5 Ways Creative Mailers Bring Depth to Digital Marketing

November 6, 2023  by Harlow Russell

Digital marketing tactics that engage and delight have become essential to running a successful and growing business—but there’s only so much you can do on a flat screen. Marketers today are always looking for the next big thing to give their campaigns a competitive edge—and one surprising tool that’s making a comeback is direct mail marketing.

Amazing, breathtaking 3D pop-up cards can bring an exciting depth to your marketing, complementing your digital efforts. Let’s take a look at the benefits you can reap when you bring a new dimension to your digital campaigns with direct mail—the third dimension. 

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1. Touchpoint Marketing with Something People Can Hold and Touch

There’s one thing you can’t do on the internet, though decades of work in VR has tried to prove otherwise: you can’t reach out and touch things.

A digital marketing campaign can reach millions of people’s social media feeds and email inboxes, but words, pictures, and video on a screen can only go so far to reach their hearts.

Direct mail advertising with custom 3D pop-up cards can complement your digital marketing campaign with a personal touch in more ways than one. It’s not every day you receive a work of art and an engineering marvel in the mail, but that’s just what you get with a card that pops up with a creative 3D design when you open it!

The personal touch you get from sending a 3D pop-up card reinforces the message of your digital campaign in a way nothing on a 2D screen can. In a sea of digital ads your prospects have learned to ignore, you’ll stand out with a message they can not only see but touch!

2. Interactive Direct Mail Makes an Impact People Will Remember

When you were in college, did you take your notes by hand or type them? Science shows that people who write out their notes by hand often remember what they’ve learned better than people who don’t. Engaging in our senses is important to our memory—when you engage multiple senses in an experience, you encourage people to make lasting impressions.

Imagine somebody seeing an ad for your service online and, days later, getting a custom 3D pop-up card that ties into the campaign in the mail. Thanks to the tactile experience of the card, they’re bound to have a fonder memory of your campaign—and your brand as a whole—that will encourage them to reach out to you.

This is especially useful for remarketing efforts that combine direct and digital marketing campaigns! A custom 3D pop-up card helps put your brand back into your prospect’s head and creates a dual touchpoint that can bring them back into your buyer’s funnel.

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3. Interactive Direct Mail Drives Traffic and Amplifies Marketing Results

By incorporating QR codes or web links into a custom 3D pop-up card, you can direct the leads and prospects in your direct mail campaigns to landing pages, social media profiles and posts, or other online platforms connected to your campaign.

Engaging with your customers on multiple platforms can boost their loyalty to your brand and create customers with more lifetime value to your business. Direct traffic from a novel source often has a higher chance of driving conversions than digital leads do, especially when the engagement comes from something as exciting and awesome as a custom 3D pop-up card.

4. The Best Direct Mailers Take Full Advantage of Personalization

When you mail somebody a work of art, you create a personal connection—one that can create a lifelong bond of loyalty. 

Your digital marketing platforms offer a wealth of user analytics that you can use to send personalized emails through list segmentation. But did you know you can also use those analytics to find customers or prospects who’d stand to benefit from a custom 3D pop-up card?

Combining personalization with both digital and direct mail brings out the best in both sides of your marketing campaign, online and offline, and can help you maximize your investment in your marketing campaigns.

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5. Start a Social Media Conversation

Finally, we come to one of the biggest advantages of using a custom 3D pop-up card as an offline part of your online marketing campaigns. A custom 3D pop-up card wows. It oohs and ahhs. It delights. That’s the power of art!

And what do people like to do with things that wow them and delight them?

That’s right—they take pictures (or, better yet, videos) and take to social media to show off their recent finds!

We choose Kirigami to create beautiful 3D pop-up cards because it makes a simple direct mail card more than just a pretty thing to look at, but a moving, almost living representation of your brand or service.

Get people to share photos and videos of your cards on social media, and you’ll draw them to your brand’s online home where they can engage with your digital campaign—and maybe even bring some of their friends and followers with them, too!

Discover the Benefits of Direct Mail With Awesome 3D Pop-Up Cards

In the competitive online world, the edge you need to take your digital marketing campaigns to the next level could be a surprisingly old-school solution—good old direct mail!

With a custom 3D pop-up card rooted in the ancient art of Kirigami, you can represent your brand, products, or services in a novel, exciting way that draws people in and maximizes the return on all the hard work you put into your digital marketing campaigns. Innovative direct mail marketing creates positive, tactile brand experiences that can re-engage prospects who’ve drifted away from your brand, bring offline customers online, spark conversations in your social media communities, and more!

Are you ready to bring a new dimension to digital marketing? Let’s schedule a meeting to discuss all the ways an awesome 3D pop-up card can add depth to your online marketing campaigns.

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