5 Key Ways that Corporate Gifts for Employees Improve Your Workplace

July 25, 2022  by Harlow Russell

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Right now, the United States job market is very strong. In fact, we are experiencing a pandemic-era low unemployment rate of 3.6%. So, although it may feel as though the labor force participation rate isn’t on the right track, it has steadily been making its way back up to where we were in February 2020.

If you have a high turnover rate at your company, it’s likely more to do with the workplace itself than the pay. Data has shown that toxicity is the largest driver toward quitting. With that in mind, you want to ensure that you are recognizing the valuable assets on your team. Let’s dig into five reasons why you should invest in corporate gifts for employees.

1) Show off your company’s cultural values.

When you have good corporate branding, it means that you have been able to deliver on a promise that you made. It’s all based on your mission. Every material or message that you send out should make it clear what that mission is. When customers understand what it is that you prioritize, if they resonate with your mission, they are more inclined to do business with you. The same goes for prospective employees who need to be aware of more than just what their job title entails. Be clear about what your company culture is like.

The business landscape is extremely competitive. There are likely dozens, if not hundreds or thousands, of companies offering similar products and services to yours. Just think about all of the insurance companies in the United States. Each of those is having to actively compete against the other, not just with price, but also with branding and reputation. You have to let the world know what is it that makes your business unique.

This uniqueness could come from the fact that you have a notably great emphasis on the needs of your staff members. You can make this evident through your digital marketing campaign, where you visually showcase how much fun your team has in the workplace. Another way to achieve this sense of commitment to your staff is through corporate gifts for employees who made an impact. They may share with others how glad they are working at a business that cares about them enough to invest in gifts for achievements, birthdays, and holidays.

2) Corporate gifts for employees increase loyalty.

Businesses can’t just rely on their customers to keep them afloat. They also require employees who are happy to be there. When they are happy, they are more engaged with what they are doing at work, so there will be higher productivity and a lower rate of absenteeism. The positive impact on the customer experience that comes from this improves your company’s overall image. Content employees can even assist with sourcing new talent to help with filling available positions. They are the face of your business, so ensure that they are involved in the future of it. No one knows what prospects are looking for quite like they do.

Once new hires arrive, they need to feel as though they belong. A big part of this comes from the very top of your business. You want each person on your staff to have trust in your leadership team. An employee is considered loyal when they have respect for the company and pride in being a part of it. But they won’t feel this way if their supervisors are holding them back from speaking their minds. It’s at this point that you see workers quitting.

When you decide to put money into corporate gifts for employees, you are helping to fund your employee loyalty campaign. That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t make sure respect is being shown at every other moment, but gifts are a key element to motivating your team. As you invest more in them on a personal level, they will invest more in you.

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3) The team’s bonds will strengthen.

Even if your employees work largely independently, it doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be collaboration within the workplace. Teams should be able to work together to solve problems, rather than one person carrying the burden on their shoulders. This helps to develop more efficient and innovative processes, while mitigating conflict. It also helps that one person not feel as though they are being unfairly overworked. Your business’s leadership needs to encourage employee potential at every level to show each member of the team that they are valuable.

Corporate gifts for employees can make you, as the boss, have a more positive association tied to your name. Clearly, this is important because having effective leadership is a critical hurdle to overcome. So, in order to have employees that uphold your brand’s values, you also have to ensure that you are maintaining an emotional and personal connection with them. When they interact with you, they shouldn’t be nervous. Instead, make team members feel empowered and excited.

Although corporate gifts for employees can be given on an individual basis, they are also perfect to give out to your staff in mass. Boost all of their moods with something fun, such as a 3D popup card that lets them know what a great job they have done this quarter. And get them involved in active team building. Team building works because it creates something for your staff to look forward to every day that they come into the office. They have people who are familiar with what they are going through and actually want to develop a bond. This, in turn, improves workplace projects that involve any kind of collaboration.

4) Give thanks with corporate gifts for employees.

When you have a member of your team who has been performing exceptionally well, they deserve to receive praise. Verbally expressing your gratitude for and pride in them is definitely important. But you can add another motivating layer to this by giving tangible corporate gifts to employees. Think about something that they would want to receive. It may not be something with your branding directly on it! Whatever the case may be, consider including any of these phrases that target your employee on an individual level:

  • “You truly make a difference here.”
  • “Your progress has been inspiring.”
  • “I appreciate your contributions.”
  • “Your work ethic is exemplary.”
  • “You are essential to our team.”

The feeling of appreciation lifts workers up. If they feel as though their position in the workplace is at risk, simply on account of the silence that has been received for their efforts, they are nowhere near as energized. They, instead, think that leadership doesn’t believe they are valuable. Once again, make note that many people choose to leave their jobs not because of the job itself, but because of the leadership. In an environment that is constantly changing, you need to be resilient and agile. Respond to your employees how you would like to be responded to, with care and consideration.


5) You create a more encouraging working environment.

There are many causes of turnover outside of bad leadership. Having a poor work/life balance or having no opportunity for career growth are major reasons. People have expectations for their life that you need to be able to fulfill for them. Otherwise, they will take up the first better offer that they receive. But something to be aware of is that 20% of employee turnover happens within the first 45 days of employment. This means that if you aren’t effectively engaging with them from the beginning, you very well could lose them to a better offer way sooner than you could have imagined. And it isn’t cheap to keep trying to find new talent.

Considering companies cannot expect a new hire to reach full productivity until they have been there for 12 weeks, it’s hurtful for their wallets to keep going through the onboarding process. Even when businesses that have plenty of money get to the point of hiring, they hesitate. The costs of recruiting and training can really add up, so they have to be calculated with where they are investing. In fact, it could take six months or longer to break even on this investment.

By giving corporate gifts to employees and taking the time to get to know them, you can help them see how hard you are working to provide them with a comfortable workplace. A more positive atmosphere will impact their drive and mental health. One gift idea could be a personalized 3D popup card of a #1 VIP trophy. Here, you can let them know just how vital they are to the success of the business.

Awesome 3D Cards offers a visually stunning take on corporate gifts for employees. 3D popup cards are excellent tools to express your individual appreciation. They can be provided for both brand new hires and those that you are hoping to continue to stick around for much longer. Take some time out of your day to have a scheduled consultation with us. We will walk with you through the design process to create a product that speaks to your unique business.

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