Insurance Agency Marketing Ideas: The Importance of Happy Clients

January 24, 2023  by Harlow Russell


Every insurance agency should be thinking about how to improve its marketing strategies in the new year. Where will your budget go? What is your audience most receptive to? How can you strengthen your brand? You need to be able to position your company effectively in the very competitive market. It is the case that you are not even just competing with the price points of other insurance agencies. Instead, you are also competing with self-insurance benefits, risk retention groups, and the government.

Sales are what propel insurance companies forward. But if your company is not bringing in those sales due to wins by competitors, you face a bleak future ahead. So, whether you are online or in-person during your marketing efforts, you need to be exactly where your customers are. We are going to take a look at which customer-driven insurance agency marketing ideas you cannot afford to avoid.

Start a referral program for your insurance agency.

Your client base is one of your most powerful tools. In fact, studies show that customers who have loyalty to a company are four times more likely to refer friends to it. For that reason, an insurance agency marketing idea that you should consider is a referral program. A referral program is a system that encourages buyers to become brand advocates through incentives. You can kick off this program using a direct mail marketing strategy. Rather than using email, send 3D popup cards right to the mailbox of clients to say thank you and offer rewards for referrals. This reward could be a gift card or discount to your business.

Encourage your clients to leave online reviews.

Once again, your insurance agency needs to find ways to effectively utilize its happy customers. The fact of the matter is, other customers want to know what it is like to work with you. Do you have an especially friendly team that engages with clients in a personalized way? That is the kind of thing that prospects are looking for. And if they aren’t in the circle of your referral network, they may never know just how great your service is. Therefore, online reviews are a critical insurance agency marketing idea. They can influence hundreds—if not thousands—of potential clients. Amplify the voices of your clients and make sure to respond every time you receive feedback.

Focus your efforts on creating brand recognition.

Think about the brands that you trust and why you trust them. It is likely the case that this trust comes from a place of familiarity with their reputation. You want your insurance agency to achieve that same positive recognition. This means getting serious about your branding. You need to have a custom-designed logo that people will remember. Your website should also be clean and easy to navigate regardless of the device being used to view it. By investing in high-quality branding materials, your overall insurance agency marketing ideas will be executed with greater professionalism. Incorporate your branding into 3D business cards and 3D popup cards for an extra layer of memorability.

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Always follow up with insurance agency clients.

Did you know that the faster you follow up, the more likely you will close a deal? Following up means everything to the relationship-building process. If you have warm leads who have yet to take any next steps, touch base with them and see how you can nudge them in the right direction. And try not to go too long without reaching your current customers. They want to know that they are working with a team that cares about them on an individual level. As you are determining the best insurance agency marketing ideas, make sure that you are doing so throughout the year. This way, you stay at the top of mind for all of your prospects and clients.

Be present at local events to improve prospecting.

There are so many means of outreach that are digital these days. You have social media, for instance, which you can choose to post on for free or invest in advertising for. Even with direct mail marketing, you don’t have to physically be there with a client yourself. However, by staying confined to the office, you miss out on a lot of great opportunities to reel in business. Attending events so that you can engage with community members is an excellent insurance agency marketing idea. Get a booth at a local fair or festival. You could even consider hosting your own event, if you make the time to plan ahead for it. In either case, don’t forget to have your 3D business cards on hand to pass out.

Pay attention to what clients want to see from you.

Data doesn’t lie. Keep an eye on how each of your insurance agency marketing ideas is performing so that you can best strategize in the months ahead. Are there certain landing pages on your website that people are bouncing from? Did you not achieve a solid return on investment from a particular marketing campaign? Are your paid ads falling short with regard to generating legitimate leads? Every step of the way, you should be tracking your efforts. Continue to revisit your strategy to ensure that it not only is capitalizing on the opportunities in front of you, but that it also stays aligned with your core values. Don’t simply keep doing something that isn’t working for your agency in hopes that it may turn around.

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