B2B Marketing in 2023: Inexpensive Personalized Popup Cards

June 12, 2023  by Harlow Russell

Inexpensive Popup Cards

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Business-to-business (B2B) marketing is quite different from business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing. When it comes to B2B, marketing efforts tend to be straightforward and informational. After all, you are reaching out to professionals at companies and organizations, rather than the everyday buyer. They are decision-makers who are serious about the bottom-line impact that your products and services will bring. As a B2B marketer, your mission is to create assets and run campaigns that target a distinct set of customers.

But just because you are expected to be sophisticated does not mean you cannot have fun. In fact, it’s in your best interest to display your business as human. You are reaching real people who are driven by emotional motivations, just like you. This means that a meaningful card can work wonders. Here is everything you need to know about utilizing personalized popup cards as a cost-effective marketing strategy.

Our 3D Cards Come with a Complimentary Consultation

We live in a world where the sheer number of choices is overwhelming. This is especially true of the ways to market our businesses. For that reason, our team here at Awesome 3D Cards understands just how invaluable complimentary consultations are. You have the chance to gather all of the detailed information you need in order to make an informed decision about designing your own fully-custom 3D card—free of charge!

During our consultations, we will discuss your specific marketing needs and design preferences. This way, our expert kirigami artists are able to customize a card that is entirely unique to your company. We will also take this time to explore the costs of your personalized popup cards with you. Because you are able to pick everything from your paper type to your fonts to your 3D model, along with the number of cards you will need, final totals vary.

Our 3D Cards are Created at an Affordable Rate

Marketing materials serve as the gateway to reaching your target audience and establishing a strong brand presence. Depending on the channels that you use, some can be quite expensive to maintain. Collaborating with notable industry influencers, for example, often comes with a high price tag. So does sponsoring events like conferences and trade shows within your industry. With personalized popup cards, however, you get the benefit of truly cost-effective marketing tools.

At Awesome 3D Cards, we have a one-time design fee of $300. You are able to keep reusing your design on as many cards as you could possibly desire for no additional charge. This means that, years down the line, you can still make use of your delightful, impressive, and surprising 3D creation! Our cards are also even less than the cost of a cup of coffee, making it easy to budget for them. Prices start at $2 per card for our Piccolo-sized models (which are often used as 3D business cards).

Keep in mind that if you order a high volume of cards, we offer an aggressive wholesale pricing schedule. Our team is happy to discuss this further during your consultation.

Our 3D Cards Have a High Return on Investment

It makes a big difference in terms of your business growth when you have marketing tools that deliver a good return on investment (ROI). While what you consider to be a good ROI may differ from someone else, it always means that you have a positive yield in terms of your marketing investment. In the B2B space, it is critical that you adopt strategies that maximize your investments. Awesome 3D Cards are guaranteed to do this, with their near 100% open rate and ability to act as a long-term display piece.

Personalized popup cards are a novelty, making them fun to share and retain. By spending just a few dollars on a card, you have the chance to make a sizable sale that earns your investment back. This is because cards can contribute to an enhanced customer experience. Buyers like to know that you are willing to go the extra mile to develop personal relationships with them. Email blasts and posts on social media aren’t able to achieve the same level of connection.

ROI = Net Income / Cost of Investment x 100

Examples of Personalized Popup Cards

So, you have decided that popup cards are the right marketing tool for your business! But it can be a challenge to determine what 3D model is going to make a mark on your audience. Take a look at the following three cards from Awesome 3D Cards clients for inspiration during your design process.


Dental Implant Provider

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, Nu Image is a trusted name in oral surgery, dental implants, and periodontics. Because its mission is to be the most innovative, reputable, and experienced practice in its area, Nu Image wanted to make that evident through its marketing efforts. Its team decided to partner with Awesome 3D Cards to construct an incredible replica of a skull during the dental implant process. The illustration on the cover gives you just a taste of what you can expect on the interior. From the pink tongue to the fine details of the teeth, the 3D element in this personalized popup card is very interesting. There is no better way to show off the dental industry than with an X-ray!

Luxury House

Real Estate Agency

One of the specialties at Awesome 3D Cards is architecture-themed cards. We have worked with many businesses in the home services industry. If you, too, are in the home services industry, know that personalized popup cards can make a big impact at every stage of a property owner’s journey. You can use them for prospecting, to say “congratulations” on their new property, or to touch base months down the line. Lion Heart, a construction company, decided to create a customer appreciation card with Awesome 3D Cards that gives thanks for their warm referrals. The 3D element of a luxury ranch house with solar panels is amazing with its intricate details of the entire property.

Cement Truck & Silos

Concrete Product Supplier

Supermix is a concrete product supplier in Miami, Florida. Its team opted for personalized popup cards in the company’s marketing strategy to share what they do in a visually interesting way. On the outside, the card is quite simple with its logo. But on the inside, it features two cement-mixing silos and the company’s signature truck. This is an incredible mailpiece that immediately displays what they are all about. Plus, this is a Luxury-sized card! That is the biggest model that Awesome 3D Cards makes. When someone receives this promotional tool in their mailbox, it really does make an impact because of its size. That means you have the potential to get an even higher return on investment.

Harlow Russell, Awesome 3D Cards’ President and Founder, has a long history as a sales professional. He knows exactly what it takes to level up your B2B marketing efforts because he has accomplished it himself. The answer is personalized popup cards. If you are looking to reap the high ROI that 3D cards boast, schedule a consultation with Harlow. He will expertly guide you through the kirigami design process so that you create a mailpiece that will have everyone saying, “Wow!”

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