5 Reasons to Send Business Holiday Greeting Cards

September 15, 2021  by Harlow Russell

At the risk of sounding cliché, heading into the holidays and the end of the year is always time for reflection.

This year, I’ve been reflecting on something striking: despite the many challenges we faced over the past few years, we continued to find ways to connect and now have even more tools to help nurture important relationships. This is true for all human connections, which reinforces my fundamental belief that strong personal relationships are essential to business success.

Holiday greeting card

In one of our previous articles, Christmas in July, I looked at 3 reasons why the holiday 2021 business season will be crucial and I also explored what makes business holiday greeting cards so versatile and cost-effective as marketing collateral. With the 2021 holiday season rapidly approaching, we’re getting close to last call for custom business holiday greeting card orders to ensure they arrive with enough time to add a handwritten note and signature before you send them to key B2B clients.

This month, I want to look at 5 reasons to send business holiday greeting cards to reaffirm personal relationships and jumpstart sales in 2022.

1. Physical business greeting cards sidestep the digital holiday deluge

Throughout the pandemic, digital marketing saturation hit new all-time highs as many workers also relied on screens for entertainment and shopping. As a result, the digital inbox is flooded more than ever, meaning it likely isn’t the right medium for reliably reaching customers this holiday season.

In one study, SmallBizTrends.Com found that while email open rates hover around a mediocre 20-30%, direct mail open rates are regularly between 80-90%! At the end of the day, an unopened email is a missed connection. Rather than take the chance on your messaging getting lost in the digital churn, consider a physical holiday business greeting card this year.

2. Holiday business greeting cards are perfect for expressing gratitude

The holiday season is a great time to reach out to express gratitude to important customers with a holiday business card. Whether they made a key purchase this past year, are a long-time customer, or have the potential to turn into a key account, a personalized card thanking them for their business will stand out in a way that email won’t.

In addition to being more reliably opened than email, physical mail also benefits from elements of tactile marketing, which you can read more about here in our previous post. In short, while it’s difficult to appreciate a sentiment on a screen, customers will engage emotionally with a physical business holiday card.

A holiday card doubles as a great way to re-target past leads who have interacted with your brand before but didn’t ultimately buy. A well-planned follow-up is often all it takes to convert a new customer.

3. Use Business Holiday Cards to Reconnect with Customers and Re-target Leads

If you have a long client list, it’s unfortunately inevitable that some customers will make a purchase and then drift out of touch, despite reporting a positive brand experience. Even when your marketing and sales teams execute perfectly, customers still occasionally disengage, either due to an overwhelming volume of email outreach or other factors outside of your control. Sending a physical holiday business greeting card works as the perfect pattern interrupt to shift things up and re-engage the customer.

Additionally, a holiday card doubles as a great way to re-target past leads who have interacted with your brand before but didn’t ultimately buy. A well-planned follow-up is often all it takes to convert a new customer.

4. Holiday Business Cards Help You Meaningfully Differentiate Yourself from Competition

A thoughtfully crafted business holiday greeting card is a great chance to remind VIP customers and important leads of the kind of attention, care, and quality that they can expect from your brand. With so many cost-competitive options available to customers online, direct client follow-up and engagement can make the difference between a one-time sale vs. securing a repeat B2B customer for years to come.

Rather than taking the chance of relationships languishing over a run-of-the-mill customer experience, be proactive in engaging and reaffirming key business ties and relationships during the 2021 holiday season. Sending a holiday card also offers the perfect chance to follow up directly with the customer to drive home the point!

5. Leave a Lasting Brand Impression with Awesome 3D Holiday Business Greeting Cards

The Christmas 2021 and extended holiday season also offers the perfect chance to flex a little brand muscle and reinforce the top-tier brand image your clients have come to expect. If you’re looking to give your brand image an even bigger boost, consider wowing customers with a dynamic 3D holiday card this season. 3D cards tap into elements of tactile marketing which makes them especially impactful and:

  • Memorable – One of the strengths of a dynamic 3D holiday card is the way it leaves a strong favorable and lasting impression. When a flat piece of postage folds out into a dynamic 3D holiday card, the recipient is delighted, impressed, and surprised. This helps to make the positive brand association stick.
  • Emotional – Opening a 3D is a micro-experience that creates and strengthens positive emotional connections between the recipient and your brand. Whether you are sending a 3D card to an employee or customer, you can count on the recipient having a positive emotional response that you can use to strengthen connections.
  • Personal – The main reason to send a holiday pop-up card is to remind the recipient that they are important and appreciated. Make sure to include a hand-written note and signature to solidify your relationship and demonstrate that the recipient is deserving of your time and attention.

  • The Holidays Are Fast Approaching—Order Your Business Holiday Greeting Cards Now

    The window for placing a custom holiday business greeting card is closing fast! Plan ahead and take advantage of the opportunity this holiday season to re-engage with important leads, re-affirm key B2B relationships, and jumpstart your 2022 sales with a personalized holiday card.

    Custom Awesome 3D Cards take up to 60 days from confirmed order date to delivery in Austin, Texas. However, if you’ve printed an Awesome 3D Card before or choose a pre-existing 3D model, the process can take as little as 30 days. You can find more information on our FAQ page or contact Awesome 3D Cards today to schedule your free consultation.

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