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December 30, 2022  by Harlow Russell

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Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels

Austin, Texas is considered a hub of creativity. Its community is bursting with vibrancy. Take a look at all of the iconic murals downtown, such as The Beauty and Liberty of Equality on The LINE Austin hotel. You may also be driven to one of the many world-class museums or performing arts centers. And just about anywhere you go, you can find some pop-up going on. It is no wonder why, in 2015, Austin achieved the distinction of being the first and only United States city to receive UNESCO’s City of Media Arts designation.

The beauty of Austin is that innovation and inspiration are in abundance. But what does that mean for you, as an artist? You might think that it will be a challenge to make your voice heard in a sea of so many others. Luckily, we have professional marketing tips for you to build your career. It all centers on personal interactions. Let’s dig into a case that even further amplifies your sense of creativity—why 3D cards made for galleries in Austin make for innovative promotional items.

Consider what makes your exhibit different.

The most important part of any marketing campaign is determining your unique selling point (USP). This is also known as a unique selling proposition. By having a USP, you are able to clearly showcase how your work and brand are differentiated from competitors. Just like how a business needs to prove itself to be one-of-a-kind, you need to do so with your art exhibit. The public should be able to get to know you through your promotional strategy, as well as get excited to attend your event. This means using a memorable marketing material like 3D cards from Austin is sure to set you apart.

Create effective advertising materials.

Any professional marketer will tell you that you need to promote your art showcase through your website and social media. But as critical as it is for you to be present online, you need to engage with your audience physically. Traditional marketing comes in the printed forms of visually interesting posters, newspaper ads, and mail advertisements. With direct mail marketing using 3D cards from Austin, you have the chance to really emphasize your artistic style. You can design a fully customized pop up model that resonates with your event.

Find ways to connect with your community.

You want the public to support you. So, take the time out of your day to support the public! This could be by attending local festivals and fairs. Many communities have these around the holidays to support small businesses. At these events, you have the chance to not only sell your own artwork and talk about your upcoming gallery, but also meet other industry professionals who are in the same boat. You should take building your network seriously. Consider sending these artists a 3D card from Austin to remind them about your exhibit. Or, if you attend one of their exhibits, write a thoughtful note of appreciation about how impactful it was to you.

Get others to market your art showcase.

Thanks to the power of the public, you won’t have to tackle exhibit promotions on your own! Once you have built up a supportive network, you have plenty of opportunities to spread the word via other people’s channels. If you teach at an art studio, encourage your students to talk to their family and friends about the gallery. And don’t forget about the importance of getting on local listing websites that are centered around event promotions.

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Patrick Hughes’ “A New Perspective” 3D Card from Austin

It doesn’t matter where your art exhibit is based. You can benefit from 3D cards made in Austin. That is what Patrick Hughes did. Hughes is a British artist who works in London. He is known for his reverspective (or reverse perspective) work, which is an optical illusion on a three-dimensional surface. Looking at such work, you will find that certain parts that seem far away are actually the closest ones physically. His newest exhibition is entitled Patrick Hughes: A New Perspective. It is currently being presented at the Adelson Galleries in New York until January 7th, 2023.

When designing this custom 3D pop up card, the goal was to promote the exhibit in an interesting way while keeping true to the art itself. This meant using one piece from the series to entice recipients to visit the gallery. The piece used was an oil-on-board construction titled  Edgy. It consists of red, white, yellow, and blue color blocks. This 3D card from Austin even comes with a QR code for the e-catalog and information about the Adelson Galleries.

Awesome 3D Cards utilizes the Vietnamese art of kirigami. Kirigami is an intricate form of cutting, arranging, and folding paper. President and Founder of Awesome 3D Cards, Harlow Russell, first came across this technique while living in Asia. When he was inspired to start his company, it was with this art form that he wanted to help businesses and non-profits better reach their audience. If you want to improve your promotions with 3D cards from Austin, look no further. We would love to hear from you, so send us a message!

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