5 Fun Themes for 3D Pop Up Birthday Cards

November 11, 2022  by Harlow Russell

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Photo by George Dolgikh on Pexels

Whether you are part of a business or non-profit organization, effective outreach strategies are a major part of your success. These strategies allow you to reach wider audiences and convince them to be more invested in what you do. The goals behind them into brand awareness, lead generation, and boosting customer or donor retention. Ultimately, you need to develop strong relationships if you want to be successful in the long term.

Giving the gift of a meaningful card is one of the best ways to go about outreach. This is especially true when you have tailored the experience of the card to the individual recipient. It is something that they will be delighted, impressed, and surprised by. Let’s go through some of the most interesting design ideas that you can utilize in your 3D pop up birthday cards, specifically.


Pop Up VIP Trophy Card

Everyone wants to feel special on their birthday. They might spend the occasion at a party with their closest friends and/or family. That party is the chance to celebrate and honor their latest milestone, surrounded by those who love them. As a member of a business or non-profit leadership team, have your own voice heard during the celebrations. You can boost your customer loyalty by 10% by sending birthday cards!

When designing a 3D pop up birthday card, you don’t just have to use a gift box model. Instead, go with a pop up trophy! Trophies exist to be a tangible display of achieving your goals. These decorative objects can be provided as a recognition of academic, sports, and work achievements. Overall, though, they serve to make someone feel happy and confident in their abilities.

Let your customers, employees, or donors know that they are very important people to you. To do this, send VIP trophy-themed 3D pop up birthday cards. This model showcases the eye-catching colors of yellow and blue. Atop a podium that is labeled “VIP” is a large number one, suggesting that the recipient is the best. This is further shown through the inclusion of a big star at the top of the 3D element.

Texas Bluebonnets

3D Birthday Bouquet of Flowers

Giving flowers to someone has a variety of meanings. But at the heart of this gesture is that we are communicating a powerful emotion. Across society, the practice of giving flowers is an expression of thoughtfulness and compassion. You might be surprised to learn that this custom has been around since the time of Ancient Egypt. Images from this period include flowers being laid in tombs, handed off to others, and made into bouquets.

The art of floriography insists that every flower has a special symbol. This meaning is influenced by the type of flower, as well as the color variation. You might be familiar with daisies, for example, being representative of innocence. Lilies, on the other hand, span from purity with their white variation to hatred when they are orange. Knowing what each flower means will help you better pick out a birthday bouquet.

When designing your 3D pop up birthday cards, you are not limited to a single type of flower. Perhaps you will decide to choose bluebonnets because you have a Texas-based business or non-profit. Along with representing Texas, these flowers symbolize bravery. The Neill-Cochran House Museum sells 3D bluebonnet cards in their gift shop. They are a great tool for bringing a smile to someone’s face when they visit the museum, and they can do the same on birthdays.

Bird taking flight detail.

Golden Bird-Themed 3D Card

The color gold is known to symbolize wealth. However, it goes deeper than that, also being a representation of success. Gold is associated with milestone moments in your life, such as anniversaries. Golden birthdays even exist, which are when your numeral matches up with the day. An example of this is turning 30 on the 30th of the month.

A common idiom in English is “spread your wings.” It means to live up to your full potential. During the time of birthdays, this kind of image is especially impactful because it encourages a sense of confidence. This is the perfect time to be sharing such a message with your donors, staff, or clients. Through a 3D pop up birthday card, make them aware that they are capable of doing anything.

Let your supporters know that you are proud of them for spreading their wings this past year. By using a golden bird as the 3D element of your pop up birthday cards, you recognize their accomplishments in a luxurious way. Kestra Financial, a financial services agency based in Austin, used a golden dove taking flight in their 3D thank-you cards. Included is the message to “soar with us.” Of course, you can come up with your own unique message that is more geared toward birthday celebrations.

Relationship tree detail.

Tree 3D Pop Up Birthday Card

When you look at a tree, you may think about how it is capable of sustaining life. Alongside other plants, trees are able to provide us with oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the air we breathe. When nurtured, they grow and flourish over time. This is similar to how humans grow and flourish. Although, while trees mark their birthdays with their rings, humans do it with birthday celebrations.

Nature, at large, symbolizes a sense of peace and calmness. It allows us to feel at one with the rest of the universe, impacting our well-being. You may have personally found nature to be soothing and restorative. Many studies have shown how being amongst nature has healing qualities. In terms of relationship-building, a tree is a wonderful image because it simultaneously connects us together and connects the natural elements.

Highlight the next chapter of your card recipient’s life by using a 3D autumnal tree. The golden color of the leaves adorning the branches is striking. This image sends your best wishes to your customers, employees, or donors that the changing season is good to them. By incorporating two individuals on a swing hanging from a branch, you also suggest the role that you would like to play in the life of the recipient. 3D pop up birthday cards are one of the best ways to build relationships, after all!

3D Piano Card for Birthdays

You might have been singing the “Happy Birthday” song for as far back as you can remember. But what you may not know is that the song’s melody first came to be in 1893. By 1935, the song was copyrighted and evaluated at, what is today, $5 million. Since then, “Happy Birthday” has evolved into a musical piece that is just as significant as the candles on your cake. Variations of the song have been created by businesses around the world, but the sentiment is still the same.

Music has a very powerful effect on our brains. It can help to reduce stress and improve memory. Not only that, but it works wonders for unifying us. People are able to relate to music, and it is capable of altering our moods in a matter of seconds. The piano, in particular, is popular across a variety of music genres and speaks to people of all ages.

Even though you can’t be there to sing “Happy Birthday” to your supporters, you can give them a gift of a 3D pop up birthday card that shares the sentiment. Include the image of a realistic grand piano in the center. Your recipient will feel as though they are right there with the piano. This Ready-2-Go model even comes with a beautiful, shining staff full of musical notes. The staff is lifting off of the piano to add another dynamic aspect to the piece.

Interested in designing your own customized 3D pop up birthday cards? Get in touch with the Awesome 3D Cards team! We take your birthday card design and put a spin on it with the art of kirigami. When the card is opened, recipients have an incredibly memorable experience. Our mission is to help your business or non-profit achieve personal, emotional connections with your staff, customers, and donors. Let us help you show them how much they are appreciated by making their birthdays even more special.

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