Greet New Hospitality Industry Employees with Customized Onboarding Gifts

November 22, 2022  by Harlow Russell

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Being part of the hospitality industry means providing customers with an enjoyable experience from start to finish. If they are happy, they will return to your business. They might even refer their friends, family, and colleagues to you during their future excursions. Customer satisfaction ultimately plays a significant role in how the public perceives your business. This is why sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor exist. People go where word-of-mouth leads them.

But you cannot solely focus your attention on your reputation from the customer’s perspective. You need to provide your employees with positive experiences so that they, too, are satisfied. Doing so will help your hospitality business recruit higher-quality talent. From there, you earn the valuable asset of employee staying power. Employee staying power can be a result of nine customized onboarding gifts that your business can invest in.

3D Starter Trophy Card

Personalized Pop Up Cards

Cards are a great way to engage with your employees throughout the year. You can send them for birthdays, holidays, and milestone moments. And you shouldn’t forget about delivering them to new employees as you welcome them onto your team. 3D cards are a fantastic customized onboarding gift because you really get to dedicate them to the recipient. Plus, there is no design that you cannot flip into a pop up version. For example, you can design a trophy-themed 3D card. With this brightly-colored model, you get to show an employee that they are a very important person to your business. Write a unique, heartfelt note on the interior to go along with the 3D element.

Branded Office Supplies

What items do your employees need on a daily basis? This could be pens and highlighters… Sticky notes and notepads… Folders and paperclips… It might even be desk cleaning supplies. Helpful products range from cleansing wipes to computer screen sprays. Make sure that your most recent additions to your staff are set up for success by giving them the necessary tools for getting their desk work done efficiently. You can combine all of these items into an employee welcome kit.

Gifts from Local Businesses

The hospitality industry is made up of hotels, restaurants, and amusement parks, to name a few things. With any of these businesses, it is likely that you are surrounded by lots of things to do. In fact, all three of these things may be a short walk away from one another. There is a reason why travelers flock to your area, after all! When you are deciding on what customized onboarding gifts to provide, look at what your neighbors have to offer. With them being so easy access, there might be a fun experience gift that you can provide employees. If they are new to the area, it is particularly important to get them immersed in the culture.

Stress Balls and Fidgets

Your employees are going to be dealing with a lot of customers, especially around peak traveling seasons. These may be different customers every day. Team members will constantly be on their feet, engaging with those customers. There might be days when they encounter some individuals who are incredibly demanding and cause unnecessary stress. So, consider including the customized onboarding gift of a stress ball or fidget toy in their welcome package. These are simple ways to relieve a bit of tension after difficult interactions.

Delicious Snack Box

When people are hungry, they have the potential to lose focus or get upset. Settle that problem quickly by providing new hires with a snack box. This is something that you are able to do as an employee appreciation gift throughout the year, not just as a customized onboarding gift. Put high-quality, healthy snacks into the box so that they not only benefit from the quick treats, but also from not compromising their well-being. Companies like SnackMagic supply themed boxes that are pre-curated by expert tastemakers. Go through their variety of snack box options to see which ones will be the best fit for your employees. Make sure to take allergies and preferences into account!

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Company Merchandise

It is fun for employees to have something that represents the business they work at. This is especially true of items that they can regularly use. For instance, you might have a tote bag that has your company logo on it. New hires at your hospitality business can bring this bag with them when they go grocery shopping. You could also provide the customized onboarding gift of a mousepad that features a beautiful image of your building. This will add some personality to their desk space, which they can continue to expand upon over time.

Desk Items

Make your team feel at home. By neglecting to do so, you risk them not sticking around for long. As mentioned previously, you should consider how you can make their space have a personal touch. Photo frames are a great addition because your employees can put up pictures that are meaningful to them. From day one, they will be able to surround themselves with their loved ones. A desk plant is another way to brighten up the space. Research has found that desk plants actually act as stress relievers, making them an even better present.

Daily Planner

There is so much to do when you work in a hospitality business. Help your hires keep up with it all by giving them a planner. For those that don’t like doing everything online, this can be extremely useful for figuring out how to contain each day. New employees won’t have any trouble keeping up with the rest of the team. You can even make it a customized onboarding gift by personalizing it for the recipient. Personalized daily planners are able to be designed online. Your job is to choose your favorite layouts, images, and text, and then have it printed.

Awesome 3D Cards wants to help with your marketing strategy. We envision a business world where the focus is on developing meaningful, personal connections with customers and employees alike. And we have found that the best way to achieve those connections is through dynamic micro-experiences. Design your customized onboarding gift of a 3D pop up card with us! All you have to do is send us a message to get started. Before you know it, you will have the most delightful, impressive, and surprising cards right in the palm of your hand.

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