Why Custom 3D Pop Up Cards are Your New Marketing Superpower

June 1, 2023  by Harlow Russell

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Generating demand for your products and services can be quite a challenge. While there may definitely be a need for what you are selling, it isn’t a given that people will flock to your company. Because you have so many direct competitors, you will fall behind if you don’t go out of your way to grab buyers’ attention. The question is: How do you encourage them to engage with you, as opposed to someone else?

The answer is creativity. When you tap into your sense of creativity, you can make a big difference in terms of your brand’s perception. Direct mail marketing, in particular, gives your company an eye-catching advantage. And the best way to leverage this strategy is through the creation of custom 3D pop up cards. Keep reading to discover just how delightful, impressive, and surprising custom 3D pop up cards are.

You Create a Positive First Impression

If you want to convey your company’s professionalism, you need to show your competence from the very beginning. It is a matter of being well-versed in all aspects of your products and/or services. Your expertise should be apparent from the first conversation that you have with a prospect so that you can instill a sense of confidence in your brand. When you have a positive first impression, you are setting the tone for your relationship. If your first impression is through a custom 3D pop up card, you are highly likely to influence a consumer’s willingness to engage with you and their purchasing decisions.

You Convey Your Brand’s Message

In order to build an effective brand, you need to make sure that all of your marketing materials are consistent. When buyers receive a custom 3D pop up card from you, it should be clear who the sender is without even necessarily having to say your name. What this comes down to is that you need to be unique. Your uniqueness is what reinforces brand recognition, making it easier for people to recall who you are in the future. Because cards, in general, are able to evoke emotions out of individuals, you can make them that much more impactful by infusing your brand’s personality into their design.

You Can Engage During Big and Small Moments

Customer and employee appreciation are relevant at all times of the year. This is because appreciation goes a long way in terms of retention. Your goal as a business owner is to find ways to make your stakeholders feel valued. With a custom 3D pop up card, you are able to achieve this while extracting a sense of excitement from recipients of all ages. A captivating 3D design paired with a meaningful note is a key part of driving a positive interpretation of your brand year-round. That’s why you should send cards for holidays, birthdays, and other milestone moments, when people will be especially pleased to hear from you.

You Have an Opportunity to Get Personal

As you know, emotions play a significant role in loyalty. By taking the time to establish emotional connections with your company’s stakeholders, you ensure that they have a higher lifetime value. So, as you are creating your custom 3D pop up cards, really think about what kind of handwritten message will best go inside of it. Examples of more general statements to kick off your message include:

  • We are immensely grateful for your business.

  • Thank you for being an advocate for our brand.

  • Your loyalty inspires us to continually grow and innovate.

  • Thank you for being a part of our journey.

  • We wouldn’t be here without you!

You Can Tie Your Marketing Efforts Together

Just because custom 3D pop up cards are a direct mail marketing strategy doesn’t mean they can’t work in harmony with your digital marketing strategies. This is thanks to the power of QR codes. QR codes are machine-readable images that can link your card’s recipients back to a page on your website. You can include a QR code linking back to a landing page on your website on the interior or back cover of your 3D card. Consumers will have easy access to learn more about your products and/or services, whether or not you can be found on the front pages of Google.

Ideas for Your Custom 3D Pop Up Cards

There are a lot of factors that go into picking the right theme for your 3D cards. In fact, there are a lot of factors that go into determining when you should be handing out or delivering them. We decided to break down three ways that you can execute custom 3D pop up cards, along with three memorable examples:


3D Business Cards

Business cards are a great tool for when you are on the go. You might be at a trade show, for example, and want to easily provide your contact details to someone that you meet. Thus, pocket-sized business cards that you can keep on your person become especially handy. Go Journey Abroad, a study abroad business, chose to make 3D business cards for a more interesting way to prospect. In this card, you will find the name, position, phone number, and email address of the President and CEO. But what makes the business card effective is its incorporation of a 3D Airbus jet that is rising into the sky—something you have never seen before.

Hotel 360

Client Appreciation Cards

No matter the size of your company, you should be carving some time out of your busy day to say “thank you” to your clients. You can share your gratitude when they first sign on for your service or if they have been with your business for a milestone number of years. Even following a company event, it is a good idea to let attendees know you are glad they came. Otherwise, you might be a hotel brand, like Sonesta, that is looking for an opportunity to show appreciation to VIP guests. In its custom 3D pop up card, Sonesta displays its Chicago River North hotel. It is a unique way to promote the brand while uplifting the people who stayed with them.

Gift Box

Employee Birthday Cards

Everyone wants to be recognized on their birthday. After all, it is a special day that is all about them. When it comes to your employees, saying “happy birthday” is extremely important because it shows that you, as their boss, are thinking about them on an individual level. The University of California, Irvine worked with Awesome 3D Cards on a 3D pop up birthday card for the members of its staff. Using the signature blue and gold colors of the school, the 3D gift box on the interior is a fun way to celebrate. While there is a message inscribed that offers “warm wishes for a wonderful birthday,” there is also more than enough room for a personalized note.

If you want to create your own custom 3D pop up cards, let’s have a chat! During your complimentary consultation, you have the opportunity to discuss all of your design ideas. Luckily, with Awesome 3D Cards, the sky is the limit. We always look forward to pushing our boundaries when we are provided with new ideas by clients. So, regardless of what kind of 3D model you are hoping your card to have, our team can bring it to life in a new, fun way.

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