7 Insurance Agency Marketing Ideas You Need to Try

September 23, 2022  by Harlow Russell

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Communication and relationship-building are critical parts of running an insurance agency. Yet, finding new clients can feel like a chore. But if you are expertly engaging with them from the first impression, then it doesn’t have to be. By using a mix of digital and tactile marketing efforts, you will succeed in developing a more impactful strategy. This means you will be able to drive a greater number of conversions and earn more referrals. Let’s dig into some insurance agency marketing ideas that can improve your prospecting efficiency.

#1: Give Out 3D Business Cards

You may be surprised to learn that business cards are still able to make a big impact in the modern day. They are a traditional insurance agency marketing idea. However, you don’t have to make them traditional. You can get as creative as you desire, as long as you are accurately representing your brand. The usual principles of business cards should apply. That is to say, they should be small enough to stick in a wallet and provide recipients with easy access to contact information. But beyond that, the possibilities are endless. Consider going with a 3D business card that will immediately “wow” the prospect.

One way to use 3D business cards is by designing them with your logo as the pop up. Another is to use an image that represents your business in a symbolic way. Let’s say that you are a commercial insurance agency that aims to protect the assets of clients. You can have a 3D business card that features a pop up dollar sign to symbolize this. Distribute these cards to prospective clients, at networking events, and with some businesses that you collaborate with.

Hot Tip: With the use of custom QR codes on the back of your Awesome 3D Cards, you can direct people to a web page with your video!

#2: Make Videos for Your Website

When you are enacting any insurance agency marketing ideas, you need to do so with the concept of being personable in mind. Your audience wants to feel like they can connect with you. No one wants to work with a faceless company. Video could be the answer to your problems. Through video, you can show prospective clients the type of agent who is actually going to be talking to them. Get your team members to each present their faces to the public in more than just their image on the staff web page. This extra, more intimate level of contact will help clients have a better sense of who will be representing them.

Video has become one of the must-have insurance agency marketing ideas because it brings so many possibilities to the table. You don’t have to just have your team speaking about the benefits of partnering with you and your company values. Instead, you could get real clients to provide testimonials. Or you could make educational content about different types of insurance. These videos can be published on key pages of your website. You should also promote them on your social media channels to attract relevant users.

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#3: Sponsor a Local Event

Improve your customer relations and brand exposure by getting out into the community. Be a part of it in more than just the sense of selling insurance. As you develop your insurance agency marketing ideas, think about where a variety of prospects are going to be. Consider setting up a booth at a festival, fair, or market that is going to receive a large amount of traffic. Maybe you specifically sell car insurance. You could have a booth at an automobile show, or an event that will feature a classic car parade. Here, you will be able to interact on a personal level with the people that you are trying to do business with.

At your booth, you could offer free, useful items to the people who chat with you. These could be pens or sticky notes with your logo on them—something small that they can easily take with them as they wander around the event. Auto insurance sales pros might be interested in handing out branded keychains. And make sure that you have your 3D business cards with you to pass out!

#4: Invest in a Television Ad

People are more likely to purchase insurance services from companies that they have already heard of. In order to hook prospects in, you need to reach them where they are already consuming content. One of these spaces could be television. Think about advertising your company there, for the sake of heightening brand recognition outside of your personal channels. Keep in mind, though, that with this insurance agency marketing idea, you only have about 30 seconds to get your point across. Use that time wisely as you relate to your potential customers with your unique business personality.

Insurance is one of the few products that almost everyone owns in some capacity. That is why you see so many advertisements for these companies. Major players in the insurance game are well known for their TV commercials. Take GEICO, for example. If you have cable, it’s likely that you have watched several of their commercials over your lifetime. GEICO produces humorous content that is often centered around its gecko mascot, Martin. Think of a fun character that your business can utilize to make your ads more memorable.

#5: Make Flyers and Brochures

Another way to amplify your visual communication is through direct mail or door-to-door ads. Consumers have been found to largely trust print marketing. Get your name out there with expertly-made flyers and brochures. They are extremely affordable options that you can take with you on the road. You might know of some bulletin boards around town where you can post them. Plus, you can find free templates online if you aren’t sure of what layout would look the best, making the experience of creating them so simple. These pieces should be colorful, easy to read, and have a clear purpose.

A good time to send out flyers and brochures would be when you haven’t heard from a client in the while. Perhaps they haven’t needed to talk with you because they haven’t been in any recent accidents. But you shouldn’t let too much time go by without reminding them that your insurance agency will be there for them in their time of need. Send them a customized 3D Christmas card at the end of the year to keep them thinking about you.

#6: Create a Valuable Blog

An insurance agency marketing idea that you may have skipped over is an informative blog. In this space, you are able to share insight into your industry niche. You can let the public know what changes are being made in the world of insurance. There might be things at your business, in particular, that are going to be different in the new year. Something else that you can write about is the experience and professional knowledge you have that the prospects seeking insurance wouldn’t know themselves. You could make a series of shorter blog posts with an overarching subject or spend your time dedicated to long-form content. Be mindful of what your audience is interested in reading about.

Blogs are also very helpful in terms of improving your site’s standings in search engine results rankings. They give you the chance to hone in on keywords and topics that mean a lot to your field. Eventually, the hope is that your company will make its way onto the front page of Google. People who see your name will recognize that you are a thought leader. This helps you gain more attention and potentially increases your client base.

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#7: Send Custom 3D Pop Up Cards

Go beyond ensuring that your clients are satisfied with your services. Share with them how grateful you are for their business. It doesn’t matter if they have been with you for a year or for a decade—they deserve recognition for their loyalty. After your show of appreciation, they are more likely to continue on that path of loyalty. They will serve as your brand advocates by telling the public that you are deserving of representing them. What this means in terms of your insurance agency marketing ideas is that you can keep the costs down. Acquiring new customers without the backing of word-of-mouth power can get quite expensive.

If you need an economical approach to marketing that will work for all ages, look no further than custom 3D pop up cards. There are limitless opportunities for your card designs. You may go with a dove taking flight. This symbolizes how your client has been able to—or will be able to—soar with your assistance. The beautiful golden color emphasizes the quality of your business. Provide recipients with a note heartwarming note on the inside that will genuinely mean something to them.

Take your insurance agency marketing ideas up a notch with visually interesting materials. These will help you to foster more emotional connections with your clients. At Awesome 3D Cards, an Austin-based direct mail marketing company, we offer your agency the chance to make your prospects and clients feel special. Through the art of kirigami, we promise to deliver micro-experiences that everyone will remember upon opening. Set up a consultation with our team to get started on creating your one-of-a-kind design.

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