Give Thanks to Greek Life Alumni with Innovative Promotional Items

November 15, 2022  by Harlow Russell

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Fraternities and sororities are all about gaining a sense of social identity. Because we, as humans, naturally categorize ourselves into groups, social identities are powerful. They are able to guide our behaviors at any given moment. When it comes to Greek life, students are given the chance to explore who they are while bonding with others who share similar mindsets. Years down the road, fraternity and sorority members often still hold this part of them close to their hearts.

Many Greek life alumni care about their alma mater. Some may continue to give back so that the current age of students gets an experience that was as impactful as their own. It will mean a great deal to them to be personally recognized for their contributions. These are ten of the innovative promotional items that you can provide to thank your fraternity or sorority’s alumni.

Design a Memorable Car Magnet

Have your alumni promote their school spirit while on the road. A car magnet is a simple but effective way for current and former students to show off where they went to school. Feature the crest of your fraternity or sorority in all its glory. When alumni pass drivers who have the same magnet, they will feel an immediate sense of connection. And that connection is something that you need to strive for as a brotherhood or sisterhood.

Give Out School Mascot Products

Mascots are a fun addition to any campus. They improve the engagement of students, alumni, staff, and faculty. These iconic characters are utilized in a variety of innovative promotional items to make a school stand out. Essentially, they are a personification of the school’s brand. Syracuse University, for example, has Otto the Orange—an anthropomorphic orange that wears a hat and pants. There is a lot to love about characters like this. You can provide alumni with stuffed versions of your school mascot or apparel that includes the mascot. Tailor their looks according to your fraternity or sorority by giving them a branded hat.

Make an Event-Specific T-Shirt

The fact of the matter is, t-shirts never go out of style. Any organization can provide customized t-shirts at any event throughout the year. If your fraternity or sorority is hosting an event, come up with a creative t-shirt design that you will never use again. This way, anyone who attends the event will feel that they were a part of something that was particularly special. This is a great tool to develop relationships between current and former members of your Greek life organization, considering they will share a little something extra.

Invest in Promotional Umbrellas

Looking for a long-lasting, useful product to offer as an innovative promotional item? An umbrella is the perfect combination of convenience and high-visibility branding. You are able to customize them in many different styles and colors. When it starts raining outside, Greek life alumni can bring their umbrellas with them for protection. It is an interesting and useful way to go about advertising your organization.

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Photo by Stanley Morales on Pexels

Create a Casual Backpack

The best thing about backpacks is how functional they are. You can take them with you when you go on business trips, camping excursions, or sporting events. They are easy to toss in your car, offer a lot of room for the things that you need, and can act as a good branding tool. All of this adds up to backpacks being an innovative promotional item that everyone will love.

Offer a Greek Life Lanyard

Neither current students nor alumni are going to leave their homes without their keys. With that in mind, an inexpensive and practical way to go about branding is with a lanyard that pays homage to your Greek life organization. These are easy items to hand out when you have a booth for campus occasions. Lanyards are also easy to customize. You can put the Greek letters or full name of your fraternity or sorority on it, complete with any relevant graphics and colors.

Fun Fact: Across the United States, sororities and fraternities boast more than 9 million alumni!

Promote Health with a Sanitizer Holder

In the past couple of years, we have certainly come to understand the importance of keeping ourselves clean when we go out. Stores across the country started leaving hand sanitizer by their front doors. It may even be the case that you, yourself, have started carrying around a pocket-sized hand sanitizer when you leave the house. So, branded sanitizer holders could be a very smart and health-conscious addition to your innovation promotional item list.

Supply Vacuum-Insulated Mugs

Although ceramic mugs are great, travel mugs are even better because you can take them anywhere. With a vacuum-insulated travel mug, you are able to keep any drink hot or cold for significantly longer than with a regular travel mug. Plus, these high-quality, innovative promotional items come complete with spill-proof lids. You keep your drink sealed and protected in a way that other mugs can’t. This is another good place where you can feature your Greek life organization’s crest, given that there are plenty of businesses that customize drinkware.

Put Your Motto on a Lunch Cooler

When your alumni go to work, they may bring lunch with them. In the same way that vacuum-insulated mugs are of benefit, so are temperature-balanced lunch coolers. These insulated products help regulate the temperature of food. You can even invest in environmentally-friendly polyester-insulated coolers. Along the side of the cooler, have text displayed that is relevant to your organization. This could be your long-time mission statement. Reading this every day will make alumni think back fondly about their college years and strive to live according to the motto.

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Send 3D Cards from Austin

An especially impactful innovation promotional item is custom 3D pop up cards. Consider designing a pop up model of your fraternity or sorority house. This is sure to delight, impress, and surprise recipients of any age. Cornell University’s Iota Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi decided to order 3D cards from Austin for their alumni, featuring their notable house. The intention behind the piece was to impress the alumni with a detailed replica of the building. It even highlights that the house is located by Stewart Avenue and The Gorge. To pair with the 3D element, the interior of the card directly states: “Thank you for your ongoing support of Rockledge and the young men of Alpha Sig at Cornell!”

Design a custom 3D pop up card for your fraternity or sorority alumni today! The team at Awesome 3D Cards is excited to partner with you. With a mission to help groups deliver their messages in unique ways, our company has the vision to improve your relationships with stakeholders. We focus on showing individual appreciation, announcing events, and executing marketing campaigns through 3D cards. Just schedule a consultation with the Awesome 3D Cards team to get started creating your innovative promotional items.

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