Sales Tool: Customer Appreciation Cards with Dynamic Solar

March 24, 2023  by Harlow Russell

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Dynamic Solar is a solar power company that is located in Austin, Texas. Its founder has over 21 years of experience with clean solar energy, and built the company on the principle that everyone should be able to afford it. This means, every step of the way, the company is with you through your solar system installation. Account Managers at Dynamic Solar are trained to listen to the energy goals of their clients and work within their budget. Because one of their greatest values is communication, the Dynamic Solar team sought a way to amplify their outreach efforts. Take a look at Dynamic Solar’s customer appreciation cards used for sales prospecting!

Dynamic Solar Testimonial

Points from the Video

When creating their prospect and customer appreciation card, the team at Dynamic Solar was very impressed by their experience with Harlow Russell, the Founder and President of Awesome 3D Cards. They had already seen some of the solar-related cards on file, which is what drew them to Awesome 3D Cards. From there, the team picked a card and assumed that they would be able to simply customize it with their branded colors. However, it was said, during this testimonial, that Russell did a fantastic job reimagining the vision that Dynamic Solar had set out with.

It was an easy decision for Dynamic Solar’s team to customize the card entirely according to their brand by providing an image of their solar panel. Going through the consultation process with Awesome 3D Cards was very simple. They had been shown different samples prior to their customer appreciation card going to print, so they were already well aware of how accurately the mailpiece would resemble their products. Given the scale of the card, the team felt that it was unique and special, and would offer a way to separate them from the competition.

Dynamic Solar has used its 3D cards to get messages as simple as “thank you” across to their clients. This marketing tool has been highly effective at keeping them top of mind. It is unlike the standard business card, which is said in the testimonial to often go from someone’s hand to their wallet or purse and then to a trash can. Instead, Dynamic Solar has come across people in the community who have heard about the card from their previous customers, showing that they double as a display and conversation piece.

With the help of Awesome 3D Cards, you can take your direct mail marketing strategy up a notch just like Dynamic Solar! Our popup cards have a nearly 100% rate, meaning you get eyes on your design every time it is delivered. One of our guiding values at Awesome 3D Cards is creativity, which shows in our highly-detailed kirigami creations. Through our cards, we hope to gain you the positive emotional connections that you need to keep your business at the top of its game. After all, there is no way around the necessity of keeping your clients, employees, and prospects feeling truly valued. Let’s give you that special touch! Schedule your consultation to kick off the design process for your customer appreciation cards.

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