Corporate Holiday Cards: Preparing in Q3 for an Epic Holiday Season

July 11, 2022  by Harlow Russell

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Dating back to 1933, Christmas in July has been a time to celebrate without having to wait all year for the holiday to come around. Companies take advantage of this time to boost sales and generate goodwill. With the summer being a historically slow period for business, it certainly doesn’t hurt to invest in a fun promotional event. And one way to tell people about your promotional event is through the use of custom corporate holiday cards. Let’s learn more about what commemorating Christmas in July with both your staff and clients can do for your business.

“...more than nine in ten Americans celebrate Christmas…”

Reach Your Stakeholders with the Spirit of the Season

The fact of the matter is that Americans love holidays of all kinds. That’s why our stores stock up with seasonal products in the weeks—or, in some cases, many months ahead. Christmas items, in particular, are well-stocked because there is an enormous market for them. Gallup has reported that more than nine in ten Americans celebrate Christmas. However, depending on your background, you may not fall within that percentage of the population. Instead, you could celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or other cultural festivities. Regardless of which one has framed your perception of the giving season, custom corporate holiday cards are an ideal tool for any business to invest in.

There are many reasons why you would be sending out a 3D Christmas card during July. It could be that you are hosting a themed party for your team. A popup card makes a bigger splash than it would to just send out a company-wide email. Your staff is used to receiving those. To get them excited about what you have planned, you need to make it exciting from the beginning. If you come from a non-profit organization, this Christmas in July party may even include your donors. Those are individuals that you want to impress. When they open your personalized innovation that features Santa and his reindeer, there is no doubt that they will be.

Christmas in July is a fun event that your company should participate in to boost morale halfway through the year. Don’t limit your stakeholder connections to just around the regular holiday season. For that matter, be open to sending out custom corporate holiday cards during other notable occasions. Depending on the values of your business and its audience, this could mean a themed card around Valentine’s Day or Halloween. This will help you build stronger bonds with those who are part of your community.

Custom Corporate Holiday Cards Should Be Personalized

On an individual level, most people send between 50 and 100 cards to their friends, family, and colleagues. Your company will likely send out several times that amount, if you are reaching both your clients and your employees. When you are reaching out to that many stakeholders, it can feel as though you aren’t giving them as personalized of an experience as you would like. But most businesses elect for generic, store-bought holiday cards. After all, it’s the easiest option. With that in mind, by deciding that you will be using custom corporate holiday cards with 3D designs, you are leaps above the trend.

By using 3D popup cards, you create a display element that the recipient is likely to keep forever. There are countless icons that recipients will recognize as being for the special occasion. If you want to make a custom corporate holiday card that is good for any festivities, consider an elegant soaring dove popup. In this Awesome 3D Card created for Richards Rodriguez & Skeith, the dove’s wings are spread and ready to take it into the sky. With the dove being a representation of peace, love, and freedom, it encapsulates everything that the holiday season is supposed to be about. Composer Frederic Austin determined that it’s the symbol of the second day of Christmas for a reason!

3D XMAS Holiday Santa Sleigh Card

Sending Holiday Cards to Customers Creates an Impact

Emotional connection, dependability, and active presence are three things that drive loyalty to a brand. You cannot simply demonstrate that you have a superior product. While consumers care about that, they recognize that there are other businesses that exist that can offer them a similar product at a similar price. They want to know what makes you unique. This should be evident at every step of the buyer’s journey. It’s important to also constantly be spreading the word about your business. This goes for both the members of your own team and your customers themselves. Leading up to the holidays, you want there to be enough buzz surrounding your brand that prospects can’t help but check out what you have to bring to the table.

Custom corporate holiday cards are one of the best ways that you can connect with current and prospective customers. They are also good for keeping your employees engaged in the workplace. Your goal should be to make everyone who puts their trust in your hands feel genuinely valued. When you send out a piece of direct mail, you need to make sure that it’s meaningful and showcases your gratitude. That way you don’t get lost in the crowd of other businesses sending out promotional items.

“According to the Washington Post, on account of their appreciation for all things handmade, millennials are big fans of 3D popup cards, whether they are on the end of the sender or the recipient.”

You may be asking yourself how effective direct mail really is. Already, by stepping outside of the box that email puts you in, you are going to be making an impact. Millennials were born into an age of social media. They learned to expertly curate their social content on platforms like Instagram. Now, we can see them doing the same thing with their mail, in order to create more human connections. According to The Washington Post, on account of their appreciation for all things handmade, millennials are big fans of 3D popup cards, whether they are on the end of the sender or the recipient.

Schedule Your Holiday Card Designing Early

We are currently in the thick of summer, and it might be too late to order custom holiday cards for a Christmas in July theme. If you didn’t think to order custom corporate holiday cards before today, that’s perfectly fine. You should spend this time getting ready for the end of the year. Don’t wait until it’s too late to order 3D Christmas cards. If you are planning on making a one-of-a-kind model, you need to have sufficient time to design and create it. We recommend arranging your holiday orders as early as September or October. This timeline allows for less stress in designing and shipping your cards to clients and employees.

When you start the design process, you will need to submit any branded or inspirational visuals. This allows you to have a more personalized 3D model. The popup you go with could be something timeless, such as a snowman. Otherwise, you may opt for something that will later act as a relic. M. Robinson Fine Jewelers did exactly this for their custom corporate holiday cards in 2020. They decided to give their VIP customers a Christmas tree card featuring a mask, in order to represent the first pandemic holiday season. This is the kind of humorous take that may not be relevant some years down the line but that all current recipients could resonate with.

Awesome 3D Cards is ready for the holiday season all year round. With our Ready-2-Go options and custom design capabilities, you can be ready, too. Have a chat with us about your business’s needs for custom corporate holiday cards, whether it’s for Christmas in July or for the actual day in December. We can help you create 3D popup cards that will impress any recipient.

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