5 Ways to Boost Business in 2022 with Awesome 3D Cards

November 22, 2021  by Harlow Russell

It's official: the holiday whirlwind is upon us.
That means it's a mad dash to the finish line as marketing and sales teams make one last push to end the year on a high note before the holiday break. From there, it's on to 2022! With 2022 marketing plans and marketing budgets being set now, I've put together a list of ways that B2B and B2C companies alike can leverage the strengths of direct 3D mail to build new personal connections in the New Year.

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1. Building Personal Connections with 3D Cards

If you've visited Awesome 3D Cards before, you likely already know that I believe personal connections are the cornerstone of every business relationship. While marketing tactics and technologies have changed over time, personal human connection has remained constant.

Looking at the current business climate, I am convinced more than ever that now is a critical time to focus on strengthening personal connections.   Businesses that recognize this and take intentional steps in their 2022 marketing plans and marketing budgets to address it will have a big leg up over those who conduct “business as usual.”.

With that in mind, I launched Awesome 3D Cards to help my clients strengthen their existing relationships and establish new connections by tapping into the emotional side of sales. Kirigami 3D pop-up cards leave a positive lasting impression because they are:

  • Memorable –When a flat piece of mail transforms into a dynamic 3D model, the recipient will experience surprise and delight, which they will in turn associate with your brand.
  • Emotional – Opening a 3D pop-up card is a micro-experience that will help create or strengthen a positive emotional connection between the recipient and your brand.
  • Personal –Including a hand-written note with each 3D card will go a long way toward solidifying your relationship. Additionally, 3D cards create an organic opportunity for direct client follow-up to ensure they received their card.

For a deeper dive into the strengths of 3D direct mail, you can visit our page on Maximizing the Return on Investment (ROI) from Awesome 3D Cards. Having touched on the key strengths of 3D cards, let’s take a quick look at 5 ways to implement 3D cards in 2022 to give your business a boost.

2. 3D Cards for Employee Recognitions

Over the last few years, executives and team leads have been looking for ways to improve team morale and celebrate the great work that employees have turned in, despite the challenges of working remotely at times. Whether you're looking to recognize an individual employee for their outstanding contribution or thank your whole team for a successful product launch, Awesome 3D Cards are a perfect choice.

Marking an employee milestone or accomplishment is also an excellent opportunity to remind folks why they chose to work for your company in the first place! While it might seem like a small gesture, consider that we are in a time where there are more jobs than people to fill them in many industry segments.  A highly memorable 3D card with a personal note can go a long way toward boosting morale and making employees feel seen and prospects highly valued. After all, strong company culture is crucial for attracting/keeping talent and maintaining high productivity.

3. Business Development & Prospecting with 3D Cards

If you want to ensure customers receive your message, consider direct mail using 3D cards. One of the greatest strengths of 3D cards is how they can function as a powerful pattern interrupt. A pattern interrupt is a tactic that taps into human psychology to engage customers in an unexpected way to change a set behavior.

For example, when a potential customer receives an unsolicited "Dear Prospective Customer" letter, they're almost certainly going to toss it into the trash with little thought, having recognized it as a generic form letter without personalized content. However, a dynamic 3D mailer that surprises and delights the recipient makes them more likely to engage with the material.  A flat piece of postage that unfolds into a highly articulated 3D card won’t be ignored. A well-executed pattern interrupt helps consumers get out of cruise-control mode and engage with the material in front of them.

Pattern interrupts work great with 3D cards to:

  • Generate new leads – 3D cards help ensure that the recipient will be most receptive to your messaging and bridge the gap between consumer and salesman in a way that email & cold calls simply can't.
  • Re-targeting past contacts – Don't let past marketing dollars go to waste! Instead, re-target past valuable leads with a fresh tactic to leverage past marketing dollars and outreach efforts.

4. Memorable 3D Card Event Invitations

While sending out a mass email invitation is easy, an email isn’t exactly memorable and does very little to build anticipation for an event. Whether inviting employees to an annual company meeting or putting on a luxury event for VIP customers, consider upgrading to dynamic 3D invitations to add a bit of excitement.

When you send a customized 3D card, you have the opportunity to design an invitation that is representative of the event. For instance, if you're celebrating the opening of new corporate headquarters, consider featuring a model of the new building on the interior of the card along with a save-the-date. Or, if you want to make your holiday party invitations a little more festive, consider using one of our pre-existing holiday designs, such as our Christmas tree model.

If you're looking for serious buy-in for your next big event, make sure to send the invitation that will stand out and won't be forgotten.

Whether inviting employees to an annual company meeting or putting on a luxury event for VIP customers, consider upgrading to dynamic 3D invitations to add a bit of excitement.

5. Send Announcements or Holiday Greetings with 3D Cards

Are you looking to do a little self-promotion or ensure that an important customer sees a special offer? 3D pop-up cards are more than up to the challenge. Regardless of who the recipient is—a customer, lead, or employee—the opportunity to further your connection remains the same.

A personalized business holiday greeting card is an excellent opportunity to show both customers and key leads the attention to detail and personal service they can expect from you. In an overwhelmingly digital era, a 3D holiday mailer is a great way to stand out from competitors and leave a positive lasting impression on your client.

Even with the holidays upon us, there is still time to order “stock” holiday cards.  Thinking ahead to next year, why not include a custom 2022 holiday card for your business in next year’s marketing plan?

Plan for Success in 2022 with Awesome 3D Cards

With the New Year practically upon us, now is the time to solidify employee appreciation, customer thanks, and business outreach initiatives for the coming year. In 2022, consider implementing highly-versatile Awesome 3D cards to boost critical relationships & build new B2B connections.

 Are you ready to learn more about how 3D direct mail can benefit your business? Contact Awesome 3D Cards to schedule your free consultation today.

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