‘Tis the Season for Festive Activities and Custom Holiday Cards for Business Engagement

August 5, 2022  by Harlow Russell

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It is always a good investment to make the members of your team feel appreciated, no matter the method you use. Employee retention is something that you need to actively think about. You want your talent to be engaged and happy in the workplace. This can save your business from productivity losses since you will not need to spend as much time going through the onboarding process.

Around the holidays, there are a lot of ways that you can achieve this. Ending the year with a little bit of extra entertainment will be the positive boost that you need going into 2023. Help your employees feel refreshed. Here are eight ways that you can bring more holiday joy into the office.

Make a Business Advent Calendar

Consider making the entire month of December something special. With an advent calendar, you can ensure that your staff gets to have fun while they work. Being able to reach them with the spirit of the season can make a big difference in how they perceive your business. Include a piece of paper with an activity in each daily slot on the calendar. For example, one day could be designated for you to treat your team to delicious baked goods at the office. This will come as a pleasant surprise to your employees. Go the homemade route instead of the store-bought to show how much you care about your employees’ Christmastime experience.

Set Up a Tree in Your Lobby

Nothing says “holiday spirit” like a beautiful Christmas tree. You don’t necessarily have to buy a tree that came straight off the tree farm. Check your local stores for an artificial tree that has lights built in. This gives an even more festive feel, and you won’t have to spend extra money on getting lights. You could also find tiny artificial trees to put on the desks in the office. Each employee is more than welcome to decorate the tree at their desk accordingly, with whatever materials they bring in. Seeing how your staff chooses to decorate is an interesting way to get to know one another better. If you want to extend this into a team-building experience, host a tree decorating night, asking everyone on your team to add their favorite ornaments.

Get Creative and Accessorize the Office

Did you know that the art of kirigami is used for creating paper snowflakes? This is the same art form that can be used in the 3D popup for custom holiday cards for your business! It is a precise paper cutting and folding technique that results in a dynamic product. These snowflakes can be a fun addition to hang around the walls of the office. Other options could be a wreath for your front door, hanging up stockings for each employee, and dangling Christmas ornaments from the ceiling. Companies that want to go all out for the holidays can even transform desks into gingerbread houses or snowy wonderlands.

Play Secret Santa with Your Staff

For those that don’t know, Secret Santa is an arrangement where colleagues exchange anonymous presents. A cost is set so that no one goes overboard and equal value gifts are exchanged. Earlier in the month, have your team draw names out of a hat to determine who they will be Secret Santa for. Give everyone enough time to go shopping before you start distributing your gifts. Understand that this isn’t the time for you to give out innovative promotional items. Keep your business’s branding far, far away! Instead, look for small gifts that would be something the other person would genuinely be happy to receive. Think about whether your colleague likes tea or coffee, or whether they are in need of an ugly Christmas sweater. Companies often host a holiday party event where the final gifts are exchanged.

Take Your Staff on a Holiday Lights Tour

You don’t have to keep the holiday fun confined to the office. Schedule a night with your team to go see the gorgeous lights around town. Invite their families along, too. For holiday lights events that are pay-to-attend, you can sponsor everyone’s tickets. This will be very meaningful to the team and their families. If you are in the Austin area, there are plenty of opportunities to go on these magical Christmas-themed walks. The Austin Trail of Lights in Zilker Park is one fantastic option that features over two million lights, 90 holiday trees, and 70 other holiday displays. It is currently gearing up for its 58th year. You can even keep things local by creating custom holiday cards for business with Awesome 3D Cards to announce this outing! Click here to ask us about creating a holiday invitation card.

Host a Holiday Fundraising Event

Because the holidays are a time for giving, you should give back to the less fortunate. Perhaps your company has adopted a special local cause that could use an extra boost at the end of the year. Start planning this event long before the holidays come around. You want to give yourself enough time to promote it, both digitally and through direct mail. Set a date toward the end of the year and invite all of your supporters. As an example, a company may center its giving event around a toy drive. They pose a Santa’s sleigh ready to go by the door where attendees can drop off their presents, and they get employees engaged in helping customers donate.

Send Custom Holiday Cards for Business Cheer

Custom 3D pop up cards are the way to go over the holidays. You can sift through dozens of iconic designs that represent this time of year. For example, you may want to highlight the traditional red and green color scheme of Christmas. This can be achieved with a holiday tree card, complete with a star on top. In this model, you don’t just get one tree—you get many tiny ones that add up to the big pop up. It offers an intriguing visual experience in every way that you turn it. The cover of your custom holiday cards for business can similarly feature a Christmas tree to keep the theme consistent.

Display the Cards You Receive

You might not be the only business that is sending out cards. When you receive them from your clients or partners, showcase them in your office. It will be something nice for your team to walk by and admire. The cards can be pinned in or taped to a bulletin board or whiteboard on the wall. Otherwise, if you just have open wall space, you can get creative with how you show off the custom holiday cards that your business received. You might want to hang them with colorful ribbon. Tie off the ends with simple bows. This brings a decorative element and will be easy to take down in the new year. And don’t forget to display some of your own custom 3D cards as well!

The holiday season is going to get here quicker than you know it. Before it is upon us, give yourself enough time to create custom holiday cards for your business. At Awesome 3D Cards, we can provide you with the best kirigami artistry you can imagine. Our team is all about fostering positive emotional connections with business stakeholders through creative, memorable marketing. And at the year, during a time of family and gift-giving, we continue to dedicate ourselves to this mission. If you are interested in receiving a custom 3D pop up card, schedule your consultation with us today!

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