examples of how custom 3D customer appreciation cards are used:

  • Say “thank you” to a long-time customer
  • Give appreciation to a newly onboarded customer
  • Send an appreciation card when a customer project is complete
  • Mail a 3D customer appreciation card to someone who gave you a referral
  • Send out a customized 3D thank you card after a productive meeting
  • Mail out a different unique 3D customer appreciation card every quarter
  • Send an appreciation card with a coupon toward a new product

Tip: Keep in mind that Customer Appreciation Day is right around the corner! This would be a fantastic opportunity to honor a customer. So, don’t miss out on April 18th, and avoid making excuses for not saying “thanks!” (We have some Ready-2-Go cards here.)

Thank You!

Pictured: Awesome 3D Card creation that powerfully expresses “Thank You!” to customers.

Make a Good First Impression with New Customers

One of the main goals of 3D customer appreciation cards is to make people feel confident about choosing your business. They may have purchased from you once, but your goal is to secure them as a repeat buyer for years to come. Creating a good impression ultimately earns you greater respect and builds more loyalty. If you love your customers, you need to show them with authentic personalization.

Writing thank you messages will allow you to demonstrate your gratitude, as well as raise the expectations of your clients. Remember, your competitors may only be sending out emails. The majority of people prefer handwritten notes to electronic messages, so a direct mail strategy puts you one step closer to gaining their trust. A few minutes of your time could establish a relationship that results in more word-of-mouth referrals and profits. Those few minutes and a nominal investment in thank you cards may result in a long-term business relationship. In the eyes of your customer, you gave them more of your valuable time to customize something in their honor. Furthermore, a physical card is something that a customer is more likely to keep and cherish. How likely is it that they will keep or remember an email?

To take it a step further, ensure that your customer appreciation cards are unique. Even your competitors who are actually investing in regularly sending thank you cards to their clients are often using basic cards. The unique experience of custom 3D cards far exceeds the first impression of a flat, store-bought card.

Don’t Just Send Generic Thank You Cards

3D pop up cards provide a way to be more creative with your marketing strategy. With the beautiful visuals of this micro-experience, you can capture your audience’s heart in a way that a boring card wouldn’t. Picture a 3D representation of an iconic symbol versus a one-sided card that simply reads “Thank You.” Your reaction to receiving either of these cards will be drastically different. This is especially the case with custom-designed pieces that you can’t just pick up from the store. You can showcase your business in a more special way, using 3D pop up appreciation cards.

Keeping your clients happy is vital to your success. According to SuperOffice, 68% of customers will leave if a business isn’t treating them as more than a dollar sign. So, even if you are investing slightly more of your business budget to get a full set of custom 3D pop up cards, you will be able to increase your return on investment across the board.

Write a Simple (but Effective!) Note

When you handwrite a message, it automatically makes the sentiment behind it comes across as more heartfelt. The recipients of your 3D customer appreciation cards will recognize the extra time you put in to personalize them, even if it’s just a couple of sentences. Consider what to say that will show your genuine gratitude.

In order to write an effective thank you message, there are some common elements to include.

First, start out with a greeting. Use the recipient’s name specifically. By doing this, they will note that you aren’t just sending these out in mass.

From there, you will write the body of your card. Incorporate personal touches that you gained from doing business with them. The sincerity of how the client has helped you out will strengthen your bond.

End the customized card with a closing statement that wishes them the best for the future, without making it into a sales pitch. You might even suggest a future-focused event, such as following up next quarter or booking a coffee meeting soon. These notes don’t need to be long. The personalized touch will be powerful even with a brief message.

Be Timely When You Send Out a Thank You Card

Technically, there is never a “too late” for thank you messages. Even belated, someone will be grateful that you thought about them. That being said, there is a recommended timeframe that you must try to strive for. Traditionally, it is considered appropriate to thank someone within two weeks after they have done something for you. (For example, within less than two weeks of signing a new contract.)

A big part of showing that you care is being able to send out your 3D customer appreciation cards when they make sense—when they align with engagement. For instance, it doesn’t make much sense to send a “thank you for signing up” message seven months after the subscription date. By that point, people may have already put your original engagement in the back of their minds. If too much time has passed, the customer might have made some negative assumptions about your company’s level of appreciation.

When an awkward amount of time has gone by, it may be more appropriate to create a new reason for the appreciation, and position yourself in a new light. You can let the customer know that you have been thinking about them lately, and truly appreciate the business they have given you “this year.” Or, you might reach out to invite them to an upcoming appreciation event.

If you are searching for some way to show your clients that you really care, look no further than Awesome 3D Cards! Let our team help you attract the attention you deserve and maintain it for years to come. Request a quote to get started with creating your very own 3D customer appreciation cards.

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