Product Launch: Innovative Promotional Items with HCLTech

March 14, 2023  by Harlow Russell

Software Launch

HCLTech is a global information technology company with a team that spans 60 countries. Its 220,000 employees aim to deliver smarter, better ways for stakeholders to benefit from technology. Decades after HCLTech’s launch as a startup, it has crossed the $10 billion threshold, making it the fastest technology service to reach the milestone. HCLTech has also been recognized as the top-ranking company globally in Forbes’ Professional Sector of the “World’s Best Employers.” But to achieve such a distinction, it is critical that the HCLTech team understands the significance of giving back and showing appreciation to stakeholders. Find out more about HCLTech’s experience with innovative promotional items.

HCLTech Testimonial

Points from the Video

Steven Cohen is the Industry Principal for Media & Entertainment at HCLTech North America. During his testimonial, he explains that HCLTech released a new platform last year called All Access Media Marketplace. In order to showcase this platform to people within the industry, Cohen teamed up with Awesome 3D Cards to create an affordable, innovative promotional item that he could use in the long term. What came out of this relationship would be what Cohen describes as a “really cool card.”

The HCLTech card was designed to explain the different functions of the All Access Media Marketplace platform. However, it not only introduces the platform, but also the partnership that the company has with MovieLabs. MovieLabs is a non-profit organization that was founded by the biggest names in Hollywood, including Disney, Paramount, Universal, and more. The 3D element, which is made up of concentric circles, even utilizes the same icons that MovieLabs uses.

Since he started giving out these innovative promotional items in February 2022, Cohen notes that it has been successful at addressing what HCLTech does and supports. Having seen some of the same people at different industry events, he learned that many card recipients still keep it on their desks. Despite having the makings of a business card with his contact information on the back, Cohen finds that the combination of being hand-assembled and unique is what sets them apart from standard business cards. And standing out, he believes, is critical to eliminating the noise of having so many competitors.

Awesome 3D Cards has worked with businesses like HCLTech since 2019. We know what it takes to create innovative promotional items that your audience will remember for years to come. We achieve this through the delivery of micro-experiences that perfectly encapsulate what a company has to offer. This may be a clear depiction of a flagship product or something more abstract to reflect your culture. No matter the case, with Awesome 3D Cards, you are sure to get your hands on a product that packs a punch in a small size. If you are interested in designing your own innovative promotional items, have a chat with us! We are ready to improve your direct mail marketing efforts.

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