Add a New Dimension to Customer Engagement with 3D Popup Cards

May 10, 2022  by Harlow Russell

Engage, Retain, and Grow More Customers for Your Business

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Photo: 3D popup cards with meaningful, creative designs add a surprising impact in customer engagement campaigns, like this sales and investment-themed design.

Omnichannel marketing aims to create a more impactful customer experience. It seamlessly integrates branding with a customer-centric view of business. That is to say, it follows the principle that, when customers are engaged, they have a stronger emotional connection with your brand. It isn’t solely about fulfilling their expectations. You need to go above and beyond by surprising them with just how much you care. In this article, we consider how you can enhance your customer relationships with impressive 3D popup cards. 

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Photo: Get to know your customers and build more personal relationships that foster loyalty to your business.

Dive deeper into who your customers are.

Your marketing campaign needs to be personal. It will help your ideal buyers resonate with you, as well as convince them to stick around. However, building confidence around your brand is a challenge if you haven’t effectively profiled your customers. Put yourself in their shoes as they interact with your company. Get to know what they are looking for from you, that your competitors won’t be able to bring to the table. 

Once a customer has discovered you, you need to provide them with compelling content. This should be targeted at their buyer personas, which you can determine through data. Take into account their identifying factors, such as their age and occupation. Also, be aware of their psychographics, including their interests and behaviors. Not only will these aspects of their lives help you with your digital marketing efforts, but with your direct mail strategy. When you create 3D popup cards, for instance, you can incorporate amazing designs that truly mean something to the recipients. Plus, you can include personalized notes that get the effect you want. 

"87% of millennials love receiving mail."

Keep in mind that direct mail has a high ROI in comparison to paid search ads and online displays. In a USPS survey, it was found that 87% of millennials alone love receiving mail. With 56 million millennials in the U.S. workforce today, this is a wide audience you can successfully reach. This is on account of people feeling valued because you took an extra step to reach them as an individual. No matter the industry you are in or what your 3D popup card is for, you can influence how people view your business as you engage with them in a way that is more relatable to them on a human level. 

Optimize your business's text and visuals across your media.

Online purchases continue to be on the rise. People across the globe are taking advantage of the convenient digital marketplace, and it is not slowing down. In order for your business to bring in more sales, your business must be seen by more customers. With that in mind, the first step of marketplace optimization (MPO) is to target your local audience in a relevant and attractive way. As a fairly recent phenomenon, MPO gives you the best potential for growth. You gain visibility on the internet as you make your content as effective as possible. Good optimization will mean that you are able to actively generate interest from your customers. 

The key is to be upfront about why your business is trustworthy. When you develop your marketplace presence, you need to speak about the benefits of your products or services. But if you want to secure more 5-star ratings and increase your customer retention, you need to do more than just write text. The same principle goes for when you are executing your direct mail strategy. As much as someone will appreciate receiving a card in the mail that has a nice note of appreciation, it will be that much more meaningful to receive something visually stunning. 

Breaking up text with images and videos serves you well on the internet considering humans are visual by nature. Customers like to have something to look at so that they can better form an opinion about your brand. Note that this isn’t just relevant to companies that sell products. Imagine you are a luxury hotel chain, such as the Four Seasons. Someone who is interested in staying at one of your hotels will want to see what the building and the rooms look like. While the Four Seasons in Austin does this on their website, they can also take a different approach with creative, custom 3D popup cards. Showcasing their building in a unique 3D version captures the attention of potential customers seeking a special event venue or planning corporate travel.

Build your customers' sense of awareness.

When you create a brand, you are making something that people are going to—or should—remember you for. It will be incredibly valuable to you to give your business a personality. This gives you the opportunity to make more authentic, shareable content. The content can come in the form of 3D popup cards that show off the fun side of your company. 

How do you even pick the right engagement model? The most effective way to drive customer success is dependent on the needs of those you are engaging with, and the nature of your product and or contract. The two overarching models you can choose from consist of onboarding and retention (or post-onboarding). They can both be further broken up into high-touch and low-touch approaches. In either case, you should be proactive with how you move customers along in their journey. Instead of providing one-off experiences to your customers, you want to continue to extend your reach by delivering value. 

With direct mail, that could happen much sooner than you think. Rather than hoping that someone will click on your latest promotion, you can capture their attention at their mailbox. It encourages more eyes on your marketing, considering people have to actually look through their mail to decide whether they are going to keep it. Lumpy mail may just be the tool you need. This type of mailing easily attracts a recipient’s attention because of its tactile quality. It stands out from the rest of the sales-driven letters they have received. They will know something interesting can be found inside. 

Get your customers to be loyal advocates.

The goal shouldn’t be to solely acquire customers. As important as it is to increase your conversions, customer retention is something your business should be focusing on. After all, if your loyal fanbase increases by just 5%, your profits have a wide margin of rising anywhere between 25% to 95%. This is because returning customers often buy and spend more than new customers. Successfully satisfying your customers will increase their lifetime value. 

The average customer retention rate is not the same across industries. Professional services and insurance companies rank among the highest, while retail falls among the lowest. Comparing your retention rate to similar companies in your niche can help you further develop your marketing efforts. Consider also asking for qualitative feedback from your customers, in regard to how satisfied they are. They are the backbone of your business, so being able to create an interesting and low-touch strategy that resonates well with them is necessary. 

Reach your audience at a variety of lifecycle points. Whether they are just now converting or have been with your company for years, maintaining friendly communication motivates them to purchase from you again in the future. One great way to keep customers engaged with your company is through the use of 3D popup cards. If you know their birthdays, you could send personalized incentives along with the card. The same goes for if you are attempting to win back their business. These promotions should solely be for card recipients to take advantage of. 


Start optimizing your customer engagement process so that your business can see better results. Get the valuable tools you need through Awesome 3D Cards. With our fully customized designs, you can show off who you are in a way that no other marketing method can. We would love to hear from you about what your visions are for business 3D popup cards. 

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