Product Promotion: Custom 3D Pop Up Cards with Exhibit Exchange

February 2, 2023  by Harlow Russell

Exhibit Booth

Exhibit Exchange is all about offering meaningful, custom solutions. It is an exhibit display rental company based in Detroit, Michigan. To get the optimal display for your event, the team at Exhibit Exchange fulfills a four-part process of discovery, evaluation, design, and delivery. Since 1994, Exhibit Exchange has made it its mission to reuse, recycle, and regenerate to create a new way of doing business. Today, the Exhibit Exchange team provides impressive face-to-face marketing environments for clients around the world. To best engage with these clients—and prospects—they have decided to adopt a custom 3D pop up card strategy. Let’s take a look at the collaboration between Exhibit Exchange with Awesome 3D Cards.

Exhibit Exchange Testimonial

Points from the Video

Robert Axtman is the Director of Marketing and Sales at Exhibit Exchange. In his testimonial video for Awesome 3D Cards, he discusses how his company was in search of a unique way to promote what it is that they do. This meant being able to showcase their product in a custom 3D pop up card. That product is a trade show booth that boasts an LED/video screen, found in the center of an elegant black and silver card.

Axtman says that simple photos in catalogs, brochures, standard advertising, and other corporate literature do not offer the range of motion that 3D cards provide. Instead, they give a single-dimensional, flat perspective. With pop up cards, however, images are able to come to life and leave lasting impressions on every recipient. As the motion builds up to the final product, a fond memory is created for the company.

Memory, claims Axtman, is exactly what every business needs from prospective clients. You want them to recall your name so that you are able to get a higher return on investment from your marketing campaigns. Thus far, Axtman says that Exhibit Exchange has received six major revenue-generating opportunities based on their custom 3D pop up cards. The company will continue to increase its footprint by bringing attention to new clients at different venues than they have targeted in the past.

If your company already takes a creative approach with its products, you should similarly take a creative approach to your marketing efforts. That creativity is going to be what helps you delight, impress, and surprise clients, no matter where they are in the buyer’s journey. Any business can benefit from partnering with Awesome 3D Cards. Your client connections are critical to your overall success, so why not stand out right from their mailbox? Contact us to learn more about the simple process of custom 3D pop up card creation. We would love to bring a smile to all of your stakeholders’ faces!

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