How to Get Your Customers to Focus on Your Products or Services in 2023

June 5, 2023  by Harlow Russell

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The Guide to Utilizing Innovative Promotional Items

You cannot expect people to simply know about your products and services. There is more to it than just making a website and social media channels. Today’s level of competition in the B2B space is fierce. It is likely the case that you have several direct competitors in your industry. Just because the modern consumer spends a considerable amount of time researching to get the best deal doesn’t necessarily mean they will come across you. You need to be proactive, especially when it comes to your product or service launches.

If you aren’t being proactive with getting in front of those consumers, you are going to be missing out on a lot of potential business. Communication is at the top of the priority list for generating sales at the level you want to see. When it comes time for you to launch new products and services, you have to establish your competitive edge. That means creating innovative promotional items that people are bound to be delighted, impressed, and surprised by. Let’s walk you through what an effective launch looks like.

Establish Your Unique Value Proposition

The key to attracting the attention of prospects is by standing out from your competitors. To do this, your products or services have to offer compelling benefits. A unique value proposition (UVP) is a statement that showcases just how advantageous your business can be to buyers. By highlighting what makes your business special through a UVP, you are able to craft more clear, concise messages that resonate with your audience. When it comes time for you to release your newest products or services, you will already know how to position your brand in a meaningful way.

Your UVP helps you target the right buyers at the right time with your innovative promotional items. Incorporating it into those tools helps you create a compelling reason for customers to choose your products or services over others. In the same way that you can tailor the design of a 3D card, you have to remember to tailor your marketing tools to the individual—or at least make it come across that way.

Build Trust with Branding and Personalization

If you want to gain loyalty from your audience, you need to establish a foundation of trust. Trust helps you create a sense of credibility, thus boosting your overall brand reputation. In turn, this means that you will have more people wanting to buy from you, more people wanting to work for you, and more businesses wanting to partner with you. With a heartfelt card, you can bring a personal touch into your interactions and demonstrate the value you find in the individual. This is something that will positively stand out to anyone, regardless of age or background. A generic card could have the opposite effect.

Leverage Multiple Channels for Outreach

Your customers aren’t just active in one place. By that, we mean that you might have several who are on Facebook, others who are on Instagram, and some who simply don’t use social media. This means it pays to be present across preferred channels since you are maximizing your reach. But where it is especially important to be is right at someone’s mailbox. Using 3D cards as your innovative promotional items allows you to get as close to a buyer as possible. They will definitely take your card out of their mailbox, so it can achieve a 100% open rate.

Ultimately, by leveraging multiple channels, you continue to reinforce your brand identity and create a recognizable image of your product or service being launched. This kind of activity gives you a competitive advantage. That is especially true when you incorporate direct mail into your marketing strategy. At the end of the day, you should be fostering deeper connections leading up to your launch, and multi-dimensional engagement does that.

Nurture Connections Year-Round

To maintain customer satisfaction, you have to actively engage with your existing customers. These individuals are incredibly valuable assets, and they need to feel that way. No one wants to stay loyal to a company that is making them feel underappreciated. And if that is the case, they won’t be interested in the new products or services that you are launching. Therefore, find multiple points throughout the year to execute outreach with innovative promotional items. 3D cards, in particular, are an amazing idea for any big or small moment. Deliver them for customers’ birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or those just-because moments to let them know you are thinking about them.

Get Enthusiastic About Your Launches

Launching a new product or service is a big deal. You see so many companies today trying to find the most innovative promotional items to get the word out and build brand awareness. By strategically building excitement, you are able to have a successful launch day. People love to feel that sense of anticipation. Releasing teasers about your upcoming product or service generates buzz and could potentially result in more sales. You might even choose to offer exclusive access to industry VIPs to get them talking.

Consider sending a custom 3D card out prior to your launch. In the card, you can detail what is to be expected out of the product or service. Because of how visually intriguing 3D cards are, you can gain a positive perception of not only the launch, but also your brand at large. You can send out cards to give thanks to your brand’s biggest champions following the launch, as well. Just keep the enthusiastic energy going to foster greater customer engagement.

Be Inspired by Our Software Launch Cards

If your company is in the tech industry and you are planning to launch a new software, do so with a 3D card! It offers the opportunity to creatively display the software and truly get people interested. Here are three innovative promotional items that were created by Awesome 3D Cards on behalf of our clients:

Computer & Checks

Automated Check Processing

Let the recipients of your 3D popup cards know exactly what kind of experience they will get with your product. In the case of ePay Policy, the tagline of their new software is that you will “never touch a paper check again.” That means it was necessary to incorporate an image of a laptop and checks. The element of the checks are brightly colored to make them stand out from the rest of the design, with the laptop using the branded colors of the company to reflect the cover. There are so many realistic details on ePay Policy’s custom 3D card, down to the characters on the keyboard and the signatures on the checks.

Autodesk 360

Construction Cloud

When you use 3D cards, you aren’t limited to an illustration or photo of your product. Instead, you can transform it into a highly memorable popup piece. With the launch of Autodesk’s Construction Cloud, its team wanted to display the software in a dynamic way, while still including the illustration. They were certainly able to achieve that with a multi-colored design in their luxury-sized popup card. This international company opted to show a yellow crane, blue work vehicles, a green tree, white buildings, and a brown base. With so much to look at, this innovative promotional item makes a dramatic statement compared to the simplicity of the cover.

Software Launch

Media Marketplace

An interesting graphic may be just what you need to capture the attention of buyers. This route was taken by HCLTech, which created the All Access Media Marketplace, a platform designed to streamline the processes of content creation. To give recipients of their 3D popup card a sense of what the platform offers, their graphic includes all of the general information they could need. Set in the shape of a square with each piece of information in a bubble, this design is like no other. After reading the graphic and the other information listed on the card’s interior, recipients can use the QR code to travel to a website. There, if interested, they can get the software for themselves.

Since our start in 2019, Awesome 3D Cards has worked with just about every type of business that you can imagine. We have partnered with real estate agencies, law firms, remodeling companies, and so much more. There is no doubt that we will be able to create an innovative promotional item for you that perfectly complements the rest of your brand. Ready to get started? Sign up for a consultation with us to learn more about what the design process looks like. We will make this your best product or service launch yet.

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