5 Ways Insurance Agencies Use 3D Pop Up Cards to Get Noticed

May 2, 2023  by Harlow Russell

Insurance Agency Marketing Ideas to Improve Your Strategy

As an insurance agency, it is critical that you build trust with your audience. You want them to know you have the industry knowledge and expertise to guide them effectively. Not only that, but you want them to know that you have a customer-centric approach. People want to know that they have an agent who genuinely cares about their needs. Therefore, through your marketing efforts, you are expected to position yourself as someone who can simplify complex concepts and clearly address concerns.

The question is: What insurance agency marketing ideas should you be utilizing? In the age of the internet, there are so many ways for you to go about digital marketing. But you shouldn’t discount the return on investment and positive impressions that tangible marketing can achieve. Let’s dig into some opportunities for your insurance agency to create awareness with 3D pop up cards.

Celebrate Milestone Moments with Appreciation Cards

Insurance isn’t just about policies and claims. It is also about the human connection. Your clients might be purchasing their first house, a new car, or starting a family. Whatever the case may be and whatever type of insurance you specialize in, your role as an agent is to provide ongoing value. This means that when your client hits a milestone moment, you should celebrate with them. A customer appreciation card is exactly the kind of insurance agency marketing idea you should utilize in these instances. With these cards, you are able to reach your audience right from their homes with a personalized “congratulations” message.

NYL building closeup.

New York Life Insurance Company

It may even be the case that you want to celebrate your own milestone moments with your audience. That is exactly what New York Life decided to do. For their very impressive 175th anniversary, the company’s branch in New Braunfels, Texas sent out customized 3D pop up cards of their headquarters. The replica of the building is beautifully detailed with intricate cuts made for each window. Looking at this 3D model makes you feel like you are right on Madison Avenue!

Use 3D Business Cards to Make a Positive First Impression

Having a business card is a key element to being credible. You want to instill confidence in potential clients, and that starts when you provide a convenient and tangible way to share your information. Business cards are a great insurance agency marketing idea because you want it to be easy for people to reach out and engage with you. When all of your contact information is in one place, you check off that box. But keep in mind that a business card can be so much more than a one-stop shop for those details. When you opt for a 3D business card, you can achieve the wow factor that increases interest in your brand.


Agency Owner Donald Thomas

As the cover of this card states, the goal of D. Thomas Agency is to protect your hard-earned assets. What is a pop up model more worthy of a commercial insurance agency than dollar signs? This 3D business card is an excellent example of what it takes to display what you do in a meaningful way. It also shows how much you can pack into a tiny mailpiece that you can send out or take with you on the go.

Showcase Your Visual Branding Through Direct Mail Marketing

When you have done your branding right, you can increase recall and response rates. By doing it “right,” we mean offering consistency across channels, including direct mail marketing. By aligning your channels, you strengthen your overall presence. And by making your brand known, it becomes more trustworthy in the eyes of the public. Therefore, when you decide to create a direct mail marketing strategy, know that a critical part of this insurance agency marketing idea is emphasizing your branding elements. Every card you send should paint an accurate picture of who you are from the graphics to the imagery to the fonts. As people come across your mailpieces, it should be evident they are from your agency.

Historic Office Building left.

Hill Country Wealth Strategies

If you have a family-owned insurance agency, you will benefit from a 3D pop up card that highlights your office building. The team at Hill Country Wealth Strategies went this route in order to emphasize that all of their services are under one roof. This replica of their historic office building is one to remember. It is a fun way to reflect their visual branding because, just like on the real version, their sign is proudly shown on the front. Plus, they made sure to include the Hill Country logo on the card’s cover!

Effectively Reach Prospects with Your Key Tagline

Once again, when designing your marketing materials, you have to focus on your branding. A tagline is an aspect of your branding that should be concise and memorable, encapsulating the unique value you bring to the table. You can incorporate this tagline through any of your insurance agency marketing ideas, including 3D pop up cards. Communicating your key message in a card is very important. It reinforces your brand’s identity and makes it easier for clients and prospects to associate with your services. If you want to establish an emotional connection with your audience, a well-crafted tagline is a way to do it. Just make sure that your promise is one you can commit to.

Heart on Pedestal closeup.

Watkins Insurance Group

A universally known symbol is the heart. It is representative of love, care, and kindness. Watkins Insurance Group decided to use the heart in their 3D pop up cards because it paired well with their tagline. That tagline, which can be seen on a pedestal beneath the heart, is: “Our clients are the heart of what we do.” For the clients who receive this card, that is an incredibly impactful statement. Another message from this insurance agency is found on the corner of the interior: “Let us help you recruit and retain extraordinary talent with exceptional benefits.” You know exactly what you are going to get out of this partnership.

Engage with Clients by Delivering 3D Holiday Cards

As the holiday season rolls around, think about insurance agency marketing ideas that are creative and festive. That might just be 3D holiday cards! With a 3D holiday card, you are going above and beyond just showing appreciation to your clients for their business. You are connecting with them on a personal level through a piece of real art. Whether you opt for a design that is traditional to Christmas or a model that otherwise resonates with the spirit of the season, pop up holiday cards share an experience like no other. You are actively working toward enhancing client perception of your agency, while making something that is, simply put, fun.

Xmas Holiday Ball 360 view.

Edward Jones Investments

Draw inspiration from the personalized 3D holiday card made for an Austin branch of Edward Jones. This financial services company aimed to focus this card on the clients, rather than on the business. While you can still find the contact information of the team members on the back cover, the rest of the 3D pop up card is holiday-centric. With a Christmas tree in a ball that reads “Happy Holidays” and “Happy New Year,” there is no doubt about when this was delivered.

Awesome 3D Cards envisions a business world where companies and organizations focus on building meaningful connections. For us, it all starts with 3D pop up cards. This is the best insurance agency marketing idea that you can incorporate into your strategy because of how custom you can get. No one else’s cards will ever be exactly like yours. You can set up your consultation today to create a one-of-a-kind 3D model! Start designing personalized pop up cards that will make your customers delighted, impressed, and surprised.

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