Seasonal Gifts and Custom Holiday Cards for Businesses in Real Estate

October 28, 2022  by Harlow Russell

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The holidays are the perfect time for spreading joy through gift-giving. This is something that clients appreciate because, in turn, it shows that they are appreciated. As a real estate agent, you have already given your clients one of their biggest and best gifts of the year—their new home. Celebrate this new beginning with them, and maintain a relationship as time goes on. Whether or not their closing is around the holiday season, you should invest in festive housewarming presents that you are positive they will love. The gesture can even be as simple as beautiful custom holiday cards from your business. Let’s discuss several of the customer appreciation gifts your real estate company can provide.

Seasonal Gift Ideas from Real Estate Agents

Holiday-Themed Gift Basket

Gift baskets are always a safe bet for the holiday season. They allow you to provide a variety of things, making the experience of opening it that much more exciting. Find customer appreciation gifts that each member of the household will enjoy. You could include food items, like crackers and cookies, or even pasta in holiday shapes. Pair these treats with other items for the kitchen. Put a twist on the classic gift basket with the addition of a charcuterie board that will be great for any future event hosting. Give holiday-themed oven mitts, dish towels, and cookie cutters. The possibilities are truly limitless when it comes to sending gift baskets to your real estate clients.

Cozy Throw Blanket

Every customer, regardless of age, can appreciate having something soft to cuddle up with on a cold winter night. A throw blanket acts as a comforting companion, providing a sense of warmth. You can buy a throw blanket that matches the furniture of your client so that they can keep it out all year round. Or you could opt for one that has a holiday color scheme for them to put out during the final weeks of the year.

Personalized Mugs for New Homeowners

On the previously mentioned cold winter night, imagine yourself on the couch with a nice mug of gourmet hot chocolate. What makes the experience even better is if that mug has a meaningful phrase or their family name inscribed on it. This makes the mug both a functional and sentimental customer appreciation gift. You can even throw in a set of matching coasters. Plus, keep in mind that you are able to fit some small gifts inside a mug! This could include packets of that gourmet hot chocolate.

Unique Local Artist Piece

Purchasing a home is a very big milestone. It would mean a great deal to the homeowner to have it immortalized through wonderfully hand-crafted art. Your customer appreciation gift, then, might be to commission an artist from the community for a painting of the property. This could be a watercolor rendering that you have put in an elegant frame so that it can be hung from the wall in the living room. This one-of-a-kind piece is sure to evoke a positive reaction from the homeowner.

Engraved Serving Platter Gift

Christmas is known as the holiday of red and green. However, it’s also known for its silver and gold palette. So, perhaps a silver or gold addition of a serving platter to your client’s kitchen can make for a special holiday meal. Are the homeowners a newly-married couple being welcomed into their first home? Consider engraving the serving platter with the date they were married and the date they moved in. This way, you highlight two major points in their lives together. The serving platter will be an incredibly meaningful piece for when they start entertaining friends and family.

Gifting a Fun Nearby Experience

Around the holidays, a lot of businesses take part in the festivities. This may be through something as simple as a discount, or it could be fully decorating their shops to host a party. Check out what your local community is doing at the end of the year. Then, offer the gift of an experience to your clients. They may be brand new to the area, so your real estate company could be the one to open the door for their discovery of their love for the area. Provide homeowners with tickets to a holiday lights tour or a gift card to a cooking class. Encourage families to have a memorable day together.

Festive Pet Toys

Don’t leave furry friends out of the holidays! One reason that a homeowner may have decided on a property is that it gave their pet enough room to run and play. So, you might actually owe that final sale to them. Find gifts that would be appropriate for the type of pet. Look for high-quality treats and holiday-themed stuffed animals. You could also have pet tags made with the new address. Homeowners will be pleasantly surprised to learn that you took the extra effort to make their pets happy.

Ideas for Custom Holiday Cards for Businesses

Ring in the holidays with popup holiday cards that your real estate clients are sure to remember. Rather than focusing them on your brand, make them tailored around the images of the season. The goal should be to strike some joy into the recipient’s day, but also to give them something that they would consider displaying in their home. Here are four custom holiday cards for business that your company can use.

Gothic Cathedral open.

Gothic Church 3D Model

Want a refreshing update on the traditional Christmas themes? Go with a gorgeous 3D Gothic church! From a historical perspective, it stands as a monument to human ingenuity. On the other hand, from a design perspective, it is full of points, arches, and ornate decoration that makes them a sight to behold. Between the shining gold paper and the intricately detailed model, your real estate company will wow every recipient of this popup holiday card. Although you can pick any colors that you want to make the card your own, this version uses bright blue to be more visually intriguing. It uses this blue both on the cover and on the steeple of the Gothic church popup itself.

Heart top

3D Heart Popup Card

The holidays are a time for loving one another. We are putting our hearts out there as we connect with those that mean the most to us. With that in mind, you can show appreciation to your customers and employees with an eye-catching heart card. The bright red of the 3D model is perfect for the Christmas season, but can be used at any time of the year. You are able to clearly express your gratitude for your clients’ business. In this custom holiday card for H-E-B, the interior reads, “Thank you for your HEARTfelt contributions!” The entire card drives home what the symbol of the heart means to the sender.

3D XMAS Holiday Santa Sleigh Card

Santa and His Reindeer Design

One of the most iconic figures of Christmas is Saint Nicholas, aka Santa Claus. He can often be seen in his sleigh being led by his reindeer, bringing gifts to all of the good children. The legend of Santa can be traced back hundreds of years ago. It has been adapted across the world, with countries having their own names and appearances for Santa. The sense of childlike wonder that comes with his legend is highlighted through this 3D popup card. Santa sits in his sleigh with presents and a tree behind him. His flying reindeer are lifting into the sky to add to the dynamic experience. This image is the very definition of jolly.

Christmas Tree Popup

Something that you may not know is that it was the Ancient Celtic people who set the traditional color palette of Christmas. They revered the holly plants, which similarly came to be a holiday symbol. It was believed that holly kept the Earth alive during the winter. When paired together, the red and green of the plant have become known to be festive colors. What makes them even merrier is when they are used on a Christmas tree design for custom holiday cards for businesses. This 3D tree card is made up of smaller trees to emphasize the image. It even has that iconic star on top, and star ornaments dangling at the top of the page.

Since its start in 2019, Awesome 3D Cards has committed to its mission of delivering business messages in a unique way. This is specifically done through the Vietnamese art of kirigami. A dynamic and complex product is delivered that combines foldability with creativity. You can bring the holidays to life in an impressive handcrafted way. Design and order custom holiday cards for your business today! All you have to do is set up a consultation so that we can help you create exactly what you are envisioning.

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