Show Your Gratitude for Local Customers Using 3D Cards in Austin Themes

May 20, 2022  by Harlow Russell

Austin, Texas is a great city for people from any walk of life. From the rise in tech opportunities to being the Live Music Capital of the World to the exceptional food scene, it really does have it all. That’s why so many people have been moving to Austin in recent years. In fact, between 2010 and 2020, the Greater Austin area saw a population increase of 33.7%. As more businesses establish themselves here, that number is only projected to rise. But with this growth means one major thing for Austin businesses—more competition.

Your company must be able to stand out from its competitors in the area. To accomplish this, you can focus your marketing efforts on making your local customers feel appreciated. Everyone loves to be recognized for their contributions, especially the laid-back, friendly population of Austin. By sending out 3D cards in Austin themes, you not only show them that you are thinking about your Austin customers, but you give them another reason to remember your name. Check out five ways to support your customers with creative, Austin-inspired 3D pop up cards.

Harlow with Austin Skyline card

Awesome 3D Cards Founder, Harlow Russell, holding the Austin skyline card

Make your customers in Austin feel welcome with 3D cards in Austin skyline glory.

Texas is ranked as one of the best places for a business for a reason, and it isn’t just about the tax incentives or explosive growth. In Austin, it’s also a matter of the high quality of life within the workplace and surrounding it. As a business owner based in Austin, you will be in good company, so you should put in the effort to build relationships with your community.

All businesses need to nurture their relationships with customers. They are your lifeline, and you should be treating them as such.

An excellent way to engage with your Austin customers at the start is with a 3-dimensional experience unexpectedly arriving in their mailbox. The Austin skyline 3D pop up card showcases the impressive growth of our bustling city. As the recipient opens it, they will feel a sense of surprise and immediately connect with the local cityscape. Since being founded in 1839, this picture-perfect scene has changed immensely due to booms in construction. With that in mind, this 3D pop up card may not have this exact design for long!

Make yourself known as someone who remembers and appreciates repeat customers, too. This should be true whether or not you are on the floor of the store. Reaching out via direct mail can be just as assuring that you are grateful for their regular business. You can use 3D cards in Austin in a variety of ways to keep them coming back. If you want to spread some joy at the end of the year, for instance, 3D cards can be your custom corporate holiday cards. The Austin-themed cards are a delight any time of year.

Electric Guitar

Awesome 3D Cards guitar pop up card honors Stevie Ray Vaughan and live music.

Encourage more people to research and connect with your business through music.

While customer loyalty is critical to your sales, it isn’t to say that you shouldn’t be actively networking to capture the attention of other members of your community. Brand awareness and customer acquisition are essential parts of your marketing strategies. How else will you get the customers you wish to retain, to begin with? Successful businesses are proactive with their outreach. You must make sure that you are picking the right communication channels. For example, with over 70% of the United States population using social media, odds are that you will be able to find your audience on at least one platform. But, there is a more personal way to connect with your Austin customers offline.

3D cards in Austin music themes offer the opportunity to excite your potential customers about your brand, no matter what products you create. People like to receive things that they haven’t seen every day, like these unique customer appreciation gifts. If your buyers are still at the awareness stage of their journey, this musical 3D pop up experience can make them shift into the consideration stage.

Pro tip: Want to go the extra mile to thank a truly exceptional customer? Tuck some premium concert tickets into the card! Your customer will never forget you!

Celebrate special occasions with your customers.

Austin is home to dozens of festivals, and even more events, conferences, and recreational activities. Every day, there is something interesting to experience with your family and friends—not to mention several thousand other locals. As an Austin business, you can capitalize on the culture of the city in more ways than you think.

If you have the time, consider planning your own event. It could be in honor of a company accomplishment, such as a big product launch, or it could be for a fundraising campaign. Otherwise, you may just want to do something nice for your customers by bringing them together for a party. Events are a wonderful way to effectively integrate 3D cards in Austin themes with your business goals because they make the recipient feel special. When given at the right time to the right people, they also have a solid return on investment.

Keep in mind that 1 in 5 consumers that are interested in personalized products would be willing to pay a 20% premium. So, understand that personalization can go a long way in any aspect of your business. When you give a personalized invitation, like a 3D pop up card that has a note dedicated to the recipient, they will acknowledge a new connection between you. Whether you are sending out client birthday cards or inviting your top customers to a special event, 3D cards in Austin festive designs are always a delight.

Give back to the Austin community around you.

Austinites should be able to recognize and remember your business’s name when it’s brought up in conversation. Name recognition can lead to greater brand trust. If you want to create loyal advocates for your business, the best way to do that is by being involved in the local community and getting your brand name in front of local citizens. Remember those many city festivals that were mentioned earlier? If your business is visibly present at those events, you will be able to engage more with your local audience on an intimate level. Professional companies can be viewed as less intimidating in these fun event settings.

Participating in the community will help to diversify your relationships. There could be a much wider net to cast, when it comes to interest in your product. Consider the fact that there might be people out there who have never put much thought into what it is that your business offers. However, a face-to-face interaction could change that. Bringing your products with you to showcase to other members of the community could inspire them in a way that your digital efforts hadn’t. If you get their contact information, you could even follow up with 3D cards in Austin to remain at the top of their minds.

Being involved in Austin happenings will even give you the chance to develop deeper connections with other business leaders, as well. Networking is an important thing for any industry expert to consider. You can help one another out as you navigate the ever-evolving corporate environment of the city.

3D Cards in Austin Image 1

Photo of Lake Austin by Jeremy Banks on Unsplash

Enjoy more eye-catching examples of 3D cards in Austin.

What makes something “iconic?” Essentially, an iconic symbol represents something that an area is known for. When it comes to Austin, there are countless trademarks of the city that any true Austinite will be able to recognize. Historic and modern builds come together to make up our unique cityscape and culture. Take a look at a few 3D cards in Austin designs that highlight the notable architecture and infrastructure of the city. And maybe you will be inspired to create your own hometown card design! (Yes, we do custom design requests!)

Congress Avenue Bridge

Created for Merlin Tuttle’s Bat Conservation, the Congress Avenue Bridge 3D pop up card perfectly captures that moment of standing in the crowd as the Mexican free-tailed bats fly by. This bridge has become a staple of the city because it’s home to the largest urban bat colony in the world. The 1980 renovation made it into the perfect bat cave we know today. This is a 3D card in Austin that will resonate with anyone who has spent an evening watching the 1.5 million bats go overhead.

Texas State Capitol

Known across our great state, the Texas State Capitol 3D card is an impressive choice for government officials. Built after the previous capitol building was deemed too small, it has continued to host the Texas House of Representatives since 1888. If you are interested in Texas history, this is a spot that you need to add to your touring list. Awesome 3D Cards took a spin on the architectural model by coloring it in burnt orange to pay homage to The University of Texas at Austin. This brings together two well-respected downtown establishments.

Pennybacker Bridge

Have you ever taken a trip up to the Pennybacker Bridge, aka the 360 Bridge? People of all ages can enjoy spending time looking over Lake Austin. This bridge has led to the Capital of Texas Highway being claimed as one of the most scenic urban highways in Texas. If you sent this card out as a unique customer appreciation gift, your local buyers would definitely feel connected to your business and to the city. They may even visualize themselves in one of the cars on the 3D bridge!

Awesome 3D Cards has been able to bring the city of Austin to life in a fresh way. Our Ready-2-Go cards can even be customized with your business’s branding to make them even more personal. Whether you are announcing a local event that you are hosting or thanking someone for their recent purchase, you are sure to impress the recipient. If you are interested in getting 3D cards in Austin, give us a call or send us a message!

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