Client Appreciation Gifts and Customer-Centric Marketing for Remodeling Companies

September 19, 2022  by Harlow Russell

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Remodeling companies face a unique set of challenges when it comes to marketing. After all, inflation has certainly left its mark. As houses continue to be priced higher, so do the costs that the construction industry faces. There are shipping delays on products, factories closing down, and a shortage of labor. This combination adds up to prove that making a remodeling business known across the community is necessary to achieve success. So, marketing strategies need to revolve around the interests and expectations of potential clients.

Setting marketing goals is the number one step for any company. First comes looking at last year’s books. By collecting real customer data, it will help to better plan current campaigns. Secondly, home remodelers need to ask themselves what aspects of their business they want to see grow. Of course, this is going to include attracting a greater number of customers. And, finally, there comes actually executing the marketing efforts. It may even involve delivering perfectly-timed client appreciation gifts. Learn how remodeling companies can have more personal interactions with homeowners.

Be Active on Social Media

Harnessing the power of social media is a must in the modern age. It’s the go-marketing tool across industries, especially those with visual products. But you can’t just make accounts and hope that people visit your pages. Residential and commercial remodeling companies need to manage their social presence. There should be someone on the team who is designated to take care of posting relevant, visually attractive content. Recently completed projects can be shown off on Facebook, for example. Employees can even receive spotlight features.

To get the most out of social media, each post should tell an authentic story about the business. Getting to scroll through the latest and greatest updates from a company helps prospective clients learn what they want out of a partnership. Because it really is about more than just getting the job done.

The social media manager should also be responding to any questions. These may come as comments under the posts or through direct messages. This kind of engagement is important because it allows the remodeling company to develop a connection quickly. A manager will need to be as on top of followers’ questions as possible, in order to show how concerned the business is with providing great customer service.

Create an Attractive Portfolio

In the modern day, consumers can be found doing research for just about anything they plan to spend their money on. They want to make sure that their investment is going to the right business—someone who will make their vision come to life. When it comes to home remodeling, prospective clients want to see the local projects remodelers have done in the past. A website portfolio is a perfect place for a company to keep all of its hard work together. Video walk-throughs can be included on top of any before and after photos. This way, prospects can form a well-educated decision about whether that is the company they want to work on their home. They get to see the extent of the remodeler’s project creativity and learn what it is that they do best. Essentially, having a portfolio is another way to advertise.

Every business should ensure that its website experience is pleasant. Keep it simple. It should be easy to navigate, and the critical information should be front and center. Consumers should also be able to contact you straight from the site after viewing your services.

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Celebrate the End of the Project

Home remodeling can take weeks or months to complete. Remodeling teams carefully and gradually bring to life the dreams of their clients. That isn’t something that can happen overnight, and sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned. The company may have to wait for the right doors to arrive from the factory, for a city permit, or for a plumbing installation. What this means is that a remodeling team will be spending a good amount of time interacting with homeowners and building long-term relationships. By the end of the project, your team should be clear about the style and preferences of those homeowners.

Knowing what your clients like is key to providing them with the best type of thank-you. It’s a good idea for any industry to invest in client appreciation gifts. It will mean so much more when these gifts obviously come from the heart. Home renovation experts can focus on client gifts for the home. Contribute to the space with something extra that will help the customer enjoy it. For instance, if the living room was remodeled, provide throw blankets, candles, or movie snack boxes. It’s the chance to say “thank you for doing business with us” in a way that’s more than just words.

When putting this thank-you gift together, it is an excellent idea to include a 3D pop up card of a house alongside the client appreciation gift. With the help of Awesome 3D Cards, it can be designed with as much detail as desired. A custom residential home card might include a driveway, garage, bushes, and windows. It can also use paper that appears to have a wooden texture. The homeowner will be impressed to see the amount of thought that went into making a card that fits them.

Invest in Email Marketing

No matter what industry you are a part of, you need to focus on bringing awareness to what it is that you are up to. Clients want to know! If you don’t keep them in the loop, you won’t be able to fully develop your relationships with them. Even a past customer can decide to work with you again on another project. This is true for remodeling companies that may have only focused on one room of the house and have clients that are, years down the line, interested in fixing up another room.

Not being active ultimately results in not receiving the loyalty of clients. A way to achieve this sense of awareness is by sending out regular email newsletters. It’s a fairly easy way to stay in touch. Those clients on the mailing list should be aware of a remodeler’s visions for the future and growth of their company. One-on-one emails are great for checking in on the customer about how things are going with their updated home. Consider offering them discounts for future projects.

Even if previous clients don’t need services again, they could be interested in referring their loved ones. So, keeping up communication through the convenience of email can make a world of difference. And remember—personalized emails show that a company cares enough to maintain the relationship on an individual level. Email users on a mailing list should receive messages that are the most relevant to their situation.

Follow Up with Clients

As you now know, the relationship with a client isn’t over just because a remodeling project ended. In the days following, remodelers should make sure that they are satisfied with the completed work. But, long after, it is in their best interest to continue communicating with their clients. And it doesn’t have to just be through email. You can utilize direct mail marketing, as well. Send your client appreciation gifts straight to their mailboxes. Across the board, this results in better customer relations.

Remodeling companies can tell their past clients happy holidays once it gets toward the end of the year. Even if it has been months since a project was completed, those customers will still feel grateful to have been reached out to. They will feel even more grateful if they receive a small present or a 3D Christmas card. Doing this helps with the generation of referrals. That can also be achieved by asking clients to provide a testimonial or leave a review online, which businesses should encourage.

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Handmade Corporate Gift Ideas

Every home is different. One may have a large kitchen, three bathrooms, and a deck in the backyard. Another may have a small kitchen, a single bathroom, and limited yard space. The residents living in a house are different, too. Remodelers need to not only know how to best handle any kind of property, but any kind of homeowner.

There are two boxes to check off when deciding on a client appreciation gift. The first is that it’s memorable. By providing something that is custom handmade for your business, you are already achieving that. It will be something that no one else has. The second thing to note is that your gift is useful. Recipients shouldn’t be questioning why you picked something out for them. Draw inspiration from your interactions.

A great client appreciation gift is a 3D pop up card that shows off the project that a remodeling company executed. With the collapsible art of kirigami, the possibilities are endless. You can flip any room into a small, paper version. An example might be a modern kitchen transformation. This card features cabinetry, an oven with a stovetop, a sink, a kitchen island, and chairs. You even have tiny placemats with plates and utensils! The details add to the complexity and impressive nature of the piece.

Awesome 3D Cards can supply you with anywhere between 100 to 100,000 fully-customized popup cards. We can keep your sales and marketing campaigns thriving for years to come. Our vision is to allow any company’s stakeholders to feel appreciated, and a big part of that is going to revolve around delivering meaningful messages. Are you ready to take that extra step toward delighting them? Schedule a consultation to start designing the best 3D client appreciation gifts. These cards will be a perfect material all year round.

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