How to Get Personal with 3D Business Cards

December 9, 2022  by Harlow Russell

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Business cards are an accepted practice around the world. They are a great addition to your marketing efforts because of the ease of providing contact details. Instead of allowing someone the chance to forget your name or email, they have a tangible way to jog their memory. Of course, perhaps you thought that marketing being so heavily driven by digital means that business cards are not as relevant. However, that could not be further from the case.

Despite advancements in technology, we see that automation tools have yet to take the place of genuine, face-to-face interactions. Having the opportunity to hand out business cards means that you get to share in those interactions with prospects who may have otherwise overlooked your ad or email. But business cards are about so much more than just those contact details. With that in mind, let’s dive into what it takes to make a memorable 3D business card.

Who Needs a 3D Business Card?

Do you attend networking events throughout the year? Have you ever talked to someone who happens to be in need of your services? Are you currently on the search for a new job or freelance work? If your answer was yes to any of these questions, it is in your best interest to create a 3D business card. This will indicate that you care about your career. After all, the smallest things that we do are capable of sending out big messages. A business-sized card sends the message that you go beyond engaging with employers and prospects via email or social media.

Make Networking More Impactful

Having 3D business cards on hand will make you exude professionalism. They show that you are ready at any given time to talk business. Create a goal for yourself when you attend events to distribute a certain number of your cards. Try to get as much out of the experience as possible. Note that a major benefit of business cards is that they can make you more referable. While the individual that you interact with may not have a position that is the right fit for you, they could know someone else who does. They will be able to pass your card along, or else get you directly in touch with the right company.

Fun Fact: A company’s sales will increase by 2.5% for every 2,000 business cards distributed.

Strengthen Your Brand

3D business cards give you the opportunity to create your own story. Branding allows prospects to know what to expect from you. It sets you apart from the competition by sharing exactly what makes you unique. For those who already have a business, you likely already have a logo. However, if you are just coming into the workforce, make sure that you design a personal logo, based on a set selection of colors. This will be something that you can integrate not just your 3D business card, but also your portfolio. Consistency will be appreciated by recruiters, but keep in mind that simplicity is always best.

What to Include on Your Business Card

Once you have settled on the template and typeface that reflects your brand’s personality, you need to share your information. First things first, provide your name on your 3D business card. This should be the one you go by professionally, if that is different than your given name. If you own a business, include the name of that, along with your title. Organize the rest of your information accordingly. This includes your website, email address, and phone number. Any of your relevant social media handles should be given, as well. This means not giving your personal Instagram, but instead your business-related accounts, such as LinkedIn.

Interesting Ideas for 3D Business Cards

As you know, the key to designing a 3D business card is to personalize it. Draw inspiration from the imagery that means something to your field or specific company. Take a look at these three 3D business cards to strike that sense of inspiration.


Astronautical Engineer

It doesn’t matter how many years of experience you have under your belt. A 3D business card can even be great if you are just starting to put yourself out there in the workforce. Wes Bowden was a college graduate looking for a job. Having gone to school for astronautical engineering, he knew how competitive the market would be and that he would need to stand out. For this reason, he went with a business card that he knew would delight, impress, and surprise any company he engaged with. On the front of this card, he included his photo, name, and occupation. But the magic lies on the inside. Bowden not only provided his contact information and QR code to his past engineering projects, but also a 3D NASA rocket. This was the perfect image to encapsulate his space in the field.


Commercial Insurance Agency

How can you best showcase what it is that your business does? This may be by taking a relevant symbol that anyone can recognize and making it into an eye-catching popup. As the owner of D. Thomas Agency in Austin, Texas, Donald Thomas designed the 3D business cards for his commercial insurance agency with popup dollar signs. He did not stop at just one, though. Thomas’s large 3D element is complete with four smaller dollar signs to add to the dynamic nature of the business card. They are all in green, the iconic color of the dollar itself. This piece pairs well with the intro that D. Thomas Agency protects the hard-earned assets of its clients.

Emergency AC

HVAC Contractor

Display a 3D image that is completely one-of-a-kind to your brand. It could be something that only your clients will understand. This makes prospecting all the more interesting because those potential clients will want to get to know you on that level. E+M Emergency Air Conditioning went this route when creating a 3D business card featuring their signature commercial truck that uses their colors, logo, and HVAC doctor character. This truck is something that no other HVAC contractor in the world has. So, their Texas prospects get their hands on something that is unique and visually stunning. When you see the E+M truck in real life, you are pleasantly surprised to find how identical it is to the business card version. Plus, their logo and slogan are displayed right on the front of the card to reel you in.

Business cards are an affordable way to promote your brand. It doesn’t matter what industry you are part of—you can make the most out of this pocket-sized tool. This is especially true when you invest in handcrafted 3D business cards. You can kick off designing your 3D business card when you schedule a consultation with Awesome 3D Cards. Our Founder and President, Harlow Russell, looks forward to chatting with you about how to put your best foot forward at networking events.

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